Barack Obama vs. Dennis Kucinich and Michael Moore on Libya

This dramatizes the pie fight on the left that erupted over Libya.

If you view it on its YouTube page here, the brief title sequence plays too but you get the idea.

She Gets Things Done

On Tuesday, November 15, after a long day of working on my unfinished, but indisputably kick-ass, novel, I cracked an adult beverage and logged onto the Internet to make my usual rounds.

On Perfect Duluth Day, I found a post by City Councilor-elect Jennifer Julsrud, titled “Duluth’s Plumbing Needs Big Fix,” regarding Duluth’s aging water infrastructure. Accompanied by a short YouTube video (serious people talking seriously about water, serious music playing in the background), the post listed a series of upcoming community meetings that were to be held on the subject.

Naturally, this irritated me greatly. As far as I was concerned, this was just the latest example of Duluth’s tendency to be serious one minute about issues that actually need attention, and the next minute to stampede giddily off in pursuit of unneeded, but very expensive, luxuries that we want RIGHT NOW—as if the money we spend on the luxuries has no relation at all to the money we need for necessities.

Hacienda del Sol closed?

Seeing the House of Donuts post makes me wonder … what’s going on with the Hacienda del Sol?

House of Donuts

I recently recovered this photo from my attic. It’s dated July 18, 1992. That’s me on the left in my Minnesota Twins championship T-shirt, proudly raising a bag full of what have got to be bear claws. PDD co-founder Barrett Chase is on the right. In the middle, grabbing his junk, is Bob Schulte.

For most of its existence, and at the time of the photo above, House of Donuts was located just east of where the Whole Foods Co-op is now, at 624 E. Fourth St. Ronald and Michele Carter were the owners.

Chris Monroe in Minneapolis Star Tribune

Artist with a tool belt
Cartoonist and author Chris Monroe found inspiration for her picture books while toiling in a hardware store. Now she’s working with Kevin Kling on a tale about sibling rivalry and love.

Mac repair in Duluth

I know there was a conversation about this in August of 2010, but I have been unable to contact anyone from those posts. One doesn’t return my e-mail and for some reason the Mac Doctor doesn’t answer the phone or return messages. Does anyone have any advice on where I can find an honest Mac repair person that doesn’t charge Best Buy prices?

Help fight poverty by volunteering with Community Action Duluth

Tax Site logo

Would you like to help put $2,000 into the pockets of a low income family?  Community Action Duluth is seeking passionate, dedicated volunteers for our  2012 Free Tax Site.  Last year we helped over 1,600 people claim more than $3.1 million in tax refunds!  We’re expanding the Tax Site this year to serve even more of the community and we need YOUR help.  Volunteers can either prepare taxes or can assist at the Tax Site by greeting clients, conducting intake interviews and helping with paperwork.  All training is provided.  Previous experience with taxes (like preparing your own returns) is a bonus but is not required—you just need to care about helping your neighbors get out of poverty. 

 The Tax Site is super fun, and many of our volunteers come back year after year.  The experience looks good on a resume, you get to meet a lot of great people, and we provide dinner every night for our volunteers.  What more could you want?  If you’re interested in volunteering, e-mail to get started.

Community Meetings: Duluth’s Plumbing Needs Big Fix

Water is a basic need. Access to clean water and a well functioning system are responsible for good public health, public safety, basic sanitation, and economic prosperity. The strength of our economy is directly connected to the strength of our infrastructure.

Learn about the current state of our drinking water infrastructure; our water treatment plant, pumping stations, and over 400 miles of water mains. These are our common assets and we need to ensure they work for us.

Making an apartment a home

I remember when I was first looking at Duluth as a place to move for college. Being tired of my job and wanting something new I decided to go back to school, and remembering how much I loved Duluth; I started checking out colleges. Having found a program and school, my next task was to find a place to live. I was not prepared for the daunting task that would ensue.

NASA Time Lapse

Seeing what makes the northern lights happen from space is pretty amazing.
Time lapse photos shot from about 350 km above earth.

Adam Wheeler Comedy

I just shot this video for my friend, local comedian Adam Wheeler.

RIP, Clearwire in Twin Ports

Got this email last week.

Where in Duluth?

Raven & Associates is looking for a minion … er, an employee!

This worked so well last time, we thought we would try it again! Raven & Associates, Inc. is a promotional products company in Duluth that sells mainly to camps, nonprofits and outdoor groups nationally. We are looking for an additional customer service rep to join our team. We are a growing company, a great place to work, and very odd.

Here’s the basic info on the job: Full-time customer-service representative position. Hourly wage beginning at +$10 per hour, flexible scheduling, retirement benefits and partial health insurance. Previous experience, background in art, and interest in outdoors preferred.

For more info, call Dave at 740-2769 or send me a message via our Facebook page.

This week: Art Unveiled, Bentleyville, Motion City Soundtrack, and lots more

Here comes Christmas! On Friday the Christmas City of the North Parade starts its route in Canal Park. If you can’t make it, you can still catch the action by watching it on KBJR-TV channel 6 and online at The seasonal frivolity doesn’t end there for the weekend. Bentleyville’s opening night is on Saturday. This year there are more lights than ever before and, as always, free cookies and hot chocolate. Other events going on this week:

Wednesday, Nov. 16
Art Unveiled features more than 40 paintings at the Duluth Depot. Want to learn about The Golden Girls and other awesomely nerdy things? Check out Nerd Nite at the Teatro.

Thursday, Nov. 17
Diet Folk performs at Fitger’s Brewhouse.

Friday, Nov. 18
The local DJ collective Crunchy Bunch spins at the Rex Bar. Bare Bones, a student choreographed dance performance, starts tonight and also plays tomorrow.

Saturday, Nov. 19
Minnesota group Motion City Soundtrack plays at the Reif Center. The Harbor City Roller Dames are back in town going against the Babes of Thunder from Thunder Bay, Canada.

Keep on checking the PDD Calendar for more events and enjoy your week!