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merry xmas

Merry Chrsitmas everyone. Hope all is well where you are at.


Same to you friend.

So far it's turning out to be a good holiday weekend. Hope everyone else is having a good one too.

have a merry one.

I made the perfect West Duluth porch snowman. He has beer bottle eyes, a bottle cap nose and the Char-Grill name plate for a mouth. But he still needs a hat -- preferably a sombrero.

Last night, my oldest (7 years) told me he didn't believe in Santa anymore.
His reason: "Because Santa's only supposed to bring presents to kids that are good all year. But every year, we still get presents."

I'm off to build with Legos and try a game of Twister. Wish me luck.

Smart kid...

Happy Christmas!

Merry & Happy,

Berb Hergson

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