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Nonchalant Jaunt

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I finally got around to editing my footage of the Nonchalant Jaunt #3. We had a blast but it wasn't quite the challenge of either year one or two. Join us again next year for some sort of walking shenannigans or just go outside right now.


I love this video so much. I'm so pathetic in the beginning, which is how I am most of the time these days. Don't ask me to do anything fun -- I'm not allowed to have fun. I just lift and throw, lift and throw.

that grafitti is so damn cool. and that guy at the end is so damn weird.

I dunno was there much walking going on at all during this nonchalant jaunt? It looked more like a nonchalant hanging out to me. I doubt that it even deserves the title anymore.

Starfire is such a cool geek. He's so into technology & stuff.

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