Drunk in the Midwest

From the Star Tribune: “Why are we more boozy?

“Many residents in the Upper Midwest are descendants of northern Europeans, and that’s an area of heavy alcohol consumption,” said Peter Nathan, a professor at the University of Iowa who has been studying alcohol use patterns and effects for more than 40 years. “The long, cold winters keep people inside more than in other parts of the country, so that contributes, as well.”

Tycoons Alehouse open Dec. 31 … and other restaurant notes

  • The sign is up at Tycoons Alehouse and Eatery and a New Year’s Eve opening is planned with Cry on Cue playing.
  • The Zeitgeist Arts Café is opening for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. starting Jan. 1. Signature drinks including bloody Marys made with bacon-infused vodka will be available. In step with the brunch at the café is a new series of Saturday morning family movies at Zinema 2. The first one is 1979′s The Muppet Movie on Jan. 7 at 10:30 a.m.
  • Ledge Rock Grille in Larsmont has a new Carribean menu on Thursday nights.
  • The old Italian Village in West Duluth is now Gannucci’s Italian Market. It has expanded into the neighboring space and now includes a pizzeria. (See below.)

Ear Worms in the Northland

I woke up this morning with a jingle in my head from a certain collision center on Haines Road. Infectiously annoying, toe-tappingly fun to sing along in the car or shower type of song… So can anyone with musical inclinations or a better understanding of the animal nature of the brain tell me why the Arrowhead Autobody song is so ear wormy?

“Don’t just call anybody!”

Homegrown Photos Wanted

The Homegrown Music Festival seeks 2011 festival photos for the 2012 Field Guide. For more information and where to send CDs, email: adam [at] transistormag [dot] com. No watermarks, please. Thank you!

Electronic Dance Music in Duluth

The electronic dance music scene in Duluth has been growing for years. There are many local organizations that are aiming to bring electronic dance music to the masses, and work with the city to provide unique nightlife entertainment. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact DS @ FreqLabs.com, or “Friend” us on Facebook at DS Frequency.

New Comment Policy

This morning at a meeting among Perfect Duluth Day’s owners, it was decided to change PDD’s commenting policy. Effective immediately, only PDD members may comment on posts. New commenters must join PDD and log in to make comments. This is not in response to any particular situation, but rather a change we have been contemplating for quite some time. We believe it will improve the website in the long run.

It sounds harsher and more dramatic than it actually is. For those who are currently without a PDD membership, registering is a simple, easy process. All current members will simply be prompted to log in before commenting.

Feel free to ask questions, whine like a baby, or celebrate the new policy in the comments below. After registering and/or logging in of course.

Where in Duluth?

Discovered on a late afternoon walk.

Hattie Peterson — “Fossil Fears”


Free download at spinoutrecords.com.

This week: New Year’s Eve, Marc Gartman covers Ween, a special Walt Dizzo broadcast

Saturday is New Year’s Eve and there are tons of events going on around Duluth to ring in the New Year. Some of the highlights: The Peking Acrobats are joined by the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. Dubh Linn hosts a New Year’s Ball with magicians, djs, fire dancers, prizes and more. Twenty five original acts take the stage at Beaner’s New Year’s Eve All Day Bash starting at 7 a.m. Dirty Horse, The Black Eyed Snakes, and The Acceleratii play at R.T.’s. Looking to end the year laughing? The Teatro is holding a New Year’s Night of Comedy with a special show, improv and more.

Monday, Dec. 26
It’s the Last Night of the Bentleyville Tour so pack the kids up and head down for the last time. There will also be a fireworks display at 6:30.

Thursday, Dec. 29
Presently Skyward and Sleep Until Morning encourage audience members to wear their ugly Christmas sweaters at their show at Amazing Grace. Walt Dizzo hosts a 5-hour Year End Special on 91.3 FM KUWS featuring the best songs from 2011.

Friday, Dec. 30
The long-awaited and highly controversial Marc Gartman Ween show plays at Pizza Luce.

Keep checking the PDD Calendar for all your nightly and New Year’s Eve needs.

Merry Christmas from the Formal Age


Missing the hills and snow of the Zenith City

This will be the first Christmas I won’t be spending in Duluth since I moved there with my family in December 1991, and I’m missing it so. I’ll never forget how much snow there was that year! Growing up in Duluth shaped me in so many ways, from the way I treat my fellow man, to the water I drink (nothing compares to dear Superior), to the music I listen to and write.

This is an original Christmas song I wrote that makes me think of and miss our fair Zenith City. I figured if I couldn’t be there, I’d share it with the city that made me. I hope this finds you all with lots of snow and love. Listen, download, share, and please enjoy.
Lamps by Adam LeBlanc
“Lamps” by Adam LeBlanc

Is Kenny Wong’s in Superior closed?

I drove down Tower Avenue in Superior today and saw the sign for Kenny Wong’s Oriental Express was gone! Instead, it says there is some sort of hibachi place coming soon.

Did Kenny Wong’s go out of business, or is it changing to a new format? They had some great food there, and as a former employee, I’d like to know what’s going on!

Duluth’s Ellis Harbor

Here’s an interesting read from the Sept. 25, 1921 Duluth News Tribune.

Winter Video Project

Twin-Cities based Seven & Sixty Productions is working on a video featuring contributed footage that captures “what is truly unique about winter in Minnesota.” If you like shooting snowflakes and pond hockey and whatnot and want to contribute, read the guidelines.

The HDC Presents: Christmas at The Clubhouse – Free Download!

Merry Christmas From The Hog Damage Collective and The Clubhouse recording studio!

The Hog Damage Collective Presents: Christmas at The Clubhouse