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Red Ice or Yellow Ice?

Has anyone seen the film "North Country" yet? I caught it on Friday night at Premiere Theatres in Cloquet. (That was as close as I was willing to drive to the Iron Range for the most authentic possible movie-going experience.)

I have mixed feelings about the film. The polka bands, hot dishes, rice krispie bars and even the accents all felt authentic without going too far over the top. But the trial scenes were just plain painful. As Woody Harrelson screamed at a witness, "Are you red ice or yellow ice?" I feared Jack Nicholson might burst into the courtroom to respond, "You can't handle the truth!"

I've decided the film is just going to have to be a "bad movie I love." But I'll cringe if it starts picking up any major awards.

Meanwhile, Premiere Theatres in Cloquet is a great venue. I think it's a converted grocery store or something. The exterior is made of corrugated metal. giving the entire enterprise an impermanent feeling. Like a circus tent. Or a traveling freak show. There's also a liquor store in the same building. (Which makes it more convenient to get crunk before you catch "Wallace and Gromit.")


do you need to be drunk to see Wallace and Gromit? I assumed a couple o tokes off the happy hay would do...not that i'm into that sort of thing...which i'm not. not that there's anything wrong with that...cause there's isn't...

I'm undecided as well.
I loved the scene where Francis McDermott talks about her deteriorating ass hole - now THATS a range movie. But the court room stuff seemed so unconvicing and the entire movie went in about 20 different directions with the only unifying theme being lots of long shots of people holding back (or trying to hold back, or not holding back) tears.
The one thing that might just make the whole thing worth it? I can now say "are you yellow ice or red ice" - THAT is poetry

I am also undecided.
one the one hand I loved the scene where Francis McDermott talks about her deteriorating ass hole - THAT is a range movie, but the court room stuff was a total drag.
The thing that just might make the whole thing worth it?
that "are you red ice or yellow ice" quote. poetry, pure taconite poetry.

as a displaced ranger it is funny to note the small inconsistansies of the film. example: cars traveling the wrong way down 1st str., fer christ sakes it's a one way, cars can't drive that way on that str. in virginia!

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