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Music Sweet Music.



I want to start a Mix-tape club. Heres how it will work. The first 11 people that email me can be part of the club. When your month comes around you make a sweet sweet mix CD, Burn 12 copies and mail one to each member of the club (keeping one for yourself of course.) You can make artwork to go along with the CD or not, it's up to you. In exchange you will get 11 other mix tapes that will blow you away.

I'm taking May since that's my birthday month. I want to start in November so sign up soon. Feel free to suggest a month you would like to have in your email but first come gets first pick.

Lets get this party started!


Ooo, ooo ... but can it be an actual mix TAPE? Sometimes?

How about mix-mp3's?

Seriously though, I want in!


I am in too...

Pune Man

As of 7:45 this morning there are 4 slots left. Better hurry if you are interested.

Reminds me of this gem in the recent news:
Two guys face off in the "Shittiest Mixtape Boombox Blast". Both create the shittiest Mixtapes, which are then judged. The looser has to walk around New York blasting the shittiest mixtape of all time from a very large boombox.

Can we make data discs or do these need to be listenable on a regular player?

Not sure how others feel about it, but personally I would prefer standard music discs to mp3 discs

damn, i missed it.
maybe next year....?

I was planning a regular playable CD.
To me, the joy/pain of a mix is listening in the order it was intended.

With a data disc you are able to listen to the tracks in a predetermined order. The composer needs only to include a playlist file so that you can arrange the tracks in your mp3 player's playlist.

The only thing with data is that you have to listen to the music on either your computer or an mp3 device. I'm not sure if the majority of people here have mp3 devices and/or listen to a ton of music on their computers.

I'm all in favor of whichever method is easier for everyone.

No need to get into the crazy comps like the dudes over at ILM (unless someone begs).

I vote for regular boring old CDs. (However, I would also accept a tape - even an 8-track.)

Aw, missed it, too.

no fair. i want in too, mixfire.

If i'm too late then email me to let me know my cd isn't coming -(

Yall can't mix, relax your brains.

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