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PDD Curlers


Does anyone in PDDland curl? Any strong opinions about curling? I will be playing in the sunday afternoon league.


Always have wanted to learn, but there has been no real time, or connections, ie, someone I know who can teach me.

I'd like to learn too.

I've always wanted to learn. Need a hobby for the sailing off season. Can we drink and play at the same time?

I used to curl on my Nintendo 64. It was the best part of my "1998 Nagano Winter Olympics" game.

They say it's like chess on ice. Whatever that means.

The curling on N64's "Winter Olympics" was excellent.

The curling club at the DECC is great. If anyone is interested, wednesday evenings are "new curlers" night. That's how I got started last year. It is totally informal.

And, there's always the bar upstairs. . .

the bar upstairs is the closest i've ever been to curling, and the closest i intend to get. there's just not enough punching involved in the sport to make it interesting to me.

drat...ahh well...the best laid plans, etc...i was going to be doing the curling thing this year, but it appears I have missed the deadline for signup.

I got interested in curling by watching the last winter olympics...it was valentine's day, and my buddy Chris German and I were having a brew and watching the event on tv...i thought it rawked from the start!!! all the guys looked like they were from the Range...more at home on harleys and in saunas than on a curling course (?)...I am defiantely going out for the curling team next winter, goldangit!

Give the club a call if you're still interested for this season, in.dog.neato-- I don't think any deadlines are absolute.

P.S. to tremolite, you can drink and play at the same time.

Damn you for making me comment here! In dog neato and other interested people, I would strongly suggest you grab a friend and go to the Duluth Curling Club's open house next week, Mon-Thurs. Don't know what time its at, usually like 6-9pm or something, but normally you can drop by around 7-8pm and people should be there to instruct newbies how to curl. Plus most likely you'll be able to sign up for a team. New curler rates are generally quite affordable. There's also the Superior Curling Club which I used to be a member of - even cheaper. Bring or wear loose pants (sweatpants or windpants - NO blue jeans) and bring (do not wear) sports shoes and pick the little pebbles out of the treads - they scrape the hell out of and ruin the ice. I can't say enough about how fun the sport is! Strategy, fitness, beer, and the feeling of the wind blowing thru your hair as you slide down the ice!


I'm in. Let's all go.

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