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2011 Minnesota Deer Hunting


The 2011 Minnesota deer hunting season is officially open as of this morning.

I am coming to you from my deer stand in Kelsey, MN. It has been pretty quite morning thus far for our hunting party, but the season is still young.  Hopefully we harvest a few over the next few days.

How have others faired around the northland this season?

Good luck and be safe!

Duluth Dog Kennel Recommendation

Our last few attempts at using a dog/house sitter had some unintended consequences. Some of the more interesting: various porn-related scenarios [purchased and delivered]; a Mountain Dew “ash tray” was left in front of our basement toilet [we don't smoke]; one of our cars apparently was used and the backseat mistaken for a dumpster; and a “three bears ‘bed scenario’” which resulted in a lot of laundry. Without addressing the vetting process I used in staffing, or commenting on my solicitation process, I’d like some recommendations on area kennels for boarding two dogs: one an old lab and the other an old terrier.  We’re heading up to the Lutsen area for the holiday and would love to find help up that way; but assume most facilities are in this area.

This is what a feminist looks like:

Now that I have your attention, what struck me as odd about the original objections to Marc Gartman’s Ween post was how the comments were so out-of-context and un-community in nature. I did see the “bigger boobed” version, am familiar with Ween, and have a fairly well-honed ability to read and comprehend.

Vintage Duluth/Superior Flickr Pool

For those of you interested in vintage images of the Twin Ports, I thought I’d share a Flickr group I started to showcase all the vintage postcards, photos, maps and images stored on that site. The vintage postcards from Superior are my personal favorites. Please peruse, join the group and add any images you might have — I’d love to see the pool grow!

ARAC Career Development Grants

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council recently approved grant applications totaling $21,195 to be awarded in ARAC Career Development Grants. These arts activities are made possible with funding provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008, and by The McKnight Foundation. The artists and activities funded are as follows:

Business Facebook without Personal Facebook

I’m trying to get an answer to this question, and am finding conflicting answers. Can one establish a business presence on “The Facebook” without have it tied back to a specific user? For example, is the corporate Target Facebook page associated with a specific user?

Duluth musicians/bands on Twitter

Perfect Duluth Day has an actual Twitter feed for this, so if you want to follow everything listed below, check out Twitter @perfectduluth/music.

If you know of someone or something that should be added to this list, please make it known in the comments.

Cory Ahlm (Sexhawk)
Teague Alexy (The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank)
Nathan Amundson (Rivulets)
Zac Bentz (Xero Music, the Surfactants)
Patrick Colvin
Cloud Cult
Dead Man Winter
Diet Folk
Dirty Horse
Duck Duck Punch
Excuse Me, Princess
500 Million Society
Good Knight
Jacob Jonker (The Formal Age)
Zach Kerola
Breanne Marie
Kathy McTavish (Cellodreams, Cosmic Pit Orchestra)
Aaron Molina (If Thousands)
Dave Mehling (The Fontanelles)
James Moors
Jessica Myshack
Daniel Nelson (Danecdote)
Keith Nelson (Malibu High)
Ryan Nelson (Damn That Swenson Band, Aaron Gall, Phil Jents)
Old Knifey (Old Knifey and the Cutthroats)
Matt Osterlund (Cars & Trucks)
The People Say Fox
Eric Pollard (Retribution Gospel Choir)
Portrait of a Drowned Man
Eric Rhame
Adam Sippola
Zac Roorda (Loup-Garou)
The Surfactants
Trampled by Turtles
Jason Wussow (Numerous bands)

Other Duluth music-related stuff on Twitter includes:
Beaner’s Central
Club House Studios
Clyde Iron Works
The Duluth Scene
Electric Fetus (Duluth record store)
Homegrown Music Festival
Kirby Program Board (Kirby Student Center at UMD)
Late Night Kirby (Kirby Student Center at UMD)
Christa Lawler (Duluth News Tribune A&E reporter)
North Shore Sessions
The PlayList
Sound Unseen

Teatro Zuccone

Duluth Business Accountants

I’m looking for a strong, business accountant in Duluth for a business start up … Any suggestions?

