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Thanksgiving (the "band" not the holiday)

Hello Hello,
I had posted a while back asking for help finding a venue for Adrian Orange a.k.a Thanksgiving to play.
Well we switched some things around and now he's playing in my living room on Tuesday the 25th at 9:30, and you should come, for more information you can email [email protected] and I will tell you where I live.

There will be no cover but we strongly encourage those who come to buy some merchandise off of him or bring him some kind of treat (edible or audible) for the final leg of his tour as he drives by himself for 2 weeks back to Portland. He will also be playing on "Bang Bang Rock and Roll" on KUMD 103.3 fm the night before at 11 o'clock if you want to hear him first or check out the Marriage Records site

"The best songs ever written are being written RIGHT NOW by Adrian Orange."
-Phil Elverum of the Microphones/Mt. Eerie


I saw him play last summer - it was supposed to be at the Dinkytowner but he ended up playing on the lawn in front of a U of M building for about 20 of us. I love his songwriting - it sounds like he is part of the same "family" as Phil Elvrum and Karl Blau of K records. I really wish I could be there...

By the way, I've been meaning to post something and introduce myself, since I'll be moving to Duluth at the beginning of November. This type of show is one of the many reasons I'm looking forward to calling myself a Duluthian. Or whatever. Is this generally a pretty good spot to watch for upcoming shows? Can anyone recommend any other resources?

This is a pretty good resource for events and so is the "Transistor" you can look at it online at www.transistormag.com or when you're in Duluth,you can find hard copies laying around.

Yeah,Adrian is really close friends with Phil Elverum and they played a bunch of shows together on the east coast as a part of this tour but Phil flew back to Anacortes and now Adrian is driving solo back home before he goes on yet another tour. If you can't come to Duluth early you can still listen online(www.kumd.org) on Monday night. Or you could just come over some time and listen to his new triple LP in my living room and it might be kind of like being at the show

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