Homegrown 2012 Band Registration Opens

Homegrown: The Apocalypse

Band registration for the 2012 Homegrown Music Festival is now open! You can register here. Homegrown is also seeking volunteers for the 8 day festival. Learn more here.

4x: A Print Exhibition, Call for Submissions

Anyone can submit to this exhibit!

Yes, the 4x v2.0 is here! Last year we had over 130 entries into this unique and wonderful exhibit open to all! Submissions for the 4x need to be delivered or postmarked by Jan. 31 in order to be eligible. Submitted prints have to follow one main rule: one side must be 4 inches! Let’s see how creative you can get!


Word is Big Wave Dave & the Ripples’ horn section will be backing up Cry on Cue tonight (Jan. 14) at the Rex. 10PM; 21+; cheap cover. Sexy.

Old iMac + not-so-old MacBook =

We acquired an old iMac, went to upgrade the OS today and got an error about it not having an Intel processor …. we like the big screen and the prioress has a not as old MacBook she wants to DX for an AirBook.

(1) Is there any way for a common man to take the good parts from the MacBook and update the iMac?

(2) Are there any other suggestions for the old iMac? Can we load some flavor of Linux on it for the web-savvy here at the Mission?


The other day, I heard somebody refer to Duluth in passing as “the back of beyond.” Nothing official, or even a phrase restricted to Duluth for that matter, but I really liked it. What are some other official and unofficial ways you use to describe the Duluth? Little turns of phrase, short descriptions, or casual nicknames are great. As far as I’m concerned, the more personal the better.

Also, the January in Duluth project is buzzing along, including a piece of mythological short fiction that links Prometheus and the unseasonably warm weather of the first couple January weeks.

Save Ann’s Home! MLK Day march for housing rights

Background: Ann Lockwood is the owner of a modest East Hillside home. She walks with a prosthetic leg after a major medical crisis that also cost her a good-paying job. Ann is now at risk of losing her home to foreclosure by State Farm Bank, even though she is working again and able make consistent mortgage payments.

Please join us on Monday, MLK Day, at 10am to send this message from our community to State Farm: 1. cancel the sheriff’s sale of Ann’s home, and 2. provide Ann with a fixed-rate loan modification she can afford. Gather at 8th St and 7th Ave E, then march to the Washington Center to join the main MLK Day celebration.

This kind of people power is saving homes across the country, and we aim to do the same for our neighbors in Duluth.

What: Save Ann’s Home — March for housing rights

When: Monday, January 16, 10 to 11 a.m.

Where: Meet at the corner of 8th St & 7th Av E, march to the Washington Center

Who: Project Save Our Homes, Loaves & Fishes Community, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, and hillside neighbors

More on Facebook, and check here for a complete listing of MLK weekend events.

Stadium plans

Dear Governor Dayton:

I say a) let the Vikings drop dead; or b) build the stadium in Duluth on the US Steel site and make it a stop on the Northern Lights bullet train.

Oh, wait–this was due yesterday, wasn’t it? Whoops. Still, you have to admit either of my ideas are way better than anyone else’s.

Yours truly,
The Big E

Last Weekend of Psychedelic Signatures @ The Tweed Museusm

This is the last weekend to check out my collection of original concert posters from San Francisco featuring The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Cream, and many more bands of the 1960s. The posters are all from 1966-1968 and most of the artist went on to create the album covers that everyone loves from the era. The show is free, and the original concert art is among the most rare ever produced and the most collectable.

Duluth computer/internet labs

The Duluth Public Library is working on updating its list of places (other than the library) where patrons can access computers for internet access, word processing, etc.

Even with expanded hours coming, it’s good to give folks options if they aren’t near a library, need access when the library is closed, or have used up their computer time for the day.

The library has a pretty good list going, but I thought we could crowd-source a bit and see if anyone out there can suggest additions. We know about local colleges (UMD, St. Scholastica, and Lake Superior College) that offer some level of access to non-students, as well as the UPS store, which offers computer time for a fee. What are we missing? Where else can we refer our patrons?

Jeremy Osgood
Duluth Public Library

Art is defined by the space it creates, not the space it occupies.

The Window of Prøve Gallery

The Window of Prøve Gallery

So, how windy was it last night in Duluth?

Well, I parked my vehicle on Third Street around 4 p.m., opened the door, and the wind ripped the door right off.

O.K., the door wasn’t literally ripped off so that it tumbled down the street, but it bent all the way backward. Instead of stopping at the usual 70-degree angle, it opened all the way up to a nearly 180-degree angle.

I didn’t take a photo at the time, because my first instinct was to quickly pull the door back and close it. Once it closed, I considered that a major victory and left it that way. Here’s what the damage looks like today:

A decent auto mechanic in Duluth?

The other night my p.o.s. car took a poop. It seems to be something electrical. After a few attempted jumps nothing will power on, of course this happened on the first cold morning we’ve had all damn month.

I’m going to have to have it towed. Who should I take to? I live in the Hillside, but I’m a little leery of Hemlock because of a past experience, and my boyfriend recently had sub-par service from Murphy’s.

Open to any suggestions!

Going through the Change

I’ve been having hot flashes. No, not that kind of hot flash. And if it were, I sure wouldn’t be writing about it here. I am talking about something more insidious: a societal hot flash.

Is anyone else losing patience with media references to “unseasonably warm” temperatures? This is a record-busting winter on all counts.

Case in point, Little Angie’s: “Opulent Ice House Coming Soon: December 9 Until Thaw!” High-end cocktails to be offered in a lounge made of ice blocks. But today I noticed the piled shards of melting ice scattered around the enclosure. They just couldn’t get the thing built.

For more ranting about the Duluth climate-change experience, including a couple of photos, please see my latest Nature of Modern Life blog post.

(And, yes, it would seem that the joke is on me. Winter is here today. Gone tomorrow? We’ll see.)

Snowbird seeking hookup without commitment

My parents are taking a little vacation from Minnesota down to Apache Junction, AZ [they will hike more in the 6 weeks they are there than my wife and I will all year]. They have an iPad and very little technical moxy. The condo they are in does not have ISP; and they would like temporary internet service.

“Let’s Make Babies”

Lets Make Babies (Paul Broman and Danecdote) by DANECDOTE

New song from a pair of Duluthians.