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Where in Duluth?

McNair Event at St. Scholastica

There’s been a lot of heat on PDD, on the DNT, and apparently, even on NPR, about the “Unfair” campaign to raise consciousness about the existence of structures that result in white privilege. As a result, questions of race and class and gender are flaring to the foreground.

Just for a brief counterpoint, I want today to take a look at a program that “does it right” — that recognizes that race is one variable, an important one, but only one in a matrix of privilege and works to destabilize that matrix.

Local History Resources

I’m noticing a number of local history queries here. Don’t forget these local history resources:

Long-term local mortgage in Duluth

Can anyone suggest a Duluth-area finance institution that borrows 15 years + fixed rate for a mortgage, and keeps the loan local/in-house?

Chester Creek House/ Whole Foods Co-op

I am a journalism student at UMD and I am currently working on a history story regarding the first days of the Whole Foods Co-op. If any of you remember the first days yourself, were somehow involved, or know someone who was involved please let me know. I would love to talk to you to learn more!

Don Ness talks about Un-Fair Campaign on National Public Radio

Mayor Ness was on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation earlier this afternoon talking about the Un-Fair Campaign and the controversy it stirred.  In case you missed it you can hear the archived version on their website.

You also get to hear host Neal Conan call our mayor “John Ness” at the top of the show. Don was classy enough not to correct him.

‘Un-Fair’ Anti-Racism Ads Draw Mixed Reactions

Who was Lester?

I’m a student at UMD working on a story about who Lester was. I’m working with Mark Atkinson to trace the history of who this original settler was. Anybody have information on this?

Where to have VW Jetta TDI oil changed?

I’m just wondering if anyone has any good places to go get an oil change for a 2010 VW Jetta TDI.  This will be the first time it won’t be performed by a VW dealer because the free oil changes have expired. I’m assuming Foreign Affairs might be my best option. Normally I change my oil in all my vehicles but this is the first diesel engine I’ve ever owned, so I’m a little nervous to do it myself.

Hello, Valentine. Love, the Formal Age.


People Get Ready

Racist organizations plan on visiting Duluth on March 3. Let’s not give them a Minnesota Nice welcome. See you there!

Link to racist Stromfront site

Beware Windows computer phone scam

I just got a telephone call from (218) 625-1190, caller ID said Sevencoast, LLC. A man with an east Indian accent used my surname and said he was calling because my “Windows computer is at risk from a virus!” I said, “No, it’s not.” He interrupted and said, “Yes! Ma’am! Just listen!” and repeated it. I said again, “No, it’s not, take my name off your list and don’t you ever call here again.” I advise anyone else who receives a call like this to do the same.

I work from home. My personal computer is a Mac and my work computer is owned and operated on a VPN from a very large international company with outstanding tech support. Trust me, this is a scam.

Trampled by Turtles and Prairie Home

Remember when I suggested we do what we can to get Trampled by Turtles on the upcoming A Prairie Home Companion show in Duluth? Well, we did it. Check out PHC Facebook page.

Is Duluth gay friendly?

I was reading an article in Rolling Stone the other day about the Anoka-Hennepin School Districts and their neutrality policy on GLBTQ students and how this particular reporter feels it has affected students and possibly driven some to have mental health issues and suicidal ideation with some even taking their lives.

Rolling Stone: “One town’s war on gay teens

I’m not trying to debate the validity of this article or the policy of the school district, I just remember while reading it I was pretty shocked to hear so many anti-gay sentiments in Minnesota. I kept thinking to myself: “Really? But Duluth seems so gay-friendly.”

That’s why I wanted to ask PDD: do you think Duluth is gay friendly? I am an out bisexual woman, but a bisexual who never dated a woman during my time in Duluth. I’ve participated in Pride, patronized all the local gay bars (though admittedly they’re in Superior) and have noticed a lot of gay-friendly signage around Duluth’s establishments. Though I never really had an opportunity to suffer any personal discrimination as I’ve since married a man, I still never noticed an air of it in the community.

Now I’m not talking stories about one singular asshole who was heterosexist and said something awful at a bar one night. I’m talking about the general culture of Duluth. What say ye?

Cars & Trucks: Album 3 Kickstarter Campaign Ending Soon


Just about a month ago, the Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording and release of the third Cars & Trucks album went live, and the entire thing was 100% funded within 36 hours. We here at C&T HQ were beyond thrilled. But while the project is indeed funded, we want you to know there are still a few days to preorder any of the remaining categories. The project ends Friday at midnight, but, until then, you can still put in for the 3rd C&T album (on limited-edition vinyl with free download!) and all kinds of other stuff that won’t be offered again. Check out the NSFW video starring Jody Kujawa, look at the levels, see if you feel like getting involved. Thanks!

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