Trampled by Turtles and Prairie Home

Remember when I suggested we do what we can to get Trampled by Turtles on the upcoming A Prairie Home Companion show in Duluth? Well, we did it. Check out PHC Facebook page.

Is Duluth gay friendly?

I was reading an article in Rolling Stone the other day about the Anoka-Hennepin School Districts and their neutrality policy on GLBTQ students and how this particular reporter feels it has affected students and possibly driven some to have mental health issues and suicidal ideation with some even taking their lives.

Rolling Stone: “One town’s war on gay teens

I’m not trying to debate the validity of this article or the policy of the school district, I just remember while reading it I was pretty shocked to hear so many anti-gay sentiments in Minnesota. I kept thinking to myself: “Really? But Duluth seems so gay-friendly.”

That’s why I wanted to ask PDD: do you think Duluth is gay friendly? I am an out bisexual woman, but a bisexual who never dated a woman during my time in Duluth. I’ve participated in Pride, patronized all the local gay bars (though admittedly they’re in Superior) and have noticed a lot of gay-friendly signage around Duluth’s establishments. Though I never really had an opportunity to suffer any personal discrimination as I’ve since married a man, I still never noticed an air of it in the community.

Now I’m not talking stories about one singular asshole who was heterosexist and said something awful at a bar one night. I’m talking about the general culture of Duluth. What say ye?

Cars & Trucks: Album 3 Kickstarter Campaign Ending Soon


Just about a month ago, the Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording and release of the third Cars & Trucks album went live, and the entire thing was 100% funded within 36 hours. We here at C&T HQ were beyond thrilled. But while the project is indeed funded, we want you to know there are still a few days to preorder any of the remaining categories. The project ends Friday at midnight, but, until then, you can still put in for the 3rd C&T album (on limited-edition vinyl with free download!) and all kinds of other stuff that won’t be offered again. Check out the NSFW video starring Jody Kujawa, look at the levels, see if you feel like getting involved. Thanks!

For more: click here

For Sale: House in Woodland

Two-bedroom, one-bath, in the Woodland area. Please see our Craigslist post for more info.

Duluth Plumbing Advice

I need some advice on my circa-early-1900s plumbing. The tub plugs up about every 6 to 9 months. We snake out a good hair clog and move on with our lives. Tonight we can’t snake the clog. This happened one other time and we paid Roto Rooter a couple hundred dollars for a visit. The Roto Rooter guy tried to sell me some treatment for another couple hundred dollars that would smooth out the pipes and stop future clogs. It sounded like snake oil last time, but now I’m wondering if they can actually do something to help. So A) I’d like opinions on a good Duluth plumber to work on a clog and B) would like to know if the Roto Rooter treatment is worth $200 (or whatever it costs these days).

Help: A few questions about 45rpm records and if anyone up here makes them?

I just purchased a Seeburg Discotheque Jukebox from 1965 and am looking for two things.

This week: Valentine’s Day, Anti-Valentine’s, hip-hop, boats, and more.

Tuesday, Feb. 14
Glensheen hosts its second Valentine’s Dinner for the lovers. Enjoy a classic romantic movie before eating a romantic dinner on a romantic night with your romantic partner at the Teatro.

Wednesday, Feb 15
The Duluth Boat, Sports, and Travel Show, in conjunction with the Northland Outdoors Duluth Deer Classic, kicks off today and goes until Sunday at the DECC.

Friday, Feb. 17
Whether single, sick and tired of the lovey-dovey couples, or just looking for some good music, Uptown Boys and Crew Jones play the Anti-Valentine’s Day/Transistor’s birthday bash at Tycoon’s. UWS’s University Theater brings Jack and the Beanstalk to the Manion Theater. Rhymesayers rapper Brother Ali plays the Mitchell Auditorium. Also opening tonight is Iph…, a modern retelling of Euripedes’ Iphegenia in Aulis at the St. Scholastica Theater.

Saturday, Feb 18
Minneapolis hip-hop artist Prof plays Luce.

As always, keep checking the PDD Calendar for all your event needs and happy Valentine’s Day!

Have you been to Brule?

Now that I’ve had three great ski trips there myself, I can spread the word to other snow-hungry Duluthians: there is fantastic cross country skiing in Brule. Good old Lake Superior lake-effect snows cranked up again last week; while Duluthians were shivering in the windchill, four inches of the fresh stuff was falling on the Afterhours Trail in Brule. It’s lovely down there.

Head to my blog for more pics and a description of my new favorite ski trail.

Digital Photography Workflow Help!

Wondering if there are local photographers/graphic designers in Portslandia who are willing to help others figure out what they should/should not be doing in their digital workflow. I’m talking everything from camera settings to output. I’m sick of looking for answers in online forums. I need someone to sit down with me at my computer and let me throw questions at them. I’m running Lightroom 3 and Photoshop 4 on a Mac. Paid or unpaid help is appreciated!

Piggyback Bandit in Duluth?

Sherwin Shayegan — the Piggyback Bandit — was spotted in Duluth Saturday night! Friday he was banned from All Minnesota High School sporting events after creeping at high school games in St. Cloud Thursday and Minneapolis on Friday. Saturday night he was at the DECC! There was a guy creeping on our group as we were saying our goodbyes after the Roller Derby bout. One guy said something to him and he dashed off. That’s when we recognized him.

Mu-Tron Love

The Current released Local Current, Vol 2 a few weeks ago.
I couldn’t help but notice that someone in the art department there has a mutual appreciation for the Mu-Tron™ Phasor, an effects pedal from 40 years ago.

In last year’s Homegrown Field Guide ad, we Photoshopped up my Mu-tron™ Phasor. Someone at MPR has a better collection of vintage gizmos, they used the Mu-tron™ Phasor III

Flying Shark at Dioramarama, Sacred Heart


Looking for dancers

I’m mustering a group of 12 or more dancers for a New-England Contra workshop on Tuesday evenings in March.

Informational flier

Looking for avid disc golfers to interview

I’m writing an article for Moms and Dads magazine on disc golfing. I’d like to include some “how to” stuff and some tips/advice on how to make it a family friendly sport (for those of us with old enough kids to do it!) I have a short deadline — due next Friday, so quick responses are really appreciated. Feel free to email me at jentoddderrick @ yahoo if you are interested. Thanks so much!

Where in Duluth?

I’ll start things off with a clue: This is not in a restroom.