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Foster Care for my Canine Companion

Hello All!

I am looking for someone who would be willing to open their home temporarily to my loving dog, Nero. I moved to England last summer, and when i moved, he couldn't come with us at that time because of vaccination/tider testing requirements...(so he didn't have to be in quarentine for 6 months). He has been happily staying with family up until now - but circumstances have made it difficult for them to look after him for another couple of months.

Nero is a big fella... (about 80lbs) but he's a big baby, really. He's shepard/husky mix, so he's quite protective (Ideally, his foster family wouldn't be bothered by a bit of barking). He gets along well with other dogs (very playful) and will tolerate rambunctious puppies. I'm looking for a place for him as soon as possible, preferrably in the Duluth/Superior area.

The costs involved in getting him to England are about $2,000... and we're well on our way to having everything all set by mid March... but it could possibly be as late as early May.

I will pay for all food, bones and greenies that will be sent at regular intervals, and vet expenses should something arise.

If you or any one you know would be interested, please email me at [email protected]

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moveable type sucks
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Another pic option may be to register at Photobucket.com (it is free), upload your pic/s there (they make it easy). And they give you the html to cut and paste whereever in your posts, which will call up the image from their host and display on pdd.
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I like Flickr better - they're geek friendly. :D