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and you think you got it bad...

this summer my brother got microscopic mites from a dead raccoon under the front porch floorboards. it was god awful. he did some research on the net and came across this:

HI Betsy,Yes,I do have brain fog lately & have had it since I found that the scabies wouldn't go away.No I don't have any fibers,but I do have some big lesions that got a terrible infection of hookworms.I went to the best infecuios disease doctor & he took one look & took his tweesers out & pulled these worms from around the 4 biggest lesions.He wrote a script for this ointment{that diffinatly works} & 1 box of stromectol,one bottle of Quell shampoo,one bottle of Quell for the body & one bottle of Eurex.I got to the drug store & my husband had his scripts but mine were gone.I called the Dr back & he wasn't so nice & said "I don't know were the hell you lost it"& I'm not at my office & hung up on me.So that was Friday, this morning I got a call from this other Dr.office downstairs from the other doctor that my husband wanted to go to but wrong insurance & she said she found them & get there by 4:00 today & I forgot.I am having a lot of trouble with my husband lately he had another break down & all we do is fight because he is abuseing his Mental Health medicine & I turned him in to his shrink & for spite he is making my life miserable.Just when the meds were wearing off he went out & bought a bottle of Vocka & got drunk.Now he knows the Board of Health is coming tomorrow & I need him to get rid of the stuff on the floors in the closet because I have to have back surgery soon & can't even unload the dishwasher without pain So you can imagine why I have brain fog.This happens a couple of times a year to him.I can't take it no more.Since he's been skitsafrenic {can't spell it}about 15yrs.I've put up with it but with these bugs & now the bed bugs that I'm deathly afraid of I want to leave him .I have to think for two everyday while he sleeps.2 yrs ago we had a fight & he took all the money we had in the world from his fathers death & lost 10,500 in one night & can't remember what he did or if he hid it.Sorry I'm ramblem on so much but there is no one to talk to now.I'm so afraid he'll get my mothers death money & do it again to me.I want to leave so bad & go back to Hawaii & stay there.But now I don't know what my future holds with these dirty bugs.I try to stay awake all night but about 5:00AM I fall out & we bombed again just the bedroom & they aren't biting for 3 days in that room.Thanks for thinking of me Betsy you seem like a nice person & I wish you the best & hope you find some peace with the Morgellons if thats what it is.JS

poor js.


That was an utterly odd and disturbing little tale. I'm going to read it over and over until I memorize it.

Wow - that's just so sad. When dead racoons and mites are the *least* of your problems, you know you have issues...

if you want more zoey, go here http://www.safe2use.com/scabiesboard/wwwboard.html

i can't stop either

That's just sad. And gross. But probably a little more gross than sad.

Something like that happened to someone I know. After a while the guy died and foul play was suspected. She maintains her innocence.

C-freak, i love when you laugh about other people's saddness. ;-)
"...skitsafrenic {can't spell it}..." me neither honey, me neither...and especially when I have bugs and skitsafrenic husbands to worry about.

thanks de man. js has a parrot named lana that she loves. she gives lana a shower everyday & brings it to the vet constantly because it has liver damage from all the chemicals they spray around their apt. if you read her posts from past to present, she starts out (kinda) normal. but thoughout time, the more chemicals she absorbs into her body, the more mental she becomes. in a recent post, js admits to smoking weed so she can't be all that bad. plus she really tries to help others with their "plight".

budb...i think the word you're looking for is schadenfreude...taking delight in the misfortune of others. one of my favorite words...right behind defenestration...the act of throwing someone or something out of a window.

you be talking to de man. that wasn't me. it's alright

ahh...silly me...yer right, bud. allow me to redirect...deman, that was actually for you.