Where in Duluth? Watercolor edition.

The Skyway, Brian Stewart from http://www.stew-art.com/pleinair.htm

I came across this water color image from Brian Stewart while engaging in my newest time trap, curating the “Duluth-o-Philia” board on Pinterest. This does evoke a location for me, but for the life of me, I can’t remember the place. Bonus question, is it still there even?

“Isn’t today just the perfect Duluth day?”

Ain’t they all, Mr. Mayor?

Perfect Duluth Date?

If Duluth could go on dates (the city being embodied as a person), how would you answer any or all of the following questions:

(1) If Duluth were after an eligible date prospect, where would Duluth look?

(2) If Duluth were taking somebody out on a first date and needed to impress them, what would Duluth pick?

(3) If Duluth were on an early relationship date and really wanted to test the date’s mettle, what would Duluth pick?

(4) If Duluth were settled into a longterm relationship, what would its regular date spot be?

(5) If Duluth were going to propose, what spot would Duluth pick to do it?

P.S. The January In Duluth project is going well! So far, getting to know Duluth in a flash is just as challenging and overwhelming as it is fun and thought-provoking.

Web series about a blogger and assassin based in Duluth!

Hey everyone, I recently moved back to Duluth from Hollywood and I’ve begun work on this web-series. Check out episode 1 and subscribe if you like it! Enjoy!


PDD Background Color Change

As most of you have probably noticed, Perfect Duluth Day has changed its background colors. The changeover started several days ago, and there have been some issues with the old colors popping up in a few spots …

… but we think we’ve taken care of all of those issues now. Please let us know if you see the old colors popping up anywhere.

Also, let us know if you love or hate the change. If you love the change it will make us feel good. If you hate the change we will get all defensive and accuse you of having poor taste.

This week: Spamalot, Charlie Parr, bridal show and more

Tuesday, Jan. 10
Monty Python’s hit musical Spamalot comes to the DECC.

Friday, Jan. 13
The 4onthefloor, Dirty Horse and Hattie Peterson play at Tycoon’s. The Duluth Playhouse brings The Neverending Story to the stage. Charlie Parr is back in Duluth and ready to release a new CD at Sacred Heart. Four Mile Portage opens with special guests guaranteed to share the stage with Parr.

Saturday, Jan. 14
Get ready for your big day at the 24th Annual Duluth Bridal Show at the DECC. Comedians Tommy Thompson and Linda Aarons lay down some face-melting humor at Dubh Linn’s.

Keep checking the PDD Calendar for more events.

Days when we owned media are numbered

The Blockbuster store on Central Entrance is closing; what video shops remain? See DNT.

How long until I won’t be able to own my media any more?

A man/woman/city is known by the company he/she/it keeps.

Finding 101 things to do in Duluth through anonymous means is not hard — of my ninety-nine problems, Google running out of suggestions isn’t one. So, the generous feedback on PDD has been wonderful (thank you so much, by the way), if not a touch overwhelming. Forget January — all these personal recommendations could fuel an entire lifetime in Duluth. For the rest of the month, I’ll continue to chase after as many Duluth experiences as I can, but on PDD I’d like to pivot my questions slightly.

To really wrap my head around Duluth, I’m going to need conversations and people, and I think this is the right place to seek those. Recommendations and maybe some invitations? Here are a few questions to start:

(1) Who is the best storyteller you know in Duluth? And I don’t mean that in a “who is the most polished stage performer” kind of way — I mean, of the people you know, when you’re at the kitchen table after dinner, who tells the stories that make you laugh/think/react the deepest?

(2) What are some sayings/maxims/cliches/proverbs/aphorisms/truisms/localisms/apophthegems about Duluth and the people who live here in particular? I’d love to hear extant wisdom, or if you’re feeling motivated/creative, you can make up your own originals (it might be fun!). If an apple a day wards off doctors, what keeps Duluthians away? If Duluthians were horses, what would beggars do? When in Duluth, do as …

(3) Finally, what is the best single standup arcade game in Duluth? I’d really like to test out some hypotheses.

P.S. I’ve started a Facebook page where I’m going to start asking a steady stream of questions. If you fancy yourself an ace Duluthian and generous sharer, think about giving that page a follow.

Bentleyville looks good in black and white!

This winter, I went out with my in-laws to Bentleyville, which I had never had the pleasure of enjoying. Being a videographer, I decided to shoot something while we were there. Enjoy!

How much longer will these records stand?

It seems like it’s high time somebody broke the pancake and french toast records at Uncle Loui’s. But who could manage such a feat … without blowing a hole in his or her innards, I mean? Will they stand forever and have to be “retired” as I believe the previous, pre-fire, records were?

Uncle Loui's Pancake and French toast eating records

Another interesting Denfeld image

Just a little something I happened across on the job today.

Monday, January 9 – City Inauguration Festivities

In the past, the swearing in ceremonies were a very small part of the State of the City activities. This year we’ve decided to try something different in order to give City Councilors their own event, allowing the newly elected councilors to be the focus of that event. So, next Monday, I will have a very short outdoor inauguration at noon at City Hall. That evening, the council inauguration will be held at 6pm at Clyde Iron, the ceremony starting at 6:30. As a reminder, the councilors being sworn-in include Jay Folse, Sharla Gardner, Jennifer Julsrud, Garry Krause, Linda Krug, and Emily Larson.

At 7pm there will be a reception featuring live music by Teague Alexy and the Boomchucks. All these events are free and open to the public – we’d love to see you there!

Tangier 57: There is a World

Tangier 57 would like to invite you to take a little trip with us.

Starting Over Again

Hello everyone! This seems like a pretty cool website with some knowledgeable people. Anyone have any suggestions for building a social life in Duluth? I moved up here about 6 months ago for a job, and have found it challenging to meet people. Most of my coworkers are older and/or pregnant and ready to pop. Any fun clubs or events you can suggest to a (somewhat shy) late-20s female? Thanks!

We’re Looking For a few Good Renters.

Real people. Real Duluth. Downtown living is real living, folks… not that other neighborhoods aren’t “real,” but come on, the casino is my neighbor!