An acceptable alternative?

I was at Cub Foods today and ran across some Flaherty’s Tom & Jerry batter in the freezer section. Is it an acceptable alternative to Connolly’s T&J batter?

Denfeld engraving still on MacArthur?

As most people know, the southern wing of the old MacArthur Elementary School was built in 1915 as Denfeld High School. (The modern Denfeld opened in 1926 and the old Denfeld became West Junior; MacArthur was built in 1957; West closed and became part of MacArthur in 1983; MacArthur was replaced with a new building this past fall). The photo above is of the 56th Avenue West entrance to the old MacArthur, which has always been considered the back door.

The section of the building that protrudes out and comprises the rear entrance is not original. It was built in 1994 to provide an elevator for improved handicap accessibility. There was a stone block over the entryway, covered by this addition, that read “Robert E. Denfeld High School.”

If anyone has old photos of the entryway, please post them. The old MacArthur is in the process of being gutted and prepared for demolition, so if that entryway exists under the current one and anyone would like it to be saved and either left on the current site as a monument to the old Denfeld or moved to the current Denfeld campus, the time to act is drawing short.

Update: All evidence points to the conclusion that the old Denfeld block was removed in 1994. Details in the comments.

This week: Celtic Thunder, Nerd Nite, holiday shows and more

Tuesday Dec. 13
Celtic Thunder brings its Heritage Tour to the DECC.

Wednesday, Dec. 14
Learn about the death of a sitcom and see the Duluth East Daredevils Robotics Team demonstrate the design, process and operation of its championship winning robot, Archie, plus many other nerdy happenings at Nerd Nite XIII.

Thursday, Dec. 15
SimpleGifts with Billy McLaughlin brings Holiday music to Sacred Heart.

Saturday, Dec. 17
There is a plethora of holiday events going on tonight starting with the Harbor City Roller Dames second annual Intra-League bout which divides the team into the Nut Crackers and the Slay Belles. Old Knifey and the Cutthroats Third Annual Holiday Variety Show will feature bands, dancing, comedy, Santa, and lots more. Bring your kids and their dolls to Glensheen for a special Holiday Tea. American Rebels, the Surfactants, and Atlas Mts. perform at Lake Ave Cafe in a Pre-Holiday Rock Extravaganza and Norm’s Bloody Christmas show will feature ColmeKill, Climactic, Jaundice and Impaler.

Keep checking the PDD Calendar for events!

Snowshoeing: Where to Start?

I am about 90% sure I am getting my first pair of snowshoes for Xmas this year. I have always wanted to get into this but need some advice on a few things. Besides the actual snowshoes, what kind of actual shoe is best to wear? Is snowshoeing something that needs to be practiced or is it pretty much walking in the snow? I live very close to Hartley Nature Center so that will be the main trail but where are some other good places to go in town? Any advice would be appreciated.

Question about Nerd Night

I was wondering about the tone of the Nerd Night events at Teatro Zuccone, as in, are they appropriate for children? I have an 11-year-old boy with Asperger syndrome who probably would like to see the robotics demonstration, but I don’t want to put him into any situations that he would not understand. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch people!

Duluth Skateboarding

The Prøve is Proven

Last night’s opening/reception at the new Prøve Gallery in Downtown Duluth was as exciting as the first. For those interested in the arts, I have posted a few photos with commentary at Ennyman’s Territory.

Don’t forget the two shows tonight in Superior at Mr. Lucky’s and Goin’ Postal. The Superior Telegram featured these two events in a front page story this week by Maria Lockwood titled Mixing art and business.

It was a full house, everyone alive as the Duluth art scene spreads its wings.

Azteca’s Mexican Grill Reviews

Duluth’s newest Mexican restaurant is in the Village Square Mall on Mountain Shadow Drive. Has anyone checked it out yet?

Duluth Videographers

I am looking for a videographer that can help me with a project. I am looking for someone that is creative, unique, and likes people. It will be a compensated project, and needs to look good. Any suggestions or contacts?

A Few of This Weekend’s Art Happenings

Large composition by Jeredt Runions is one of many sights at the Goin' Postal show Saturday night from 6-9

Lots of arts related things to see and do this second weekend in December. Here are a few more ideas absent from yesterday’s Wave.

