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This is Chico, our new dog. He looks dead here, but I assure you he is anything but.



welcome to the club.

i've studied the picture & i hate to tell you, but this dog is dead.

no no no anything but, ANYTHING but. alive, undead, a small potted flower... no wait...

congrats! nothing like house training in winter! I am assuming he's a puppy but since he looks dead it's hard to tell.

i'm afraid he is dead.
let us pray...

thats the beut thing, he is already house trained. actually he appears to be a very good dog. Tonight will be the first time hell be home alone so we'll see how that goes.

I noticed you forgot the apostrophe in "he'll". Freudian slip? I've got two little hellions of my own.

Nice looking puppy! I hope he has thick fur-- my dog gets cold and only stays out for a few minutes at a time. And then he only wants to stay in a few minutes at a time too. Bottom line is Como Oil loves my dog.

yeah, pretty thick fur. Fast bugger too. when I let him off the lead at Hartley he is white lightning. Even with the temps it has een :45 mins of running seems to not have phased him significantly cold wise. Gonna be high class wet dog smell when he finally gets into the lake next spring.

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