Winter Video Project

Twin-Cities based Seven & Sixty Productions is working on a video featuring contributed footage that captures “what is truly unique about winter in Minnesota.” If you like shooting snowflakes and pond hockey and whatnot and want to contribute, read the guidelines.

The HDC Presents: Christmas at The Clubhouse – Free Download!

Merry Christmas From The Hog Damage Collective and The Clubhouse recording studio!

The Hog Damage Collective Presents: Christmas at The Clubhouse

Carlson School of Management Flash Mob

The Duluth News Tribune reports that Duluth East graduate and former WDIO photojournalist Bryan Koop directed photography on this little project.

Hit YouTube video of Twin Cities flash mob was directed by Duluth East grad

Thank you, solstice revelers!

Thanks to all the pagan drummers and bonfire tenders, the sun came back up this morning. From Park Point, it was rising right over the mouth of the Amnicon River. Where was your solstice sunrise?

Here are a few musings on the topic.

Happy winter!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bob Dylan

Last night I stumbled on a fun article at and wrote a bit a-bout-it at Ennyman’s Territory.

For what it’s worth, if you still don’t have Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart, 100% goes to charitable causes. Here’s my review of this CD from when it was introduced in 2010.

Meantime, may everyone in Duluth have a bit of Christmas in their hearts this year … and Let It Snow.

Merry Christmas, Lake Superior

MPR: $300M initiative to clean up Great Lakes

Congress has approved $300 million to continue a multiyear program aimed at fixing some of the Great Lakes’ most severe environmental problems. Some of the money is expected to benefit Lake Superior and Duluth.

Ian Thomas Alexy — “Blow You Away”

Check out my new video, and come see Hobo Nephews this Friday at the Rex with Two Many Banjos.  

Occupy Duluth snafu

The recent post on this site promoting Occupy Duluth appears to not be from anyone representing the actual persons organizing on the ground/in-person as Occupy Duluth (I say it in such a convoluted fashion because I don’t like giving the impression there is a membership, whoever wants to be part of Occupy Duluth is).

The link given for Facebook is to a group run by a random guy that doesn’t so much as come to our general assembly meetings (so far as I know, no-one I know has even met him in-person).

I wouldn’t have a problem with him running and promoting a group supporting Occupy Duluth if he stated his position and that he isn’t involved with the group in-person/on the ground but since he seems to be merely pretending to represent us without offering further info it’s hard to believe this action is well-intended and meant to help.

You can find more infos about the General Assembly holding/in-person action organizing Occupy Duluth group at as well as
and — however this one keeps repeatedly being wiped of posts by some kind of nefarious ne’er-do-wells (I hesitate to say hackers b/c I don’t know how they are doing it), and will likely be replaced soon.

Also note — this post is an autonomous action by me and doesn’t represent the opinion of all the other awesome folks working under the Occupy Duluth banner.


“This Christmas” by Rivulets

Check out the new Christmas song — performed/recorded/mastered in Duluth by Duluthians — available for free download at Bandcamp.

Chester Bowl open for skiing

Chester Bowl Park is open for downhill skiing as of today. Daily lift tickets for all ages are $5.25. Details at

New home for our sweet dog

We are looking to find a new home for our almost 6-year-old female dog, Billie. We got her at 8 weeks old from Animal Allies. We believe she is a black lab/border collie mix. She is a sweet girl, loves people (isn’t super keen on other dogs, however) and was a great trail-running and skijoring companion for me before I had my son and before I got a big-girl job. Since then, however, she does not get nearly the amount of attention or exercise she needs.

Lost Cat in Lower Chester – Please Help!

Please help us find Marty! He went missing sometime overnight. He is not an outdoor cat and must have slipped out the door somehow. He has no collar on and answers to Martin or Marty. He is light orange colored with medium/long hair and a slightly flatish nose. We live across the street from the Lower Chester hockey rink. If you have seen him, please let me know! Thank you! 303-829-9892

Duluth Brands

I’m from Milwaukee, and when I travel, there are usually some brands/products from my region around to remind me of home. If there are motorcycles, there’s a good chance there’s Harley. If people are drinking shabby beer, there’s probably Miller. If there are toilets, there’s probably Kohler (from Sheboygan). And of course, there are a lot of smaller ones too.

What are some Duluth brands, large/small/in between, that I could expect to find around the country/world? I’m looking for anything from the obvious to the obscure.

Lake Skating?

Can anyone point me to good places to ice skate or cross-country ski on lakes around Duluth this week? Looking for lakes with a sheet of smooth-ish ice or with an inch or two of snow to ski on.

This week: Solstice Celebration, a Christmas Vigil and a Pagan Feast

Tuesday, Dec. 20
Psychedelic soul duo, Svoh, plays at Amazing Grace.

Wednesday, Dec. 21
Chester Creek Cafe hosts a Pagan Feast with jazz cellist Kathy McTavish and Duluth Poet Laureate Sheila Packa and lots of good eats.

Thursday, Dec. 22
The Marshall Alworth Planetarium at UMD celebrates the Winter Solstice with shows every half hour and hot cocoa.

Friday Dec. 23
The Tisdales Holiday Bash at R.T.’s also features special guests Aaron Gall & The Likely Story, Lion or Gazelle, and Hannah Rey.

Saturday, Dec. 24
Churches United in Ministry or CHUM will be hosting a Christmas Vigil on the steps of Duluth City Hall to remember those in our community without homes and to hear the message of hope for a new year.

Sunday, Dec. 25
Merry Christmas everyone!

Keep checking the PDD Calendar for all your New Year’s events.