Mu-Tron Love

The Current released Local Current, Vol 2 a few weeks ago.
I couldn’t help but notice that someone in the art department there has a mutual appreciation for the Mu-Tron™ Phasor, an effects pedal from 40 years ago.

In last year’s Homegrown Field Guide ad, we Photoshopped up my Mu-tron™ Phasor. Someone at MPR has a better collection of vintage gizmos, they used the Mu-tron™ Phasor III

Flying Shark at Dioramarama, Sacred Heart


Looking for dancers

I’m mustering a group of 12 or more dancers for a New-England Contra workshop on Tuesday evenings in March.

Informational flier

Looking for avid disc golfers to interview

I’m writing an article for Moms and Dads magazine on disc golfing. I’d like to include some “how to” stuff and some tips/advice on how to make it a family friendly sport (for those of us with old enough kids to do it!) I have a short deadline — due next Friday, so quick responses are really appreciated. Feel free to email me at jentoddderrick @ yahoo if you are interested. Thanks so much!

Where in Duluth?

I’ll start things off with a clue: This is not in a restroom.

Madrigal Dinner

Kate and I were randomly selected as Lord and Lady of the Madrigal Dinner at UUCD last night.

Madrigal Singers

Tiny Art Show – Online Version

In honor of “The Tiny Art Show” at Prøve Gallery, I thought I’d throw things open to people who are either too lazy to submit their tiny art to a show, or are pretty sure it’s not good enough to be in a show.

PDD’s comments now have an easy image-upload tool, so go ahead and share a weird photo or other piece of art or pseudo art.

Litter on the Lakewalk near East High

I am a resident on Gilliat Street and live adjacent to the Lakewalk, which runs from 42nd to 40th avenues east. When walking on the Lakewalk recently I was appalled by the amount of litter from fast food restaurants, etc. in the stretch of Lakewalk behind Ordean and also the stretch from 40th going east.

There are garbage cans placed at intervals along the Lakewalk, but it is still obviously too difficult for some people to use them. There have been school lunch milk cartons, cigarette butts, Culver’s wrappers, Taco John’s wrappers, McDonald’s, used condoms, etc.

Duluth Described in Themes

The Editing 2 class at UMD is currently working on its biannual production of LakeVoice. We are thinking this year of creating a theme for each of our weekly publications and are looking for some of your input and help brainstorming potential ideas. Our stories produced each week will be based on all of these themes.

Some themes we have thought of so far are:
– Ice
– Lake Superior
– Race equality
– Food
– Living on a hill
– Economics
– Clean air

How would you define Duluth in a theme?

$31,732 in McKnight/ARAC Individual Artist Grants

In January, 2012, the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council awarded grants totaling $31,732 in the McKnight/ARAC Individual Artist Career Development Grants Program.

Lake Superior Agate Rings

I am getting married pretty soon and have been looking for a wedding band with a Lake Superior agate set in it. I have looked around town and on the internet but can’t find anything that isn’t too gaudy or girly. (By the way I am a guy looking for a guy ring.) If you know of any shops in the Duluth area that sell agate rings, it would be great to get a comment.

The Singing Sands of Julian Bay

Featuring Duluth’s Bob and Peggy Hom.

International Book Giving Day

A 7-year-old boy in Duluth created something called International Book Giving Day last year. This year the effort is actually going international. It’s on Feb. 14, a great alternative to Valentine’s Day. Since it’s kind of a blog-driven initiative I thought I’d link to my post about it here.

Urban Girl Interrupted: Duluth boy’s vision goes global

Synthetic Marijauna


This is a video I did as a fact-finding mission for a long-form documentary I’m working on. It may be interesting for anyone curious about the “legal alternatives” being sold in Duluth.

Duluth News Tribune – Our view: Why no arrests after glitter-bombings?

Today’s DNT op-ed: “Our view: Why no arrests after glitter-bombings?