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Time Bank for Duluth (and Superior)

Is Duluth ready for a time bank? Other cities around the world have them setup. They are a way to exchange hours of work (not goods).

Informational meeting: Tuesday, Nov. 15, 8 to 9:30 a.m, Ordean (United Way) building, Superior St. & Fifth Ave. W, first floor conference room.

For more info on time banking go to or e-mail dianeemerson @

What is it?

Speaking of the city’s infrastructure (Sunday DNT), does anyone know exactly what this is? By lower Chester.

WEBC — Where you’re hearing things

Another classic Duluth radio jingle from Bob Halverson’s collection:

Go with WEBC, channel 56 — where you’re hearing things

Something funny happened on the way through the drive-thru

Drive thru difference letter - Life 97.3 FM Duluth

Here’s an actual photo of a letter that someone I work with received this week. She was just driving through the drive thru minding her business when the car in front of her paid for her coffee and egg sandwich, anonymously. It definitely brought a smile which I guess is the whole idea. Reminds me of that saying that was popular in the 90s: “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty.” But it’s not random, at all. It’s called the “Drive Thru Difference” and I had heard about it being done as a consciousness raising campaign of KTIS-FM in the Twin Cities, and even read a blog about it awhile back. But apparently it’s happening in the Twin Ports with KTIS sister station KDNI-FM leading the way.

If you’re wondering about the mechanics of it (which I was), here’s a YouTube video of singer-songwriter Brandon Heath (who I really like) actually doing it at a Dunn Bros in the Twin Cities:

Brandon Heath Demonstrates the Drive-Thru Difference

Gay bars, spurs, gaming, tomatoes and other random Duluth-related matters

Here’s a bunch of reasonably credible information that I didn’t have time to delve into for details this week, so I present it as a clump of bullet points (with arrows as bullets).

  • There are plans in the works for a gay bar in Downtown Duluth on First Avenue West.
  • There’s a rumor floating around that another bar will open in the same vicinity. It will have a Western theme and be called Spurs.
  • Tycoon’s is still several weeks away from opening, but is shaping up to be one of Duluth’s most unique dining and basement-cave drinking experiences.
  • A new shop for gaming opened in West Duluth on Nov. 1. Dungeon’s End is across the street from Beaner’s Central.
  • There also appears to be some kind of indoor- “tomato”-growing shop opening on Central Avenue, right next to 101 Deals. It’s called the Interior Tomato.
  • Trampled by Turtles and the Minneapolis-based band Motion City Soundtrack are releasing a split 7-inch record together on Nov. 21 in which TBT covers an MCS song and vice versa.
  • Cloud Cult has recorded a cover of the Beatles song “Help!” for the Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 3 album. All the proceeds will be donated to enhance music and art education programs in Minnesota public schools. The album is scheduled for release on Dec. 6.
  • Cloud Cult has also contributed a new song to a compilation benefiting the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota (no release date yet).
  • Walter Raschick is the new director of the Homegrown Music Festival. The previous director, Shana David-Massett, moved back to Florida in October.
  • Kristin Duckart is the new executive director of the Duluth Art Institute. She replaces Samantha Gibb Roff, who left Duluth to become director of development for the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • I’ve heard no reports on whether Upper Lakes Foods has found a manufacturer to produce Connolly’s Tom and Jerry Batter for this holiday season, but we should see it in stores in the next two weeks if it’s making a comeback.


Is there any Argentinian tango in Duluth? Any classes, clubs or other interested dancers?

Join Duluth Energy Efficiency Program’s Team!

Minnesota GreenCorps, an AmeriCorps Program coordinated by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is currently accepting applications for one full-time energy conservation corps member in Duluth. This position will serve 1,700 hours at ~ 40 hours weekly from late November 2011 into September 2012. Member benefits include a biweekly stipend, optional health insurance, student loan forbearance and $5,350 award to apply toward eligible student loans or for continued education.

Electronic applications are due Nov. 16. For more information, please visit MPCA is an equal opportunity employer.

Perfect Duluth Day’s 10,001st Post

Last night’s “Lost Grey Cat in Lincoln Park” post was the 10,000th post on Perfect Duluth Day. We didn’t realize it at the time, and forgot to drop balloons from the ceiling.

Quantity is no substitute for quality, so let’s celebrate by linking to favorite posts from the past. Dig into those archives and find your favorites. And find that lost grey cat, too.

