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Enough Already

I thought I was smart. S - M - R - T !!!

"Hey," I thought to myself, "I'll just wait until Thursday sometime to snow-blow my driveway, front walk and sidewalk in front of my house. There's little use in doing anything until the snow stops."

Well, apparently the snow paused. Dammit.

Of course, the argument can be made that I could have checked the forecast and planned my snow removal accordingly. That would have been "planning." Homie don't play dat.

Also, due to the large puddle at the bottom of the hill, forecasting our local weather is less a science and more of a dart game. Still I was hoping that I would hear about "accumilations of an inch per hour" sooner.

Is it spring yet?


it's currently 66 in tampa. highs of 70 all wkend.
as soon as they plow you cld be there in no time.

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