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I need to know asap if anyone in Duluth sells Jolt Cola.

Anyone know?


I, myself, have quested long and hard for this most precious nectar of the guards. Last time I was at the Mount Royal Feud-N-Fool was stocked with four different flavors. If something has gone horribly wrong, more and more gas stations are stocking a new Jolt Cola that comes in a metal can shaped like a battery. It's not too bad.

You can buy caffeine from northwestern extract

that should do the trick.

If you say your a potential
business account they will send you a sample.

or you could just get a cup of tea

or you cld go to tampa.
high of 66 today & 70 all wkend. that'll give you a jolt.

old duluth bragging rights.
I was the first person in Dlth to get jolt...I had to do the phone machine message for charlie bernick...I'm a media whore...that case got me alot of play

I dont need it for the caffeen, but rather for a "nostalgic" gift.

thanks for the mt. royal tip. I go by there regularly so I'll pop in and check

If you want a real hardcore soda-quest, try finding glass bottle Sund-Drop. Far as I know, the cache in my kicthen is all there is in this town,a nd probably state.

Uhmm, I know where you can buy it in Nashville.

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