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Robot Hand does not equal Dinosaur

When I was very young, my family and I went to the Science Museum (at the old location in St. Paul). There was an exhibit there that had two mechanical hands in a glass tank that you could control by holding levers on the outside of the tank. My sister and brother grabbed them first and spent their time doing positive things like making pyramids and towers out of the foam blocks in the glass tank.
However, when I got a chance to use them, I grabbed them both and pretended they were two dinosaurs attacking each other. The two mechanical hands (and all their gears, pulleys, and cables) managed to get stuck together and no amount of dinosaur head shaking could pry them apart. It took me about 5 seconds of unsupervised time to break thousands of dollars of equipment.
For many years after, whenever I was at the Science Museum, I would point at the glass barrier now separating the two mechanical hands and say "I'm the reason for that!".
Today, I break software for a living. Apparently I'm good at breaking shit.


I want a robosapian!!!

it's kids like you that drive us crzy at the aquarium!

I promise, I have yet to break anything at the aquarium!

one of my favorite things to do...when it gets close to the holidaze (which these days, the stores start putting xmas stuff out just before halloween), is to go thorough the christmas aisle with all the electronic doohickeys, and push ALL of the buttons, sending the whole aisle into a kind of christmassy chaos. i've been asked to leave Target on more than one occasion on account of this little stunt.

The whole "Santa showing up before Halloween" really pisses me off! Wait your damn turn old man!!! GAH!!!

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