This week: musical birds, pipe raffle show, Bassgate and more

Tuesday, Jan. 31
Legacy Glassworks holds its January Pipe Raffle Show with Joshua Grose, Kyle Scherz, Three Song Sunday, and Bliss & Sitter.

Wednesday, Feb. 1
Kevin Kling will be presenting a lecture and discussion on storytelling at the library before heading to Sacred Heart to perform his musical For The Birds.

Thursday, Feb. 2
Local, young DJs spin tracks at Stargate all night at Bassgate.

Friday, Feb. 3
Mr. Kickass and Fearless Moral Inventory play Roscoe’s Pioneer Bar.

Zenith City writers share their work

Last night I attended a very special evening of area writers sharing essays, poems and stories at Teatro Zuccone. It’s really exciting to see this kind of event assembled. Kudos to all involved. If winter is the off-season for the Duluth arts and culture scene, you’d never know it by all the things happening in our community these days. Here’s a link to my review of the event last night and the writers who alternately made us laugh or think more deeply about the meanings of our lives, sometimes at the same time.

The Podium at Teatro Zuccone


PDD Transfer to new server

Here is what your monitors look like when you spend your Saturday night migrating PDD to a new VPS server. The amount of data currently used by PDD is 3.4GB, needless to say that takes a little while to transfer and reconfigure. If you are seeing this post you are seeing PDD on its new home. Oh side-note, the old server was in Canada the new one is in the USA….
I feel so patriotic right now!

Server Migration

Server Migration

Duluth Crime Wave

Is anybody else a little freaked out about all the crime in Duluth lately?

A 62-year-old friend of mine was walking home from work a few weeks ago and was brutally assaulted with a hammer by St. Mary’s parking ramp and the perpetrator was never found. There was no report of this in the media.

Now this week we have muggings and a bloody dead body found on Michigan St. How come the media is not covering this? Should we start a Duluth Crime Facebook page to keep each other informed?

What do you think?

Duluthian staying in Rochester

We have an upcoming, at least week-long, visit to the Mayo in Rochester. We’ve stayed at the Fiksdal. Does anyone have any recommendations for not-too-expensive but not awful lodging etc. in Rochester?

The Don and a film maker with time to kill?

The January Days are dwindling and the need to gorge on as much Duluth as possible is rising. I spent an hour with Mayor Ness today — he’s a wonderful guy. Also, I had an odd idea I might try to execute this weekend if anybody is interested.

Is anybody out there a film person? I have a very short film I’d like to make — named “100 Seconds of Solitude” — that’s reasonably simple in concept/shooting but might be a little tricky to edit. If anybody wants to spend some time this weekend on a fun project, I’ll bring the beer!

Engraving in Duluth

I have a small plate for my guitar that I want to have engraved with my initials. After a quick search I’ve found a few places that would be able to do this for me, but I was hoping some of the fine folks here have any experience or recommendations with any of these companies.

Ideally, it would be laser engraving about 1×2 inches.

Murder of Crows — “The Score”

Organize my iTunes

I’m looking for somebody to get our iTunes library consolidated and organized – or maybe some advice on how to do it. Right now it’s spread out over three lap tops and an external hard drive. Perhaps iCloud is the solution? All I know is that right now it’s a GF and I feel a bit overwhelmed thinking about it. Thoughts or advice?

Ian Thomas Alexy — “You Better Pray”


Need Your Help

Someone took this picture of the Evil Queen with Snow White’s heart from the bathroom at Chester Creek Cafe. It was a gift from my brother 25 years ago and had sentimental value. Ok – yes it was dopey of me to have it in there but it was screwed to the wall and I had misplaced faith in humankind. I want it back – a reward is offered. No questions asked. Please help me if you can.

Eveil Queen

Here's Her Heart

Duluth Underground Bass at UMD

Duluth Underground Bass is a new student organization at the University of Minnesota Duluth. For the most part, we really like bass music. Anything and everything with lots of bass and funky rhythms. Some of us like it so much that we put on parties and shows and such and try to share our love for the bass with other people.

We have done pretty well, but there is a lot of room for improvement. So far we’re hosting a monthly gig at Stargate Nightclub called BassGate. It’s on first Thursdays of every month and it’s 18+. My favorite thing about BassGate is that it’s for the bass heads. The regular crew doesn’t come out and we completely take over the club, have our own DJs play the music they want to play and we all dance how we want to dance. Everyone has a good time.

If anyone is interested in seeing what we’re about, come on out to February’s BassGate next Thursday. “Dress Your Best” is the theme and we’ll be blessed with selections from Andrew Koch, Matt Harris, Cam Dickison, Jimmie Townsend, and Jordan Berndt.

Ten Minutes with Simon Gray

If a man is worth knowing at all, he is worth knowing well. Simon Gray has been doing fascinating creative work for quite some time. Many here have appreciated his whimsical paintings and cartoons. He was willing to be interviewed for Ennyman’s Territory this past week. It’s a good read. With pictures.

Drop in and check it out.


Igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary, anthropic

Brian Klawiter taught an energetic class on the geology of our region at Denfeld High School last night. We learned about two dozen new terms for “rock” but more importantly, we came to understand the geologic processes that created the rocks around here…

Japanese on the North Coast

Last night, Kate and I attended our second cooking class with Miaki Habuka through Duluth Community Education.