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Something's wrong with my gas orifice.


I'm a cheap bastard.
When something breaks in our house, I try my darndest to fix it instead of shelling out the cash for a new one. The first time our dryer broke, I had parts scattered all over the basement, the drum was rolling around on the floor and the rest of the family figured we'd be out shopping at Sears the next day. But I got it going again. Sure, it took about a day and a half of my life, but it only cost about $7, AND I learned a whole bunch of stuff about the dryer which came in handy the next time it broke.

I owe it all to this site - appliance aid.com

Thanks to this site, I've fixed the dryer 3 or 4 times, the ice maker, the stove, and determined that one washing machine was beyond repair. This week's challenge - the oven. Educated guess so far is the hot surface ignitor is not pulling enough current, not heating up enough, and not opening the gas valve. That's the theory according to appliance aid.com anyway. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion after I visit the Daugherty's parts department and install a new ignitor tomorrow.


I took a dryer apart one time but only after watching the repair guy do it the first time. Not really that much to them. Good luck with that oven now.

Hot diggity. It worked.
Thanks for the magazine Baci.

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