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What PDD Needs...

presmarc.jpg... is more stuff about gartman. Yeah! Pictures, Rumors, Innuendo (ouch!), Sightings...allthings gartman. Actually this site should change it's name to PerfectGartmanGartman...or better yet gartmangartmangartman.com that'd be cool. Here's my latest rumor, NoWaitWait (NoGartmanGartman) is "taking time off" because they're getting to fricken good, they'd blow us all out of the water s, being the cool cats they are, they decided to let my band catch up a bit...we wont let you down marc.


So an inside source told me there is band practice at his house tonight, and they're singin christmas tunes.. How funny is that on halloween? I know I'll be there but you won't see me!!!

Marc Gartman is probably the coolest guy I have ever met. He is a genius film-maker & musician.

the photos are fine but let's keep the personal information about what i'm doing (re: singing christmas songs) out. thanks.

I heard the Duluth paparazzi got some great photos of crazy Gartman singing Christmas songs on Halloween night. That guy is so crazy & stuff.

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