Teague Alexy Has Gone Twitter!

I am quoting one of my lyrics per day until my new album comes out early next year. Everything from Hobo Nephew songs to The New Folklore to Spilled Milk to hip-hop tapes we made in high school. When the time is right, I will quote from the new album too. Tune in!

Where the hell is Cooper?

One of my hobbies a few years ago was researching the adventures of “Wild” Bill Cooper, which resulted in an article for Minnesota Monthly that focused on his criminal history and purported demise.

Filmmaker Mike Scholtz picked up where I left off, and is producing a feature-length documentary that tells the whole Wild Bill story. In addition to the trailer above, there’s a Wild Bill’s Run website and Twitter feed. You’ll have to wait a few more months to see the final product, though. Watch for updates.

New album from the Surfactants

The Surfactants - Our Dead Bodies

It’s been a few years, but the Surfactants have finally released their second full-length album Our Dead Bodies. If you don’t know who the Surfactants are, that’s probably for the best.

You can stream it all for free and/or buy it here. It’s $4 or pay-what-you-want. There are also two singles featuring some remixes that are $1 each. There are currently no plans to produce any physical media. (…because CDs are just going to go in the garbage anyway and you can download very high quality files when you purchase them. And besides, if we made a CD and you bought the CD then you’d be paying twice as much for the same music and a bunch of garbage. So really your $4 [or more] is saving you $4 [or more].)

Oh, and there’s also a cover of a Haley Bonar song on the album, and she’s nice.

Listen, download, pirate, burn something (one).

Northeastern Minnesota DFL 2012 Congressional Candidate Forum … in 2011

The candidates are Jeff Anderson, Tarryl Clark, Daniel Fanning and
Rick Nolan.

Sure, we don’t even know what the boundaries of what is now Minnesota Congressional District 8 will be in 2012, and yeah, the General Election is a full year away, but Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidates are lining up to challenge Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack. So let the vetting begin.

All four DFL candidates have agreed to engage in a live online lunch-hour forum on Tuesday, Nov. 8, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., moderated by Minnesota Public Radio’s Michael Olson.

You’ll be able to follow it live on Perfect Duluth Day, and also on, or read the full transcript anytime afterward on either website.

If you have a question you would like to ask the candidates, make it known now. You can comment to this post with your question, or go to this Idea Scale collaborative question-collecting page, where you can not only suggest a question, but approve or disapprove of questions other people have submitted.

This ought to keep you political nerds busy for a while.

If you want to count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the forum, or just want to bookmark the location, follow this link: Northeastern Minnesota 2012 DFL Congressional Candidate Forum.

Sex and Rock and Roll

Perfect World

Now that I have your attention

I thought it would be better to start a whole new thread because this is an important topic. And yes it will be bloody tedious. But here is the deal: ever since Jean Paul Sartre it’s been known in Western Civ that one quality of social interaction is the ongoing appraisal of everyone by everyone else. Sartre called it “the Look” and what he meant by that was how a person was changed when they knew they were being perceived by someone else. Sartre’s lover, Simone de Beauvoir, was the first to write about how men used this system to relegate women to the category of “other.” We are men (persons) but women are not. They are other. Please don’t kill the messenger here — I am just repeating what they said.

Superior Skatepark 2011

I’m not sure how many of you on here enjoy watching skateboarding, but here is a montage from this Summer that my friend and I just released. I just thought I would post it to show some of the hidden talent that exists here in the Northland. All of this footage was filmed at Superior Skatepark. Filmed and edited by Mike Rapaich and Joe Hegberg.

Blitzen Trapper/Dawes tix for sale

I have three tickets for sale to the Blitzen Trapper/Dawes co-headlining show at First Avenue this Friday, Nov. 4, at 8 p.m. The Belle Brigade opens. After fees and taxes, they came to $30 each. I’m in Duluth, so we can meet up to do an exchange. Email joxley1 at gmail dot com if you are interested. Just FYI – the show is sold out.