PDD Ticket Giveaway Clearance

In preparation for the holidays, it’s time to clear the desks at PDD of any hot giveaway items. Mention in the comments how good you’ve been this past year, and which one of the shows below you deserve two free tickets to, and I’ll act like Santa and divvy up the goodies.

(UPDATE: This contest is over now, and Santa has given away all his goodies, but you can still brag about how good you’ve been in the comments if you want. Just be aware that bragging is not being good.)

The Running (Unopposed) Man
Dec. 9, 10, 16, 17, 30 and 31, 7 p.m., The Venue at Mohaupt Block

Dink Tank: Return of the Dinks
Dec. 9, 10, 16 and 17, 8 p.m., Teatro Zuccone

From Havana to Duluth
Dec. 12 and 13, 8 p.m., Teatro Zuccone

Old Knifey and the Cutthroats Holiday Variety Show
Dec. 17, 9 p.m., All American Club

Prøve Gallery Hosts Second Show

Prøve Gallery has announced the opening of a new show, Second, on Friday, Dec. 9. Second will feature the work of Alexander Hanson, Nikki Burger, Michael Beachy, Brittany Sanford, and Zach Gorr. Prøve Collective members Anthony Zappa, Justin Iverson, Nickolas Monson and Steven J Read will also be presenting work. The DJ collective the Crunchy Bunch will be spinning records, food will be provided by Clyde Iron Works and micro-brewed beer will be provided by Carmody Irish Pub.

I enjoyed the first show immensely. Last night I met with three of the young men from the PRØVE collective who started this new gallery and published the interview at my Ennyman’s Territory blog.

This event is free and open to the public.

The Prøve Gallery is one of several exciting new galleries in the Twin Ports.

The Prøve Gallery promises to be an exciting addition to the Twin Ports arts scene.

A Parachute Project in Duluth

I’m an independent radio/media producer currently living and working in Milwaukee. However, for a variety of reasons, I find myself strongly drawn to Duluth (I’ve visited a few times and a couple close friends currently live in Duluth).

To satisfy that interest, I’m thinking about spending next month implementing a project I’ve cooked up called January In Duluth. The idea is fairly straightforward — I’m going to spend the month (1) getting to know as much as I can about the culture/people/history/state-of-mind in Duluth and (2) exploring how the winter cold effects a community (I’m currently sitting in the half-outside section of a coffee shop, practicing/conditioning myself).

I’d be coming into the city looking to listen and learn, so conversations in physical and digital spaces would be a central part of my approach. All of the stories, conversations, interviews, videos, photos, etc. produced would then live on an interactive website, much like this one.

Since such a project would rely so heavily on the kindness and knowledge of strangers, I thought this would be the perfect space to kick up a short conversation about the prospect of January In Duluth. Does this project sound interesting to you, either as a person who might share some thoughts about Duluth or perhaps an audience member? Beyond your own feelings, is this the kind of project Duluth might respond to? Any feedback will be warmly appreciated!

Is the Last Place on Earth ruining Duluth?

“Brenda” by the Philip Traum Quartet

Goodbye Habeas Corpus

The Senate has voted to pass the National Defense Authorization Act , which contains a provision that would allow the military to abduct American citizens, on US soil, without charges or trial, indefinitely. Ex CIA analyst Ray McGovern discusses it here. Both Minnesota senators voted yea. This is a big deal!

William (Billy) Harper found dead at UMD

Billy Harper UMD studentUMD  released the name of a student found dead in his dorm Monday. William “Billy” Harper, 19 from Coon Rapids, was discovered dead in his room at Heany Hall on Monday. Lisa Erwin, chancellor of student life, says it appears he died of natural causes.  Billy Harper was enrolled in the Labowitz School of Business and Economics. He was very active in sports and talented football player in high school. My prayers are with his friends and family.

#9 … #9 … Duluth in Top 10 Coldest Cities

The Daily Beast: America’s 25 Coldest Cities

Poverty in Duluth

A public lecture by Dave Benson (executive director of the Damiano Center) happened to a standing-room only crowd at 5pm in the UMD Library Rotunda. I had to sit in the next room and listen intently.

This week: Avenged Sevenfold, The Nutcracker, Rubber Chicken and more

Tuesday, Dec. 6
The College of St. Scholastica counts down to the lighting of its Christmas trees with a candlelit event.

Wednesday, Dec. 7
Avenged Sevenfold plays at Amsoil Arena.

Thursday, Dec. 8
Dink Tank, Duluth’s only resident sketch comedy act, is back with Return of the Dinks.

Friday, Dec. 9
Two productions of The Nutcracker open tonight. One at the Myles Reif Performing Arts Center in Grand Rapids and the other at the DECC. In its second week is Rubber Chicken Theater’s fourth annual holiday sketch-comedy revue. This year it’s titled “The Running (Unopposed) Man, or, Another Fine Ness You’ve Gotten Us Into”

Saturday, Dec. 10
Lower Chester Park re-opens with ice skating, concessions and a proclamation from the mayor. R.T. Quinlan’s hosts a night of indie rock with A Winter Downpour headlining.

Keep checking the PDD Calendar for continuously awesome events.

Hair Pride?

For all the beards and mustaches raised in Duluth this fall, I expected more of a bang for the end of M’ovember harvest – the epic month of facial hair. Was something posted somewhere? A gallery?

I do some freelance work for SwimCreative and see they posted this video of Mike Malone getting a classic shave on their Facebook page.

Ten Minutes with Photographer John Heino

Just posted at Ennyman’s Territory, an inside glimpse of the creative energies that drive John Heino.

Radiance illuminated.

John Heino photo from his Radiance series.

Symptoms that men Paul Lundgren Should Never Ignore

Now on Yahoo News, Paul Lundgren’s Doppelganger. And it looks like he needs to take it easy.

6 Symptoms that Men Should Never Ignore

Bonus trails?

I was just trying to figure out trail mileage in Hartley on the internets. I found a good enough map on the Hartley Nature Center website, but while poking around I also saw on aerial maps that there is a lot of contiguous greenspace across Howard Gnesen Road to the west. Anyone know what is over there? Is it private or public, and are there trails? Not that there aren’t enough trails in Hartley to get good and lost without heading out of the park boundaries.

Duluth’s a beautiful town, man

From last week’s City Pages, “Wilco’s John Stirratt talks about the band’s Minnesotan ties“:

Jeff Gage: Just last year, you guys became honorary citizens of Duluth. Have you been doing any house shopping up there yet?

John Stirratt: I don’t know if I want to move any further north — not that I want to sound wimpy to a Minnesotan. But that’s a beautiful town, man, it really is. I would totally hang out there during a summer.