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In Honor of Week of the Young Child

Ready, Set, Go! Parent and Child night on April 13! 
Week of the Young Child is April 10-16.

Providing children with quality early childhood experiences is one of the best things we can do as a community to stay strong.  That is why United Way of Greater Duluth Success By 6 celebrates anything in honor of young children, literacy, or reading! 

Sue Schumacher, an early literacy librarian from the Duluth Public Library, will be at the Duluth Area Family YMCA on Wednesday, April 13, 6-7pm, for a fun and exciting story time gathering!  Play time for the children in Kid’s Place will follow while parents stay for a few tips on engaging their young children with reading and early literacy activities! 

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He’s coming … probably barefoot. And we’ll be waiting on July 9 at Bayfront


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Bus ridership increase correlated with increasing gas prices?

My name is Laura Prosser. I’m a journalism student working on an article trying to correlate the rise in bus ridership and the increase in gas prices. However, there are obviously other factors to the rise in ridership.

I’m looking for people who have something to say on this topic. I would like to find people who have a car but choose to ride the bus and what their reasons are for doing so. If you are interested in being a source and setting up an interview or have any information in relation to this topic please contact me.

My email address is pross016 @ You can also just leave comments here as well. Thank you for your time and consideration.

UMD Chamber Orchestra

Saturday, April 16, 2011 • 7:30 pm
Weber Music Hall

Chamber Orchestra • Jean R. Perrault, director
Adult $8 • Senior $7 • Student $5 • UMD Student $3

Tickets:  218-726-8877 or (online tickets incur an additional $1 fee.)

Birds, ships and Lake Superior’s floating forest

Fascinating story featuring three of Duluth’s grooviest naturalists/contractors/activists/publishers, from Lake Superior Magazine. If you like birds, ships OR Lake Superior, take a read. It’s written by Sparky Stensaas, stars a handsome ship captain and his floating forest, and even pulls in legendary bird watcher Jan Green.

Pizza Luce Friday: Zoo Animal, The Half Hearts, Honey Vein (feat. Ariane Norrgard)

Who: Zoo Animal, The Half Hearts, Ariane Norrgard & Honey Vein
Where: Pizza Luce, Duluth
When: April 8, 9:30P.M., $5

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New Music Festival: Vocal Music Recital

Friday, April 15, 2011 • 7:30 pm
Weber Music Hall

Regina Zona, coordinator
Adult $8 • Senior $7 • Student $5 • UMD Student $3
Tickets:  218-726-8877 or (online tickets incur an additional $1 fee.)

Big Dipper Jazz Band Concert and Dance

Big Dipper Jazz Band Concert and Dance
Saturday April 9, 2011 7:30 PM
Sacred Heart Music Center
Tickets $10 advance/ $15 at the door
available online at

Where can we watch ultimate fighting in the Twin Ports?

We’ve tried Buffalo Wild Wings, which is a fun place, but it’s always good to have some options. Where else can one partake in the UFC ritual in this area?

New Music Festival

Thursday, April 14, 2011 • 7:30 pm
Weber Music Hall

The New Music Festival features the internationally acclaimed Duo Gaetesi-Bezerra return after their stunning concerts at UMD five years ago, which showcased the best of current piano ensemble music from around the globe.

Justin Rubin, coordinator

Adult $8 • Senior $7 • Student $5 • UMD Student $3                  
Tickets:  218-726-8877 or (online tickets incur an additional $1 fee.)

Jazz Combos

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 • 7:30 pm
Weber Music Hall

Combo I • Tom Pfotenhauer, director
Combo II • Ryan Frane, director
Combo III • Billy Barnard, director
Combo IV • Gene Koshinski, director
Adult $8 • Senior $7 • Student $5 • UMD Student $3
Tickets:  218-726-8877 or (online tickets incur an additional $1 fee.)

I want more return on my investment.

State Finances: Federal Taxes Collected vs. Federal Funding by State

According to this, Minnesota ranks #50, meaning we get about $0.50 back in federal funding for every dollar in taxes we pay (using 2007-2009 figures).

This does not make me want to take former Senators Dayton and Coleman out for dinner in downtown Duluth.

It also brings this question to my mind:  how much influence do governors have over federal funding?  Are governors involved in the discussion of federal funding in any concrete way?

The View From Your Duluth Window

Andrew Sullivan’s blog features a contest called “The View From Your Window” where people submit views, as it were, from their windows, and people have to guess where in the world it is. This week features a view familiar to Duluthians. He quotes my entry but I didn’t win.

Seed Math II Digital Reissue


Here’s the second of four Seed Math digital reissues. Originally released in spring 2004.

New Seed Math album coming soon.

RIYL: Ween, Beck, Melvins, Flaming Lips, new wave, psych

NOT RIYL: Creed, Nickelback, Hitler

Peace be with you,

Korean Cuisine in Duluth?

Does anyone know of some authentic Korean cuisine around town? As much as I enjoy the standard Chinese options that are standard in every joint around, I’m hinkerin for a change. I’ll even expand the range to Northern Minnesota if need be. Come on folks, help me out!

Lets keep the ‘grilled-fido’ comments to a minimum, Thanks in advance.

Homegrown Music Video Festival

Call for music!
Call for filmmakers!

We’re doing another Homegrown Music Video Festival this year. Filmmakers draw a song at random from a beautiful top hat, then make a music video from said song.

Here is the PDD link to last year.

Would you be willing to donate a song or two to the cause?
Would you like to make a music video for a free pass to Homegrown?

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Duluth’s week in photos

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos last week for LakeVoice News. You can check out your pictures at the Week in Photos page on LakeVoice.

If you would like your pictures from the Duluth area to be showcased you can email us at

Along with the photo submission please write a caption for it that explains what is going on in the picture, who is in the picture, where the picture was taken, and who took the photo.

LakeVoice News is a weekly online publication produced by UMD journalism students. The stories are reported on and written by students, but the content is for the community. See it. Hear it. Read it.

It’s Geek Week!

Geek Prom is Saturday. Put your hands in the air!

Do Lutherans still adhere to the Augsburg Confession?

Have you felt confused about what it means to be a Lutheran today? Are you concerned about the direction of the Lutheran church? Do you yearn for the vibrant faith of yesteryear?

Come hear a review of the first 21 articles in the Augsburg Confession on Saturday, April 9. Pre-registration is suggested.

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Exercises in Style: An art show by Rob K-S

Local artist Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein will be opening his exhibition entitled Exercises in Style on Tuesday, April 5, from 4-6pm. 

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