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How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Found this little shindiggy courtesy of a blogging acquaintance of mine, Masukomi. I did my blog (worth about $1600), Ezra's blog (worth about $560.) I threw PDD into the "How Much Is Your Blog Worth" computer and... voila, the results for your enjoyment:

PDD is worth $26,533.38.
How much is your blog worth?

For those of you who have blogs other than PDD, how much is your blog worth?


Yes! My blog is worthless or priceless, depending on you you interpret $0.

$14,113.50. How do I claim this?

a measly $560?!? you gotta be f'in kiddin me! can I get that in singles? that cash'll buy a few diapers, if nothing else.

$208,315 - woohoo!
where do i cash in?

My personal blog (giagia.blogspot.com) is $55,324.92! Yes! I can finally take a holiday...

My work blog (www.sunshinedna.com) is $6,209.94... but it's only been live for less than 3 weeks. So, not bad...

figures though...i'm lucky if i can update mine once a month, and it's just a dumb story blog that no one reads anyhow.

$0.00 Got ya beat dog.

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