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Amateur Night


So. What's everyone doing for New Year's Eve? What are the events, the plans, the possibilities? What's happening in this gol' dang town?


Due to tsunami
New Years actually comes
one second sooner!

Due to tsunami
New Years actually comes
one second sooner!

Pink Floyd laser light show in Hibbing.


That spacetheatre website was my first design. Gotta be 5 years ago now...

*Hangs head in shame*

I can't believe they haven't changed it!

For laughs:


Daft punk is playing at my house, my house....

No wait, sorry getting what I'm listening to and what I'm doing confused again.

For new years I'm going to Nashville, family thing sort of dealie. We'll see if I can scare a good time out of it.
Bridget is in Budapest so I need ed to do SOMETHING

I heard that Marc Gartman is having a huge party & Low is playing it as a metal band...then a drunken Herb Bergson will be dj'ing the countdown to when the clock strikes midnight.

i think the snobbits are renting a room at the androy. you in?

only if i can be "in" a snobbit.

Are you really going to do that Maria?

I will be partying in the cities. Hopefully hang out with some trannys and sip some champagne off of hobos.

i'll be damn lucky if i'm able to make it to 11:30, much less midnight...the first is my birthday so...unfortunately, the day itself has lost most of its excitement and meaning for me in the last 35 years.

You'd think N.Y.D. would be a really exciting day to have as your birthday but it actually kinda sucks. Nowadays I expect people to forget.

there's been rather a lot of interest expressed in this androy thing, so yeah, i think we might go for it. i'll post details when i know them. as far as being "in" a snobbit, well, there are so many possible responses to that i just can't say anything at all. just "come" to the party.

god dammit! the androy is booked...now what do we do?

by booked, i mean it's full. so...party at jerree small's?

Two Thousand and Six
will come one second later.
The Earth's slowing down.

thank god, perhaps I'll be able to fininsh all those last min... second things I've been meaning to do.

Oh and happy birthday IDN, at least you have abirthdate easy to remember.

I can't believe the Androy is full! My New Year's dream is crushed. The more people tried to talk me out of the idea (by mentioning all the gross and shady things at the Androy) the more excited I got.

you must've been talking to the wrong people, because everyone i talked to was totally psyched. oh well, maybe next year. or hell--maybe sunday night!

I'm so stuffed, I've got no room for snobbits in any of my seedy cre'vaces.

And it's all a fast food supply convention, damn can I come to jeree's house?

Todd Fromberg used to live and work at the Androy. Head down to Quinlan's some afternoon for some good stories.

Myself, I'm watching "La Bomba" in Spanish and drinking Hefe Weizen. There's a weird dream scene at the beginning where they're playing basketball to Santo and Johnny's "Sleepwalk." Don't remember than when the movie came out in fourth grade ...

I was going to go out and do stuff - instead I'm watching my cat and the giant cone on her head.
She's pissed off something fierce, but she gets good reception...

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