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Indian Cuisine meets Rock and Roll

I moved to England from Duluth this summer... and was pleasantly suprized by how much the english love their curry... while passing the time waiting for our take aways... my husband and i play a game that combines a love of curry and music by cleverly combining the names...

Some of our Favorites:

Korma Police
Vindalooie Armstrong
The Mommas and the Poppadums
Naan Inch Nails
Chipate Smith
Glastoncurry Festival
Echo and the Bhunamen
Tears on my Pilau
Glass Onion Baji

Can you think of any others!?


Here are some others...

Korma Chameleon
Leader of the Pakora


Vindaloo and the StarDusters

Pakora Jet Airliner...
Magic Korma Ride...

shahi on the water...

You are all brilliant! I love combining words/ideas. Wordeas.

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