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This Weekend (fri-MPLS and sat-DULUTH) LOW
will be playing special Christmas concerts to help
raise funds for a school project in Africa. Come
out and hear great music while supporting a
good cause!

Click here for more info on the shows.

Clickhere to learn more about the school project.

For a preview of the concert check out starfire's
latest production here.



Wow -- the Sacred Heart show starts at 7:40. That's the most precise start time for a show I've ever seen.

heh...LOW is getting Tamara and I out of staying in Brainerd overnight...we gotta make a trip out there on Sat morning, and don't really feel like spending the night.

Thanksch Mischter Schpahhawkk...

is this a missionary school? cuz i can't be supportin' none-a that.

Maria - you know it ain't. The only thing the bible will be used for is to hit naughty students over the head. No wait, it's a non-violent school. So no, no bibles.

Female circumcision, anyone?

It's true about the female circumcision in many cases, but not for all the Maasai. The Maasai teachers in this particular community where the school is being built, advocate against circumcising females and are very active in promoting AIDS awareness.

These are important issues worth addressing, and ones that are being addressed in the community, which is why the school project is not only being embraced by Al and I, but by the Maasai who have asked for assistance.

As a very anal proofreader, I had to speak up when I saw the same mistake twice in one thread. 'I' should only be used as the subject of a sentence. Hence: "LOW is getting Tamara and ME out of staying in Brainerd overnight" and "the school project is not only being embraced by Al and ME, but by..."

Loved the concert preview! //-o-o-\\


I guess I was just a little alarmed. Your site made it seem like it was standard for everybody. There's definetly a "razor's edge" here (pardon the pun); on one hand female circumcision is brutal and unneccessary; On the other, are we really equipped to judge the merits of another culture's practices? I don't know.

Anyway, nice event. Nice effort.

Thanks and point taken Vicarious. I appreciate your input and perhaps I should clarify on the site that not all Maasai practice female circumcision.

Hope to see you all at the show(s). Really, how many times does one get a chance to see Low with a choir? They should sound great in Sacred Heart - my favorite place to catch a Low show!

yeah, i know...my grammar sucks rotten eggs sometimes, doesn't it?

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