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Feathery Crystals of the Park Point Ice Caves

Looking for seasonal minion … or a seasoned minion … not for eating.

We need a seasoned or seasonal minion! Raven & Associates, Inc., a great little promotional products company right here in Duluth, has started ramping up for our summer season earlier than usual and we need help! We are looking for person to act as an assistant to our sales team writing up quotes, ordering product, doing product research, etc.  We are looking for someone with computer skills, charm, and the ability to work in an office environment. This very well could turn into a full-time position going into the fall.

Here’s the basic info on the job: Hourly wage of $10 per hour and with some ability to be flexible on work schedule. Previous experience working in an office (you know, with computers), some background in the arts, and interest in outdoors preferred.

For more info, call Dave at 740-2769 or drop me an e-mail at dave @ We are now located in a creepy old theater at 319 N. Central Ave.


Why is Enbridge banging out “we’re great on safety” ads on Pandora lately — oh, I get it.

Bridge Exhibit Comes to Duluth

The Bridge exhibit I discussed here, at the MacRostie Art Museum, is now at the Zeitgeist.

Sasha Howell Fashion Show Kickstarter

Sasha is an amazing local talent. Support her dream fashion show and score yourself some VIP tickets.

Seeking: Homegrown 2013 Photos

It’s that time of year again. If you have Homegrown 2013 photos you’d like to have considered for inclusion in this year’s Homegrown Field Guide, send me an email: adam [at] transistormag [dot] com.

Thank you, fans!

Duluth Band Profile: Sarah Krueger

Sarah Krueger mixes the vocal power of soul with the earnest songwriting of folk. In this interview she opens up about how her song “Ships and Trees” connects listeners to themes of loss and abandonment. She is currently recording the follow up to her 2011 album Dancing with Phantoms. Click on the image above to listen.

Duluth 2014 State of the City Address Video

Top 10 in a Nashville recording studio contest — would love your votes!

Hello Duluth! Mary Bue here. I’m a local-loving singer-songwriter who got my start in this sweet old city that we choose to live. I’ve taken these songs around the country but keep coming back … and now, I’m asking for your votes!  

I’ve submitted to a contest at a recording studio in Nashville called Welcome to 1979. The contest is called “Live to Lathe” — essentially five bands will have the opportunity to record a live album straight to vinyl. Welcome to 1979 Studio will print 500 copies for us to do with what we will — capturing a 26-to-32-minute moment in time. No edits, no auto-tune, if you fuck up it’s on the record. So, super daunting and super exciting!  

If you are on Facebook, please vote for me! You can vote every single day and I will sing like a bird with gratitude! Of course, vote for whomever you want, but either way, it’s a super cool contest and you’ll learn about some sweet bands from around the country. Thank you for your time!

Homegrown Field Guide Last Call

Go west, young man

Star Tribune: Duluth visitors, please look to your right, too

The focal point of Duluth Mayor Don Ness’ State of the City Address will be creating a secondary tourist destination along the St. Louis River.

“We have the largest freshwater estuary in the world in the St. Louis River,” Mayor Don Ness said. “You have all of these amazing natural amenities and outdoor recreation experiences in a fairly small concentrated area.”

The plan comes as hundreds of millions have been spent — with a similar sum still to come — to clean up the St. Louis River, saddled for decades with old industrial pollution. It is in concert with efforts to revitalize the long-neglected working-class part of town, where factory hands raised families in tight-knit communities near their jobs.

This week: pancakes, snow angels and a Scottish king


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Hey, Duluth. How ya doing? Find out today at the mayor’s State of the City Address at Spirit Mountain.

Tuesday is Mardi Gras and if you are looking for a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner head on over to Duluth Congregational Church.

On Wednesdays the Duluth XC Ski Club is holding night ski races. This week’s race is going to be at Lester Park.

Something wicked this way comes on Friday with Wise Fool Shakespeare‘s production of Macbeth at Lincoln Park Middle School. It runs two weekends.

Something funny this way comes on Friday when the Upright Citizen’s Brigade lands at the Teatro Zuccone. On Saturday they will be leading a workshop on long form improvisation.

Make a snow angel on Sunday with 3,999 of your friends at UMD. Because fun.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Duluth Mystery Photo #7: Mr. Green

Is Green the photographer’s name or the dude in the photo? Who is this dapper West Ender?

Search for Atlantis

Meet the Notorious Madam Gain

Read an article on the Queen of Duluth’s Underworld, circa 1908.

Minerva Party

(Pictures from Minerva social media)

Minerva celebrated its second anniversary last night, and it was a blast.

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Winter at Wildwoods

What a strange life–a deer in the garage, a raccoon in the basement, a juvenile crow in the aviary, and a whole flock of pigeons, recovering from a variety of issues, in the basement bathroom and spare room of Wildwoods.

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Position Announcement: ARAC Grants Manager

Please consider applying.
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Duluth Band Profile: Lion or Gazelle

Duluth’s Lion or Gazelle redefines itself with its newest material. Songs like “Gloria” and “The Harder it Rains” add a lyrical tension to otherwise cheerful pop melodies. The three-piece is made up of Matt Mobley, Sophie Turk and Brian Ring. The band released the EP There’s Blood in Fire in 2013 and is finishing its latest full-lengthen record.

Click the image above to hear an exclusive interview with Lion or Gazelle’s Sophie Turk and Brian Ring as they describe their music’s content.

Transistor tran bashing?

I can’t help but bring up the Transistor’s latest cartoon that has spurred a lot of commentary in the Facebook world.

The cartoon has a male figure with the words “She had a dick” in a speech bubble above his head. The bottom of the cartoon makes the statement, “Best reason to break up.”

Is this really the best humor Duluth’s got to offer on the front of its premier arts/culture zine? It is hurtful and tasteless. For posing as such an open-minded literary mag, this cartoon is discriminatory toward our transgender community.