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Gunter glieben glauchen globen

Evil Jeffy and I were pondering various definitions of this thing called Rock...more specifically, "Cock Rock" and "Butt Rock." The main query being, what characteristic (if any) would qualify a band such as...ohh, Winger or Skid Row, or even Cinderella as belonging to either of these categories? Cinderella, IMHO, is almost a no-brainer. Other examples of such labeling would also further this thread.


What about Stryper? I saw them at the DECC back in 80's. Bestest concert ever. Well, Except for the Area 52 concert I went to with Paul Okenwhateverthehellhisnameis, Moby, Outcast and SUCH.


Butt Rock = spandex & big hair

Courtesy of the Simpsons:

"Air Supply"
"Pablo Cruz"
"Loggins and Oates"

= Wuss Rock

Stryper?! That's Christian metal. No fair!

In my opinion, Whitesnake was the butt-rockiest butt-rock group, for whatever reason.

I would also like to add that I know how to spell Tawny Kitaen.

HeeeHeee! I still have my Ratt,Poison,Def Leppard,L.A. Guns,Hurricane,White Lion,and Great White albums. I can't stand to listen to them but I can't get rid of them. Too many memories of being 13yrs old.

ok, how about Dokken? I loved their music when I was like 8. I'd hafta say they were like totally butt rock. like, oh-my-gawd. they just didn't rock hard enough to be cock rock.

I was forced to listen to Judas Priest when I was in elementry school. ONe of my most vivid memories of childhood is listening to my older brother getting yelled at for skipping school to go get the new release Turbo Lover TAPE from The Last Place on Earth. I also remember going there for my chinese throwing stars. LoL

I believe Quiet Riot is the quintessential butt-rock band. All of the aforementioned are indeed butt-rock, but Quiet Riot defines the genre, with Def Leppard coming in a close second.

It is my opinion, and I think many will disagree, that Iron Maiden and Van Halen are not quite butt-rock.

I can't defend these positions; it's just what my gut tells me.

My question is, what do you call those bands like Journey, Foreigner, Boston, and REO Speedwagon? They're not butt rock. But what are they?

IMHO, Maiden and Halen can't be lumped into such a category...Maiden in particular was (and is still) light years ahead of their time...definately not butt rock, absolutely not cock rock.

Cock rock? Winger, Warrant, Poison, and all those bands that made it simply because they had the right sound, but probably didn't break any new ground like Q.R., Ratt, Crue (even though I always hated Crue) and Scorpions...

my brother just emailed me that he had attended a Bret Michaels show in Canada. He said - please tell me you had to google him to find out which band he played with.- in response , i quoted half of "Talk Dirty To Me". butt/cock rock indeed!

what a coinkidink! tamara and I took a liesurely drive up to grand marais today, and happened to see a tourista brochure @ the gunflint tavern and saw an ad in it for that show...

poison is most definately cock rock...i don't even think they'll let them play poison on the radio anymore. i always thought they were riding crue's coattails.

Screw PDD. Let's just make this the butt-rock blog.

I just returned from the Hairball show at Charlie's Club in West Duluth (How was it, you ask? Uh, if you're asking that question, you've obviously never seen Hairball). Some of my companions didn't know many of the songs but Ca-chee said it best: "Every word to every one of these songs is hardwired into my brain."

Long live Hairball! Long live butt rock! C.C. DeVille for mayor!

Ok, I'm done.

Journey, Foreigner, Boston, and REO Speedwagon are what's know as arena rock. It generally refers to late 70's to early 80's cheesy hard rock. Other bands in this category are Styx, Kiss, and Bad Company. Areosmith is also from this era but managed to avoid becoming a nostalgia act.

Perfect examples of the aforementioned genres can be found at the Cadot Rockfest in Cadot WI (Yeah, I know...it's smack in the middle of Cheeseheadville, but don't our bretheren to the East indeed know how to party down in righteous fashion?)

ahh...all this talk of big hair and spandex harkens be back to the days of my youth and a little concert called the Texxas Jam...Every summer, the Cotton Bowl would be transformed into a maelstrom of headbanging heaviness with the biggest names in Rock...this was the predecessor to the famed Monsters Of Rock tour that started up in the late 80's...

IS there any such thing as cunt rock? Would this be Lita Ford and Vixen? Joan Jett? But as Kathleen Hanna said Joan Jett is my Bob Dylan. What would a butt rock blog be without a little groupie story. I went to see LA guns and Faster Pussy Cat at the Third Rock a couple years ago. I Heart Faster Pussy Cat. Anyway Tracy Gunn invited me onto the tour bus for a little show after the show if you know what I mean. So I hung out and my friend and I said we'd meet them back at their hotel, we stopped at the chicken spur on hammond and decided to just go home. the cashier had to laugh over hearing our chatter and he gasped "You know you are a washed up butt rocker when your groupies blow you off." Poor butt rocker so hard to get laid.. they should try the iron range. (i can sat that shit cuz i grew up there and yes if you take the girl off the range you can take the range out of the girl)

On the question of just what would bands like REO, journey, boston and all those other loves song singing, tight jeans wearing, feathered hair or white man afro, pansy, love ballad bands be. We could say arena rock, it sure sounds nice and even respectable. But I prefer limp-cock rock. Yes, I like the sound of that. Ah NO I mean I don't like the sound of that;-)

Ummm ... Bone Appetit, anyone?

Well, let's not be too rock-snobbish here. Check the movie "Monster" and see how they make use of a Journey song. Don't stop believing.

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