Lost Grey Cat in Lincoln Park

Russian Blue, neuter male, smokey grey & slinky, big ears, multiple toes, loud meower. Last seen near home 27th Avenue West near the park Sunday 11/6. Please email jahnhibbs @ with any information.

War, Peace

It was standing room only tonight at the Duane L. Cady lecture co-sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Public Policy, the Alworth Center, and the College of Liberal Arts.

Ian Thomas Alexy – “A Little Bit Further Back” video

This is a video from my latest release Are You Listening. I will be performing at Fitger’s Brewhouse this Saturday, Nov. 12. Hope you like the clip!

Sarah Krueger – Dancing with Phantoms

Hi Duluth friends. I’m releasing a new album at the end of the month. If you’re interested in listening, pre-ordering, downloading, streaming, sharing, or whatever, visit The official release date is Nov. 25, and the Duluth album-release show is at Teatro Zuccone on Tuesday, Dec. 6, with Coyote! Thanks for listening and supporting local music.

Duluth 2011 General Election Results

Congratulations to new city councilors Jennifer Julsrud (pending recount), Garry Krause (returning to the council after time off), Linda Krug and Emily Larson.

For the School Board, the winners are incumbent Judy Seliga Punyko and newcomers Michael Miernicki and Bill Westholm.

As for the various questions on the ballot, it’s good for parks and bad for schools.

With 36 of 36 precincts reporting and 20,663 total votes:

At-large Duluth City Councilors
(Two positions; top two candidates advance)
Emily Larson — 13,164 | 39%
Linda Krug — 12,134 | 36%
Tim Riley — 4,448 | 13%
Chad Smith — 3,911 | 12%

First District Duluth City Councilor
Jennifer Julsrud — 3,024 | 50.07%
Todd Fedora — 3,006 | 49.77%

Fourth District Duluth City Councilor
Garry Krause — 2,220 | 52%
Jacqueline Halberg — 2,043 | 48%

At-large Duluth School Board Member
Michael Miernicki — 11,152 | 58%
Ryan Stauber — 8,009 | 42%

District Two Duluth School Board Member
Judy Seliga Punyko — 3,458 | 64%
Loren Martell — 1,887 | 35%

District Three Duluth School Board Member
Bill Westholm — 3,242 | 63%
Jon Donahue — 1,856 | 36%

Duluth School District $650.37-per-pupil Referendum
No — 10,949 | 54%
Yes — 9,185 | 46%

Duluth School District Additional $122.70-per-pupil Referendum
No — 12,292 | 61%
Yes — 7,780 | 39%

Duluth School District Additional $98.15-per-pupil Referendum
No — 12,951 | 65%
Yes — 7,069 | 35%

Parks and Recreation Facilities $2.6-million Referendum
Yes — 11,649 | 57%
No — 8,786 | 43%

How’s Business?

I am wondering how Duluth small businesses are fairing during The Great Recession. I’d like to hear from business owners, employees, the self-employed , the unemployed, etc. How is business compared to, say, ’07? How are you adapting? I’m really curious about this, and I don’t want to start an overly-political thread here. So, how’s business, Duluth?

“The Moon” 89.1 FM WGZS

Fond du Lac Band’s 89.1 FM WGZS “The Moon” was one of several Native American Radio stations mentioned in a report on MPR News this morning. I have been aware that the station was coming to the airwaves for over a year now and I have been listening randomly since it signed on in September. They are literally building the station from the ground up, and a week or so ago I noticed that the budding station had powered up enough to reach much of Duluth. It’s occasionally scratchy but I can pick it up at home in the Hillside and around town in the vehicle.

To me, it’s awesome. It’s very raw, and real. There are no commercial interruptions which is enough to recommend it right there (not that there is anything against commercial radio). The programming consists mainly of 70s and 80s rock, although when it signed on in September, it seemed to be dominated by deep Motown and soul cuts from the 60s. And just yesterday I was listening and there was some old time country. Really, it’s random. There are always some traditional Native American tracks sprinkled in and I expect more and more homegrown music and public affairs programming as they get their footing. From what I’ve personally observed, spoken word programming consists mainly of an introduction to Ojibwe language (priceless) and I did hear one interview about a community event that was upcoming. My recommendation is to set 89.1 FM on your car or home presets and give it some time.

PDF of October FDL Tribal Newspaper which includes an article about WGZS

The FDL Tribal Newspaper did a story about it in the October 2011 edition, you can click here for a PDF