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Oh, dear! Kidsbeer!

So, according to this article in the DNT, Japan has a product called Kidsbeer, a nonalcoholic cola that looks like beer, which is marketed to children.

The drink, which comes in a brown bottle and is advertised with the slogan "Even kids cannot stand life unless they have a drink," is lager-colored and foams like beer, but tastes like cola, the article states, citing what is perhaps the funniest slogan in the history of advertising.

Everyone quoted in the article is emphatic that while the product is available in Japan, and is soon to be available in parts of Europe, it will never be available in the United States. Well, duh.

Cola that looks and tastes like cola, but knocks you on your ass with 6% alcohol, however, is perfectly fine. Apparently.


This website -

says the company sells 75,000 bottles a month. In a country of 127 million people, that's not so many bottles. The company seems a bit overly ambitious, and I doubt anybody will be seeing this in Europe or America when its almost impossible to find in the country where it's made.

Honest occifer it's Kidsbeer!

I'll have a pint of Pokemon Pale Ale.

ooh, no wait...Power Ranger Porter. Spongebob Stout? Teenage Mutant Nut Brown Ale?

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