The other week I decided to do a little experiment with Google by trying to link the words 'Baby Jesus Buttplug' with a Right-wing Christian blogger - mainly for fun, also because she had irked me. I and my blogging mates simply linked the words 'Baby Jesus Buttplug' to the url of her blog. It took just under a week for her to get to Number 1 on the search, though now that some of us have removed all of the links she's dropped down to Number 2 (and Number 4 and Number 7, but who's counting?)...

I so amazed by the last Google experiment that I thought it might be fun and interesting to try linking the word twunt with the Whitehouse's website. Right now there are about 4,000 results for twunt... so this'll be a bit more difficult than the Baby Jesus Buttplug experiment as there were only just over 1,000 results for that when we started. But, hopefully, we can get more people to play along...

As we all know George W. Bush is a complete and utter twunt. In case you haven't heard the word twunt before, it's a combination of two words that are usually deemed offensive in polite company. I don't find the word twunt to be offensive at all. I think it's a rather cuddly word, in fact. I use the word twunt so often in reference to George W that my father has even started using it when talking about Republicans... I'm pleased to say my blog is Number 1 for this search...

Jasmine Strong (who is also taking part) says...
To take part and have maximum effect:
  1. Use 'twunt' as the text inside the link anchor. This is to make sure the link gets counted.

  2. Make sure you link to the front page of http://www.whitehouse.gov/, so that we target the same URL. This helps to increase the link density and improve the count.

  3. Link from the same page that mentions twunt to lots of other pages. The more of them also mention twunt the better. Google's PageRank algorithm works by counting links; the more links 'in' to any page, the more 'valuable' its information must be, and the more highly ranked search hits connected to that page's information must be. To make the link labels stick, you need to be valuable, so you need other people to link to you. If you link to others, they'll link back. So do that.

If we succeed with this one, I'd like to move on to the words 'batshit crazy' which currently has over 23,000 results... Thanks in advance to all of you who decide to take part in this deeply childish experiment.

posted by Gia at 4:46 AM
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