Unidentified tracks found by Duluth campers
I don't think I'm betraying any confidences by spilling this cryptozoological scoop so here goes. Three people me and Allen work with were hiking about three miles into the woods around Grand Marais this weekend. They were making their way to a cabin out there and snoeshoeing a thin trail through waist deep snow around one or two AM. They wore headlamps, and even with snowshoes on they were sinking a foot and a half or so into the snow.

Apparently they came upon some large tracks, with a roughly four-or-five-foot stride, along a trail running perpindicular to theirs. It spooked them all pretty good on account of the great length of stride, which persisted as far up and down the trail as their lights were able to see. The tracks also left no kicked up snow like snowshoes leave, implying great height in whoever made the tracks. One of the people assured me that the tracks were bipedal and not moose tracks or anything. He was also the one who inspected it closest of the two I talked to (I have yet to take the report of the third person). He said that he could discern, in his close examination, that it was a large footprint.

This one person is really pretty certain that nothing identifiable made those tracks, and leans towards a bigfoot explanation. The other two guys are hedging their bets a little more, but not much. The one person I haven't spoke with yet is apparently making the case that it could have been some crazy snowshoer because they were roughly sized like swowshoe prints. Neither of the people I spoke with were very happy with that explanation. They're both being good skeptics though and saying the tracks are "unidentified." So there's a definite mixture of opinion among them although I want to talk to the third witness. What can be said with some certainty is the experience spooked them all, and the two I spoke with had clearly not come down from it yet.

So there you have it. The legend of the Minnesota Bigfoot lives on in reports like these. You be the judge.

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posted by The Professor at 6:11 PM
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