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Is Coke Bind on Pickup?


Yes, Coke's newest ad campaign in China goes World of Warcraft with a girl power message. I am not making this up. Check it out for yourself.

Edit: For some reason that link doesn't work some of the time. If the link on the picture above doesn't take you to the movie, try cutting and pasting this...



Meet cute girls! Yeah!

"Meet cute girls" - now *that's* targeting to women!

I think I've fixed the problem which seems to have arisen from me hotlinking to the quicktime movie. It now points to the blogsite, so you'll have to click through.

I tried to download and then upload the movie to the pdd site, but it wouldn't take. Can we not upload movies?

Cool on many levels:
1. Gamers!
2. Kick-ass girls with swords (and bows and magic)!
Too bad I can't see Coke wanting to risk running that here (a female empowerment message that doesn't contain the Spice Girls?!?)

Ugh - thanks to this video, I had Japanise WOW dreams all night!

How bad is that?

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