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For reasons I can explain to anybody who's interested, I need to find a new web host, and I'm hoping to find somebody small and flexible. (Actually, I'm hoping to find somebody small and flexible in general.) Does anybody know of a Duluth-based web hosting operation? I've been getting my web hosting for free from a generous geek in Olympia, WA, who has just announced that he's going to shut down the server this summer. I've grown accustomed to the flexibility and service I've gotten from working with an individual. The lack of a cost has been nice, though I did make some big donations to the cause, but the nicest thing has been that I haven't been limited by the fixed services of a commercial webhost. So I'm hoping to find an individual to work with. Doesn't have to be in Duluth, but that would be nice. I am willing to pay reasonable rates. This is more than a few web pages. I'm managing three to four domains, about a dozen majordomo lists, and using about 250 MB of storage. Not sure what the traffic has been, but it's not been insignificant. Can anybody help?


This prob won't answer your question, but I'll throw it out.

I've been using abnhosting.com

the reason it doesn't answer your question is, 1) it's not small and 2)it's not local.
The reason I mention it at all is the cpanel options are v. good, and you get a decent amount of storage and bandwidth for the price. It comes preloaded with a ton of options, so while you are locked in to what they have, they have a lot.
I know people have in gneral been pretty happy with http://www.doteasy.com/ as well.

hopefullt someone else will have a better answer

Harbornet is a local host, my old company did business when them a few years ago - Blaine's a pretty cool guy.
For my personal websites, I've been using Go Daddy. They're not local, but I haven't had a single problem with them yet.

Thanks, Edgewood. abnhosting looks like it might work for me. It's been a long time since I looked at commercial webhosting. They really give you a lot more now. What kind of support do you get from them? I'd still prefer somebody local and small, but only if they're running their own server. If they're just reselling, probly not.

Support is ok. About what one may expect from a mid level company. I have not used support often as I am the cranky work-at-it-til-I-understand-it- and-damn-those-customer support-people-anyway type of person. 90% of my questions have never been answered by ANY tech support person so. long story longer, this may not be of any help

I know that this doesn't answer you request at all but I thought I would throw it up there for you anyway. I use a company called Joeusa.com. I bought a year of unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage from them off of eBay for $12.99/year. It comes operable with C-panel and you can host up to 3 domains there for the base rate. Overall, it is really quite user friendly.

Although not entirely local, you might give a look to http://www.hosthead.com

It's based in Madison, WI but owned and operated by a Duluthian.

Hey, thanks boogoo for the plug. I am the owner of North Tone Systems, LLC (hosthead.com) and grew up in Duluth.. Chester park, Woodland Jr High, then on to Duluth East. Anyway, as Duluth can be a bit of a dead end as far as the job market, I moved to Madison in 1996. Long story short, I started my hosting company in 2001, and although not tiny, or local to Duluth anymore, I still have many ties to Duluth and make several visits every year.. and will always call it my home.

I would be happy to host your site for one year free of charge. No gags or gimmicks.. robust hosting with support that is superior to the huge hosts out there like yahoo, the planet, etc. All I would ask for is a link somewhere on your site.. little plug in exchange. After the year is up, we could talk about extending your free hosting, or charging you a small yearly fee. Undoubtedly our number one priority is customer support period. Just because we would host you for free wouldn't mean you would be ignored. You would be treated the same as someone spending $100 per month with us. Give us a shot, you have absolutely nothing to lose. We can even move all your data over for you, and your site will experience ZERO downtime.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 608-237-1694 your dime - 888-282-7112 our dime. We are in the office for sales 10AM to 6PM M-F.

Hope we hear from you.


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