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Trampled by Awards!


Home boys Trampled by Turtles swept the Minnesota Music Awards last night (in the Bluegrass category) at First Avenue. You can watch some video footage on MN Stories. Alas Charlie Parr walked away empty handed but he is a winner in my book.

Read more here, here and here.


that's a pretty sweet video.

awesome...totally awesome.

I'm trying to reach C-Freak or other Festivus celebrants. I see by your postings on perfect duluth day that you have Festivus Parties. I wrote the forthcoming book: Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us. It has a foreword by Jerry Stiller. The Minneapolis Star Tribune is doing a story about Festivus parties and
interviewing me for it. I want to tell them about anyone in the state
having Festivus Parties. PLEASE email me or phone as soon as possible
(today would be great!) and provide me with some contact info. I promise I will be gentle and kind and not scary. I know i'm just some guy from the internet right now, but really I wrote THE book on Festivus and I'm going on The Today Show Nov 15 for it and the book will be on sale at Barnes and Noble Oct 26 and lots of other reasons
I'm not some nut. I really do need this contact info asap. (I live in New York and we're always in a rush, but I really do need this in time for the call from the Star-Trib reporter.) If there's any other info you need, don't hesitate to contact me

Allen Salkin
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