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ah... the good ol' DNT

So in today's editorial in the DNT, they consistently referred to Alexander Hamilton as being on the $20 bill.

50 non-redeemable bonus points if you can tell me who's on the $20 bill and which bill Alexander Hamilton is really on...


Why of course, Jackson is on the $20 and Grant is on the $50. Hamilton is on the $10. I counter for bonus points on who is on the $100,000 bill.

i hear they're thinking of putting Chimp on the 100K bill...

Benji is on th $100 (not that I know that personally - I just read about counterfitters who made $100 bills with Lincoln on them)

i think it's only fitting to put Ron on the largest denomination possible, if only to remind us all that Reagan put up some of the biggest deficit numbers in history...

Let's not forget the Iran/Contra thing...when the old fart said he couldn't recall...I guess he wasn't kidding. ahh, alzheimers...

then there's the rollback of auto industry emissions and safety standards...
stupid Carter.

On the $100k bill, Woodrow Wilson... (but it was only in production for a few months in 1934...)

Extra bonus points: who's on the $10k bill? And why is he important?

whoddaheckareyouuu? sum kinda neumismatist er summin?

kay, smartypants...who's on the trillion dollar bill?

Well, if you're a Simpsons aficionado, Truman is on the trillion dollar bill.

If you really want to know, in real life, though, there is no trillion dollar bill.

So there. :P

(and you're sleeping in the doghouse tonight, dog...:P )

ok, I engaged my google-fu on, this but as to the 10k bill:

Andrew Jackson and Salmon P. Chase have been featured over the years. The first gold certificates (1865) had no portrait. There was a vignette titled "E Pluribus Unum", which consisted of an eagle and a shield, on the right. Then, in 1870, gold certificates (made all the way up to 1917 or so, consisting of series 1870, 1875, 1882, 1888, and 1900) had Andrew Jackson.

There was a Legal Tender Note from 1878 which also had Jackson on it. This bill was not redeemable in gold.

Finally, in 1918, a Federal Reserve Note was introduced, that had Salmon P. Chase on it. Salmon P. Chase was the Secretary of the Treasury during the Civil War. His portrait has appeared on several bills over the years, including an $1 from 1862, when he was very much alive and in office!

In 1928, a smaller-size $10000 design was introduced, which also had Salmon P. Chase on it. Federal Reserve Notes and Gold Certificates of series 1928 and 1934 were produced in small quantities.

There are several hundred cancelled $10000 gold certificates from the series of 1900 and are no longer obligations of the federal government. They are out there as a result of a fire in the treasury building in 1936, at which point a box full of these ended up in the street.

I saw a one dollar bill a few years ago of Roddy McDowall as Cornelius (the chimp on the original Planet of the Apes). Anyone know where I can get one?

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