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Thanksgiving's coming early this year...

Adrian Orange who is the "band" "Thanksgiving" from Portland is coming to Duluth on Monday October 24th. He was supposed to play at UMD, but that fell through and now I'm trying to figure out somewhere else for him to play. He came to town last year and played at the MAC for about 5 people, He's really an amazing kid, he's 19 (or maybe he's 20 by now) and has put out around 10 albums/eps. He is on P.W Elverum and Sun Records (run by Phil Elverum/the guy from The Microphones and Mt. Eerie) and K records distributes some of his stuff.

You can listen to some mp3s at www.marriagerecs.com
So, if anyone has any ideas or a space for this show to happen please let me know so I can let him know where the heck he's playing. And if you don't that's okay too but you should still come to this show where ever it ends up because there will probably be a sing-a-long.

Thanks so much!

oh yeah, my name is maria and my email address is "maria.suz (at) gmail.com"


wow, someone i actually know in real life is on this blog.

have you talked to anyone at beaners central?

i think i was working the door that night at the mac. if it's the show i'm thinking of, that guy was great. lots of talent.

Try Sir Ben's too. They are always up for having people play there.

What about the Play Ground?

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