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Looking for

Anyone know where I can get a replacement headshell wire locally? Or alternativly anyone have a busted headshell I can steal the wires from?

I know of the Needle store in Minneapolis off of 14th(?), but i won't be down that way for a while and seems like a long trip to just get 1 smal llittle wire.

Radio Shack is useless, Northern Music don't have, ditto Dad's electronic, Best Buy.

help me pdd, you're my only hope


You can order online from Jerry Raskins. They send UPS ground which only takes one day from Mpls.


looks like the cheapest set is more expensive then a new headshell. hummmm

edgie...i have an old headshell cannibalized from a Techics SL23 turntable with all four wires attatched (actually, two green ones, in leiu of a green and blue wire) that you are welcome to. email me and i'll give ya th details...

IDN The email addy I have for you does not want to work.

Mine is edgewood (at)gmail(dot) com

drop me a line

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