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Nonchalant Jaunt 2005


Meet on Sunday, Oct. 9, at 10 a.m., on the top of Enger Tower.

This year's Nonchalant Jaunt will be very different than the previous two. This time, there is no specific destination whatsoever. We will meet, decide to take off in some direction or another, and basically wander the city in search of fun.

Previously, the Nonchalant Jaunt has been much more chalant. Read about 2004 here and 2003 here. This year there are no rules. We can jump on a bus to Canada if we want to.

Assuming no surprises in his work schedule, Barrett Chase will be vlogging the event, so camera-shy should stay home or wear a mask.

If you have any questions, well, that's what the comments section is for.


i'll be vloggin too.

Sigh. There are always surprises in my work schedule. I don't know yet if I have that day off, so don't sign me up for vloggin', boy. I'll be there if I can.

However, I should mention to the camera shy that my vlogging technique involves editing out every frame where everyone isn't totally pretty or where anyone says anything remotely stupid and/or irrelevant.

You'll notice I haven't posted a video in over a month.

mebbe i'll be able to make it this year, darnitall...i've missed the two previous for reasons various...

I'm only going if we can wade through icy creeks barefoot at least 10 times.

i think we should start off the jaunt by repelling down enger tower. or would that be too chalant?

I believe I witnessed some jaunting non-chalantly today.

Nice form, everyone.

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