Highly Controversial Marc Gartman Chocolate and Cheese Ween poster revealed!

I ran into Marc Gartman last night, who had this item hot off Miss Zoey Cohen’s drawing pad.

Although I audibly groaned to myself at every stage of the Ween cover art controversy (starting with “Ween … and you?,” continuing with “Sex and Rock and Roll,” and finally dragging to a temporary halt with “This is what a feminist looks like”) I now personally endorse as much disagreement and debate about this as possible.

The Art Scene This Weekend

Just posted at Ennyman’s Territory, “Twin Ports Area Arts Scene Gears Up for the Holidays.”

This is a small collection of things to see and do here in Duluth and Superior. Always get the full skinny by reading The Wave and The Reader.

Duluth Preschools

My daughter just turned four in October. She won’t make the cut-off for kindergarten next fall so we’re looking for a preschool to enroll her in next fall. Any recommendations?

Tycoons Soft Open Dec. 1?

The rumor going around is that Tycoons Alehouse & Eatery is having a soft opening Dec. 1. Can anyone confirm or deny? Does anyone know when it will finally open? Inquiring minds want to know!

UPDATE: Tycoons opening date is still unknown.

Contract position with Duluth Public Arts Commision

— Duluth Public Arts Commission Coordinator Job Description —

The DPAC Coordinator performs administrative support for the Duluth Public Arts Commission. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: attending monthly and all ad hoc DPAC meetings; take detailed and accurate minutes at each DPAC meeting; manage communications internally including emailing meeting minutes and monthly reminders of meetings; manage verbal and written external communications when appropriate with artists, art venues, other community organizations, press and others as directed; making meeting arrangements above and beyond monthly meeting: screening and directing telephone calls for DPAC commissioners; tracking submissions and communication from DPAC Web page; preparing reports and financial data; manage Web page updates and changes; manage airport boxes up to and including transportation of art pieces, installation of pieces, provide secure and temporary storage for art pieces; general customer relations.

Trample by Turtles — “Where is My Mind”

Siberian Husky for Adoption

This little guy came from a hoarding situation in September. All the dogs have found new homes and he’s the last one! He’s being fostered in Duluth through the Range Regional Animal Rescue. He’s learned how to be a pet and is ready for his forever home.You can see his PetFinder page for more info.

The shelter named him ‘Kelsey’ and we’ve changed it to ‘Dasher’! You’ll understand why when you see him outside!

Because of Dasher’s background, he cannot go to a house with small animals. He is a younger dog and needs a yard to run around in.

Darin Bergsven featured in Lake Voice

Here’s a nice profile of musician Darin Bergsven. Thanks to the Lake Voice for singing about one of our local unsung culture heroes.

Full disclosure: Darin’s a good friend, and I’m quoted in the article, but that does not detract from his, or the article’s, awesomeness.

And you thought apartments were expensive in Duluth …

Zygi buys new apartment in NY

Swimming trainer needed

I am looking for some training assistance.  I want to start competing in triathlons but my swimming skills are awful.  I would like to learn proper form, efficiency and technique.  Here’s the rub, I work out of town for 21 days and then home (Duluth) for 21 days so the tri teams and clubs are not the right fit.

Arrowhead Regional Arts Council Community Arts Learning Grants

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council approved on October 20, 2011, grant applications totaling $22,220 to be awarded in Arts and Cultural Heritage Community Arts Learning Grants.

Ian Thomas Alexy — “Save Us From Ourselves”


Come see me at Beaner’s Central on Dec. 9! The show will be recorded and filmed for posterity and a potential video release.

Arrowhead Regional Arts Council Rural and Community Arts Grants

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council approved at its November 17, 2011, meeting grant applications totaling $20,650 to be awarded in Rural and Community Arts Grants.

In need of those who need good karma

Hello fellow Duluthians. I would like to take a moment to ask for your assistance on a class project we are doing for a Market Research course at UMD. I’m placing this post under the “Help Wanted” category, because that’s exactly what we want: help! (This is not a job posting, sorry for the confusion.) This favor will be reciprocated with good karma!

If any of you would be able to take five minutes out of your busy crazy lives to help out four fun-loving students it would be greatly appreciated! Here is the link to the survey.

If you have any questions or comments about the survey, please feel free to e-mail me: bomga002 @ d.umn.edu

Thank you all very much! Enjoy this beautiful, sunny, Duluth winter day!

Kelsey Bomgaars
Student of Marketing
University of Minnesota Duluth

Local Gaming Business in Dire Straits

A few weeks ago, I posted that I wished that businesses in need of help to make it through a rough patch would tell us, so we could eat there more often or buy more goods. Today, I got this message. -db

Dragonport logo
Dragon Port Games & Comics LLC
We would like to thank the wonderful gaming & comic community for another year serving all of you in Downtown Duluth. However as 2011 has been a tough year sales wise and the store is in a bit of a bind. Now as when we got started, Dragon Port needs to make an appeal to the community to give us a hand.