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HDC Christmas Album

Featuring new and traditional songs from Haley Bonar, The State Champs, Sleepfarmer, Both, The Virgin Marcus, Dirty Knobs, Gonolius, Greg Cougar Conley, Amy Abts, Humanoid and I think that's it.

Available at the Fetus and Barnes.


it is also available at disc go round.

Ooo Ooo! How do i get one from England!?

-email me! [email protected]

Cougar is one sexy MOFO!

and how can I get one in Chicago? Think Cougar is sexy there? Sometime I will post his highschool prom photos!

To order your copy, just email me your address at [email protected] They are $10, shipping and sexy handling included. PayPal or check will work. Rock rock on!

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