Duluth: a small city surrounded by forests, hills, streams and lakes … and bands

Members of the Duluth band Trampled by Turtles are spreading the word in San Francisco about the Zenith City:

“Per capita, there has to be more bands there than anywhere that I know of,” said Ryan Young, fiddler.

From the Bay Bridged, an indie-music website for the San Francisco Bay Area: Trampled by Turtles: an unconventional bluegrass band inspired by metal and Dylan

R.I.P. West Duluth ICO

The West Duluth ICO on Grand Avenue and 46th Avenue West has been torn down. A CVS pharmacy will be built in its place. I don’t have any ICO memories that are springing to mind, other than that one night in 2010 I decided to shoot a photo of it.

By the way, I think it might have technically been a Spur station, even though everyone called it ICO and there was an ICO sign on it. I’m not really sure how gas-station naming works.

Pearl Harbor Day Reflections

When the Twin Towers were struck and fell on my birthday ten years ago, 9/11 was immediately being compared to another Day of Infamy sixty years earlier. What’s striking about the two events is how differently the news reached us. In 2001 Americans across the land were glued to their TV sets seeing replays of the horror and hearing commentaries of related unfolding events as they happened, with varying degrees of accuracy but instantly. With Internet access we could also watch reactions from around the world. Information about the 1941 attack came home to us in a far different manner, as this book excerpt shows.

During World War II my father-in-law Wilmer A. “Bud” Wagner kept a diary which years later he assembled into a book, with the help of his son Lloyd. And There Shall Be Wars is 536 pages in length with 178 original photos and illustrations. In many ways it is a remarkable document by the second man from this region of the country to enter the army, serving for the duration in North Africa, Italy and all points in between. The diary entries were made throughout, but the book’s additional value comes from the commentary added nearly fifty years later. My blog entry at Ennyman’s Territory this a.m. features the excerpt from Pearl Harbor Day through the ninth of December 1941… A thought provoking read.

And There Shall Be Wars is a worthy addition to any World War II library.

Destination Imagination Team Managers

We need team managers for Destination Imagination teams at Congdon Park Elementary. I have been trying to tap out other sources before posting here, but schedules are not lining up and I’m getting desperate!

Not familiar with Destination Imagination? Check out for more info. It can be sort of difficult to explain exactly what it is, but essentially you facilitate a group of 5-7 kids working on a project to present at a tournament on March 10.  I say “facilitate” because the kids provide the ideas, and the work; adults are not allowed to do anything for them or give them ideas.  

I am hoping to find someone before Dec. 21 who would be able to start meeting in January.  I have two teams without managers at this point: one group of kindergarten-to-second-grade students who will be meeting Tuesdays from 2:30 to 4 p.m., and a group of fourth- and fifth- graders who will be meeting Wednesdays from 2:30 to 4 p.m.  You are provided with materials for your team meetings, including a “Team Pak” purchased from DI that explains the projects the kids will be working on. 

Please contact Nikki at nicole.strand @ if you are interested.  I can provide you with more details and information at that point!  All volunteers participating in our after-school programs will be required to fill out an application and pass a background check prior to starting.

If Congdon isn’t the right spot for you, but you’re still interested in being a team manager for DI, please still let me know and I will connect you to other schools that still need team managers as well!

PDD Ticket Giveaway Clearance

In preparation for the holidays, it’s time to clear the desks at PDD of any hot giveaway items. Mention in the comments how good you’ve been this past year, and which one of the shows below you deserve two free tickets to, and I’ll act like Santa and divvy up the goodies.

(UPDATE: This contest is over now, and Santa has given away all his goodies, but you can still brag about how good you’ve been in the comments if you want. Just be aware that bragging is not being good.)

The Running (Unopposed) Man
Dec. 9, 10, 16, 17, 30 and 31, 7 p.m., The Venue at Mohaupt Block

Dink Tank: Return of the Dinks
Dec. 9, 10, 16 and 17, 8 p.m., Teatro Zuccone

From Havana to Duluth
Dec. 12 and 13, 8 p.m., Teatro Zuccone

Old Knifey and the Cutthroats Holiday Variety Show
Dec. 17, 9 p.m., All American Club