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Pamela vs. Martha

If you're around at 3pm today, flip on channel 10 and check out Duluth's Pamela Matson talking about her apple dolls on today's edition of Martha.

Rock on, Pamela.


looks like me in drag!

That's my awesome co-worker Pamela! (Her Web site appledolls.org has a link on the Martha Stewart site)

Thanks for posting the Martha doll!!! Thankfully Martha agreed to show it today & it got a good response (laugh) on her show. Very funny that she didn't exactly like it.

And for all this, Martha is sending me an apple peeler, cool!

Theres a Martha! !!! Congratulations to Pamela. What a talent! Now can you do the mayor, Geno Pallucci, or Bob Dylan? best, Frank

Bob Dylan, yeah do a Bob Dylan doll!

but don't ya need bob's permissions tho?

I don't think I would need permission to do a Dylan doll as long as I'm not selling the doll.
I would love to do Dylan!!! good idea!!! I think he would be even easier to make than Martha. Mayor Bergson would be a little harder to do...,just couldn't add those blue eyes so easily.

Maybe Dylan apple doll could be at bullseye t shirt shops where he was seen and he could help sell dylan t shirts???
...but 1st i'll see if it can be done and in a while from now. thanks for the ideas?

Yes! Dylan naturally has that wrinkly look. Sweet.

i was just jokin...
bob dylan is public domain.

I think a line of Starfire and Barrett dolls would sell pretty darn good also.

I think a line of Starfire and Barrett dolls would sell pretty darn good also.

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