Interview Chain
Questions courtesy of Starfire.

1. As a child did you ever play cops and robbers with any of your policeman father's equipment?
I played some with the belt and the long flashlight. That was cool. But, basically the equipment was off limits. I always had this dumb fear of stepping on the loaded gun and shooting myself. The best was when my dad would handcuff kids (relatives) on Christmas Eve. That rocked big time, especially when cousin Ben was cuffed to the sofa! Also, he was the first cop in Duluth trained to hypnotize and during holidays he would hypnotize (or attempt to) relatives. I remember my uncle, who was in college at the time to be a chemical engineer, wanted to be hypnotized after Thanksgiving dinner so that he could relax about a test he had to take soon. It didn't work. All of us kids couldn't stop giggling and it really pissed him off.

2. If you were a vegetable what would you be? What recipe would you like to be a part of as that vegetable?
Kohlrabi. I love that word. I wouldn't be part of a recipe though. A marmot from "Jimmy's Nuts and Bolts" next to where we live would steal me and bury me in the ground for later.

3. If a Librarian was president do you think the world would be a better place?
Do you even need to ask, hell yes! On a side note, that Laura Bush, as far as I am concerned, she is not a librarian.

4. Describe your Perfect Duluth Day.
Snow and more snow. Snow forts, snowmen, and long snow slides for the kids. Also, tubing, but not down Dead Man's Hill. I'm sure there are a lot of Dead Man's hills in Duluth, the one I am referring to is in Lester Park. Please come this winter, snow!

Then home for a hot toddy. And I'd get to play with a ferret.

5. What is your favorite cleaning product?
Scrubbing Bubbles products. I love that bubble with a face. When I was young it always depressed me when those friendly-looking bubbles went down the drain on the commercials.

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