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Duluth Band Profile: Troy Rogers

Troy Rogers ventures into the future with music-playing robots. In this interview, he talks about the current state of musical robotics and his work with Expressive Machines. He is currently building his musical robotics workshop. Click on the image above to listen.

A Trip to Grand Marais

I don’t have a property license posted in my apartment …

Where I’ve been living for the past three years is a dump. $815/month + utilities. Now I’ve had inspectors come in and view the apartment while the landlord is there. Every time I’d try to point something out to the inspector, my landlord would cut me off. Recently a drainage pipe from the roof of my apartment burst and flooded my dining room, as well as the basement. I’m curious about what I can do to get this place fixed up, as my landlord never keeps his promises. Also, there is no property license posted in my home. What’s legal and what’s not?

Actual Wolf – “You Can’t Leave” and “Honey Honey” (Live at First Avenue)

Duluth band Actual Wolf performs “You Can’t Leave” and “Honey Honey” at First Avenue in Minneapolis as part of the Current’s ninth birthday celebration.

This week: derby, bock and ides


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Browncoat Mondays continue tonight at Zinema 2 with two episodes and Prof. Lisa Horton presenting on feminist and anti-feminist themes in Joss Whedon‘s Firefly.

Art for Ed’s Sake is a fundraiser at the Depot on Wednesday for Visual and Media Arts Education in the Duluth Public Schools and you know it’s cool because Chris Monroe did the poster art.

Lots of plays and musicals happening this weekend:

It’s Bockfest weekend at Fitger’s with beer tents in the courtyard Thursday through Saturday.

Saturday is the Ides of March and that means local musicians pay homage to their influences with special concerts at Beaner’s Central on Friday and R. T. Quinlan’s on Saturday.

Your Harbor City Roller Dames host a roller derby double header on Saturday at Pioneer Hall in the DECC.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Mustache March Run 2014 Video

The Mustache March Run took place on March 1. The mustache-themed event, put on by Momentum Racing Events, is a fun event for anyone! You can grow your best mustache, wear a fake mustache, or just run mustache free.

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Duluth Mystery Photo #8: Darling Blond

This photo is for sale on eBay under the title “Vintage Photo Girl Child Tricycle Antique Cars Duluth Mn Houses Picture #166.”

The description notes it is “a great vintage snapshot picture of darling blond girl riding a tricycle on a street in Duluth Minnesota. Picture is from the 1920. In the background are old cars and houses. Found in a photo album of pictures of a family living in Duluth.”

Can anyone identify the house? Pin down the neighborhood? Identify the darling blond?

Where near Duluth?

Minnesota All Hockey Hair Team 2014

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Seeking volunteer opportunities in Duluth that benefit the environment

I’m looking for some good organizations that provide volunteer opportunities that benefit the environment and people in any shape or form, thanks.

Homelessness and Water

I drove, again, along the highway that sometimes feels like it mostly exists to serve paper mills to see the openings at the MacRostie Art Center.

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Where in Duluth?

I went for a stroll on my lunch break and found PDD t-shirts for sale. Do you know where?

Duluth Band Profile: The Social Disaster

The Social Disaster takes the chaos of noise and mixes it with the vocal flavor of jazz. In this interview, the band opens up about how a collaborative songwriting process produced the song “Foolproof.” The Social Disaster is currently recording its debut EP. Click on the image above to listen.

Feathery Crystals of the Park Point Ice Caves

Looking for seasonal minion … or a seasoned minion … not for eating.

We need a seasoned or seasonal minion! Raven & Associates, Inc., a great little promotional products company right here in Duluth, has started ramping up for our summer season earlier than usual and we need help! We are looking for person to act as an assistant to our sales team writing up quotes, ordering product, doing product research, etc.  We are looking for someone with computer skills, charm, and the ability to work in an office environment. This very well could turn into a full-time position going into the fall.

Here’s the basic info on the job: Hourly wage of $10 per hour and with some ability to be flexible on work schedule. Previous experience working in an office (you know, with computers), some background in the arts, and interest in outdoors preferred.

For more info, call Dave at 740-2769 or drop me an e-mail at dave @ We are now located in a creepy old theater at 319 N. Central Ave.


Why is Enbridge banging out “we’re great on safety” ads on Pandora lately — oh, I get it.

Bridge Exhibit Comes to Duluth

The Bridge exhibit I discussed here, at the MacRostie Art Museum, is now at the Zeitgeist.

Sasha Howell Fashion Show Kickstarter

Sasha is an amazing local talent. Support her dream fashion show and score yourself some VIP tickets.

Seeking: Homegrown 2013 Photos

It’s that time of year again. If you have Homegrown 2013 photos you’d like to have considered for inclusion in this year’s Homegrown Field Guide, send me an email: adam [at] transistormag [dot] com.

Thank you, fans!

Duluth Band Profile: Sarah Krueger

Sarah Krueger mixes the vocal power of soul with the earnest songwriting of folk. In this interview she opens up about how her song “Ships and Trees” connects listeners to themes of loss and abandonment. She is currently recording the follow up to her 2011 album Dancing with Phantoms. Click on the image above to listen.