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open thread.


I am stealing this idea from MnSpeak. What's on your mind?


UPS or FedEx?

Trying to figure out the last-minute details for my Halloween costume.

I hate those word verification things that everyone is putting on their Blog comments. I get the Blogger ones wrong all the time.

I am just waiting on my membership to be approved so I can post my first video ever. It is a little crappy but it's got sound effects from Lucas's CD's that I got last night. Woohoo. Now all I need is my apple computer to do some real editing....

Eating pizza. Reading PDD. Thinking about tonight's party. Scratching my leg. Taking another bite of pizza. Typing. Sniffing. Listening to dog walk across wood floor. Thinking of my mom. Eating pizza. Reading PDD. Thinking about taking a shower...

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