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again, Since he is not here, let's talk about him...


Ever notice how similar.......


I'm so glad this post finally made it to the WWW.

oh my god i can't believe it your right!!!


umm...something about the Tammy Faye look just isn't right. I tihnk baci needs to delve just a little further into the makeup. probably as far up as his clavicle. yeah, that'd make things fairly complete.

har har mr ely -- I'm truly honored that you'd lump me in with such movers and shakers. I DO protest that you omitted my zepplin which is way bigger than either tammy faye or pat-buddy- f'nut's. BTW I'm back and the VCD of c'man mao's visit t Wuhan that I got is gonna blow all your commisar socks off...All I can say is look for the "travel night" recant at the brewhouse coming soon. 2xBTW-- does this give me permission to photoshop some kittybrand?

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