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Awwwww...that sounds nice.


You guys go ahead and watch Night of the Living Dead at the Free Range Farm. I'm not into that scary stuff, myself. I'll be enjoying a much more heartwarming picture instead.

(hosted on Waxy.org :: back story here :: thanks Defective Yeti)


ohhh...for a moment there, I thought by 'heartwarming' you meant 'Homeward Bound' or something.

No, that would be heartworming.

aside from the hallway of blood,etc.,i pretty much saw the original movie like this. i've seen scarier story lines on scoobie doo.

WHAT?! I will not tolerate this defaming of The Shining. Do you realize that movie used the concept of "furries" to horrific effect...back in 1980? Maybe you weren't paying attention. It was WAY ahead of its time, and it was (and is) terrifying. I'm sorry it wasn't scary for you. Very sorry. You missed out on a great experience.

now THAT's scary.

And it's true. Check it out.

youre the boss...

wait a minute, i didn't see that link at first. my god, you're right, but like i sd, it's nothing you don't see on scoobie doo.

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