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Your Comments, Please

OK. PDD has been pretty fun ever since its rebirth. But still, I'm curious -- why is it that 3/4 of the members of this site have never posted anything?

I wonder if there are things we can do to make it easier, or if there is a problem that we're overlooking.

When I look at the Activity Log for PDD, I see a lot of weird things. A lot of people are apparantly having trouble remembering their username and password. Well, I can't help you there really. But if there's anything else about the way the site works that's keeping people away, I'd like to know.

Keep in mind that there is a lot I can't change. I don't have power over how Movable Type works. But should there be tutorials? Clearer instructions? A better "psychological environment"?

I'd especially like to hear from those PDD members who have not posted. But everyone is welcome.



I find this blog extremely hard to use. it's confusing. you should try a php messageboard system. it's a lot simpler, more organized..

my 2 cents

I'm a recent member who has never posted. I forgot my password, remembered it, and I just made a post about curling. The moveable type seemed pretty easy to me, but a "How To Post in Five Easy Steps" guide would be helpful.

The old PDD had a better visual layout: easier and nicer to look at, more posts per page. Um, that's all I can think of for now.

I honestly haven't had anything to say, I think I've left a couple of comments - but I never registered or logged in since the big change. But I just tried it, and it seems like it's pretty darned simple.

Not that I ever get out of the house to do anything, but I kindof miss the big list of local links, Other than that, I think the usability is fine and dandy.

i've no idea how to post. i know how to post a sentence or two & toss in a link for something, but how does one go about transfering pictures?
it's all beyond me. i like to add my 2 cents. about it.
even if i knew how to make interesting posts, i've no idea of what to post. so far i've never come across anything that seems plausable.
i also miss the local links & the other links as well.
i used them alot.
& i liked reading black print on white background, too. this new black thing is kinda, well, black.
ya know, who cares?

yeah dude, i kinda have to squint to read this shit. the blackground ain't conducive to text-y posts.

as to why i don't post...well, you know me. i have certain priorities: i'd rather have a screwdriver after work than sit for another half-hour in front of the screen. those drinkies can't wait!

I agree with the part about the links. Something has to be done about that.

first of all your css sub sys.config file is concatenating the tabular melbatoasting prefrimulation spoinkenator. Also, the MySql overdrive is hyper-threading causing asynchronous table meshing...and we know what THAT can do. Really, I've found that it's easy to "overbuild" a web site and freak out the n00bs. A easy how-to or FAQ might help guide some peeps back home but , I think that the lack of posting is directly related to the closing and destruction of house of doughnuts....er upcoming possible social and cultural dormancy of Duluth....be kind.

hey what about a postering effort...The sleeper must awaken!

My only 2cents is to avoid the PhP blog systems. They all look too cookie-cutter even if you fool with the color schemes. never have liked them

I don't like the background being black, it's hard on me peepers. other than that, it takes a few trys to get to understand how to post in a new system but that's not really different than any other system you start using for the first time. I've never been here everyday 4-6 times a day...I just come when I can and add what I feel like adding. Semi-lurker.

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