New home for our sweet dog

We are looking to find a new home for our almost 6-year-old female dog, Billie. We got her at 8 weeks old from Animal Allies. We believe she is a black lab/border collie mix. She is a sweet girl, loves people (isn’t super keen on other dogs, however) and was a great trail-running and skijoring companion for me before I had my son and before I got a big-girl job. Since then, however, she does not get nearly the amount of attention or exercise she needs.

Lost Cat in Lower Chester – Please Help!

Please help us find Marty! He went missing sometime overnight. He is not an outdoor cat and must have slipped out the door somehow. He has no collar on and answers to Martin or Marty. He is light orange colored with medium/long hair and a slightly flatish nose. We live across the street from the Lower Chester hockey rink. If you have seen him, please let me know! Thank you! 303-829-9892

Duluth Brands

I’m from Milwaukee, and when I travel, there are usually some brands/products from my region around to remind me of home. If there are motorcycles, there’s a good chance there’s Harley. If people are drinking shabby beer, there’s probably Miller. If there are toilets, there’s probably Kohler (from Sheboygan). And of course, there are a lot of smaller ones too.

What are some Duluth brands, large/small/in between, that I could expect to find around the country/world? I’m looking for anything from the obvious to the obscure.

Lake Skating?

Can anyone point me to good places to ice skate or cross-country ski on lakes around Duluth this week? Looking for lakes with a sheet of smooth-ish ice or with an inch or two of snow to ski on.

This week: Solstice Celebration, a Christmas Vigil and a Pagan Feast

Tuesday, Dec. 20
Psychedelic soul duo, Svoh, plays at Amazing Grace.

Wednesday, Dec. 21
Chester Creek Cafe hosts a Pagan Feast with jazz cellist Kathy McTavish and Duluth Poet Laureate Sheila Packa and lots of good eats.

Thursday, Dec. 22
The Marshall Alworth Planetarium at UMD celebrates the Winter Solstice with shows every half hour and hot cocoa.

Friday Dec. 23
The Tisdales Holiday Bash at R.T.’s also features special guests Aaron Gall & The Likely Story, Lion or Gazelle, and Hannah Rey.

Saturday, Dec. 24
Churches United in Ministry or CHUM will be hosting a Christmas Vigil on the steps of Duluth City Hall to remember those in our community without homes and to hear the message of hope for a new year.

Sunday, Dec. 25
Merry Christmas everyone!

Keep checking the PDD Calendar for all your New Year’s events.

Where to Find Wild Rice in Duluth

My parents are up in town this weekend and wanted to know where to get good wild rice. They indicated they wanted cracked broken pieces and whole grain. I am by no means a wild rice expert. Can anyone help?

Moving Back to Duluth. Need Input.

I have finally convinced my wife to come back to Duluth after years of trying to persuade her. Her biggest concerns are education for our children, cultural diversity, organic selection for food and a good doctor of osteopathic medicine that has a family practice. I turn to PDD because my personal circle of influence in town stays with the norm of not researching these subjects and she needs a good place to start. We do not need to live in Duluth proper, but would like to be close enough that Grandma can reach us in a short amount of time to babysit.

Oh, and on a side note, I wanted to post this link that I just found while cleaning my bookmarks out. It is the best thing I have found on PDD to date!

The Bridge in Winter

Aerial Lift Bridge photos by Rick Mickelson.

Places to refill Co2 tanks in Duluth

I just moved to Duluth and I’m a homebrewer. I was wondering if there is any local places to refill Co2 tanks for kegerators?  I have my own tank.

Hearts of Gold

Today, at Super One Foods in Lakeside, there was an older guy wearing a Marines cap, so I asked him where he served. He said sixty years ago on this day in Korea, December of ’51, they had been in their bunker, which was warmed by an oil stove. Someone mistakenly threw gas on it, and everything went up in a blaze, his Christmas presents under his cot, his camera, some guys died. Another “even got a silver heart.” Probably for running back into the fire to save people.

So when I walk by these modest, quiet homes, and wonder who lives there, I’ll know many of them are old-time Duluthians who served their country in wars people easily forgot. And while I may be angered by the hypocrisy, failure of diplomacy, fear or greed that may cause them, I am equally amazed and humbled by the courage and selflessness of those who serve. Sometimes they just want their stories to be heard.

Homemade Duluth Music

A couple days back, when I asked for get-me-up-to-speed-on-Duluth book recommendations, I was regaled with the collected consciousness of PDDers — I’ve bought a couple to read pre-arrival and will buy more when I arrive (Book Store at Fitger’s, right?).

Next question — music by artists from Duluth. What should I listen to as I prepare? Any/all genres. Contemporary, classic, anything in between. Also, if there are lists/resources that collect this information already, please point me in those directions too. Thanks!


I am contemplating joining the technologically advanced, putting down the dusty library book and purchasing an e-reader. Does anyone have any opinions about the pros and cons of the Kindle versus the Nook? I don’t necessarily need the tablet aspect of it, primarily I would use it for reading, probably listen to Pandora while reading, but that’s about it. I’m not big on games so I can live without that feature.

I heard a good question I have not been able to find the answer to yet. Is the Nook limited to only Barnes and Noble books or can you get books from Amazon too? Is one easier to use than the other? If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Temporarily retired songwriter looking for broken or malfunctioning iPhones

Okay, maybe this is plain wrong, but … I  need about 30 broken or malfunctioning iPhones to conduct an informal experiment in survival here on your planet. I’ll even pay for some if necessary, but if yours got ran over by a herd of drunken yaks, or did the backstroke in the tub, or just plain ain’t acting right anymore, and you’re thinking of disposing of it either properly or improperly, how about allowing me to intercept that shattered, twisted, all-too-quiet device for my experiment?

Please contact me at iduntaken @ if you’ve got one of these broken-down digital talking machines.

Leather-working materials in Duluth?

We have been trying to get a hold of some leather rivets and other tools for working leather to no avail.  Obviously the internet will have plenty of what we are trying to find, but the internet is for wussies.

I’ve tried Michael’s, Hancock Fabrics, Menards, Kmart, Target and Harbor Freight ToolsThatSmellBad.  While we were able to find a leather punch tool, nobody has any rivets for joining pieces of leather together.

There has to be someone around town that specializes in this kind of work, other than some place like Duluth Pack which doesn’t actually sell the stuff.

Extra points for a place with a variety of supplies.

Ten Minutes with Local Steampunk Artist Eric Horn

I just posted a fascinating look at the artist behind Chronicle: The Graphic Novel, which premiered at Friends of Industry last summer, at Ennyman’s Territory.