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Fukushima’s Potential Fallout for North America

This is from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research for April 14 through 18. You can adjust the model to run for radioactive Iodine, Cessium, etc. Here. There is no “safe” dose of radiation, according to Dr. Helen Caldicott

April 20 at Legacy Glassworks

Live music all day, free, all ages.

11 AM: Crunchy Bunch
12 PM: DJ AfterDeath
1 PM: Remote Viewfinder
2 PM: J. Peach
3 PM: Kenesis
4 PM: The Tico Three
5 PM: DJ Epistêmê
6 PM: The Good Colonels
7 PM: Pennies for a Dime
8 PM: House of Doughnuts

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New Park Point Sand Bar

Has anyone noticed the new Park Point Sand Bar? (as I am calling it.) It was created by the the strong 50-60 mph winds a few weeks ago on The Lake side of PP. Very interesting. It will be interesting to see if it becomes a permanent or is a temporary fixture.

First Tick Post of the Year – 2011 Edition

I found one by my dog’s ear yesterday. Here we go again!

Past first tick of the year posts:
March 29, 2010
May 8, 2009
June 8, 2008
May 11, 2007
June 6, 2005

Cool Irish anti-bullying ad

Earth Day Arts Festival on Saturday, April 16th at Washington Studios

Washington Studios Artists’ Co-op is hosting an Earth Day themed Arts Festival, which will feature an entire day’s worth of local entertainment and a member’s exhibit in the Washington Gallery. Handmade art and crafts varying from hand blown glass and jewelry to crocheted hats will be for sale from 11 am – 5 pm. The event coincides with Duluth’s 21st Annual Art for Earth Day Gallery Hop, which offers a free trolley service running between thirteen Duluth galleries.

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Not so sweet

To bank tellers, store clerks and post-office-counter workers:

Don’t ask my children if they want candy. And while you’re at it, and even though it’s far more appropriate, don’t ask me, in front of the children, whether they may have candy.

If it were 1931 and candy were a rare treat I couldn’t afford, it might be cool to get free candy. But candy is cheap, and my children don’t need more.

My children are not deprived of sweets. We have baskets full of Easter candy, stockings full at Christmas, Valentine’s candy, birthday treats, and fat pillowcases at Halloween. I realize that another lollipop isn’t going to tip the scales. But the 13 grams of sugar and Red No. 40 aren’t the only issues; it’s also about the message it sends.

When my 6-year-old daughter slammed the minivan door on her fingers, and I took her to urgent care, I thanked the receptionist who asked me whether she could have a lollipop, and I gladly accepted. But when the children’s only accomplishment is standing in line to watch their mother buy stamps, they don’t need a treat for that. I don’t want them thinking that candy is something you eat all the time. I don’t want them eating treats that, seconds ago, they were fine without, but now that it has fallen in their laps, they suddenly want.

Candy-givers, I know you mean well. But you risk taking well-behaved, happy children and turning them into crabby children on a sugar rush, or discontented children who feel like they’re missing out because mom said no to the free sugar.

The ubiquitous candy bowls and offers of treats are wearing on me. Please, make it stop.

Fox Farm > Lake County Demo Forest

I’m trying to trail it this weekend. There are a couple of sections between here and Two Harbors that I want to tackle. My usual crew has other obligations. Looking for a #2 to cruise up Friday afternoon (4-4:30ish) and come back early Sunday afternoon.

I’m completely self sufficient, pretty serious about it type backpacker. I like to get out and bang out a few miles to get the blood going.

Anyone want to hit it with me? The weather looks iffy, but that’s why we have Merino wool and Gore-Tex, right?

So geeky … yet so cool.

One day, Duluth’s Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker of Low are at Geek Prom; four days later they are doing about the coolest thing imaginable, hanging out with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant. Perhaps the line between geeky and cool has now been blurred beyond all recognition.

The Minnesota Pint Law – HF 703

Fiteger BrewhouseToday the House Commerce committee endorsed HF 703 (aka The Minnesota Pint Law …or Surly bill, if you prefer), the bill allowing Minnesota breweries to sell pints of their own beer. There is still a ways to go before it becomes law, but the bill will continue through the legislative process. Surly Brewing says, “Thanks to the committee members for their support, and also to all of you for getting behind this bill and moving it forward.”

More Info Here:

Record Store Day is Saturday, April 16

Dirty Horse Record Store Day Poster

This Saturday marks the 3rd annual National Record Store Day. New and old releases from bands such as AC/DC, the Akron Family, Blitzen Trapper, Built to Spill, Eric Clapton, the Decemberists, Fleetwood Mac, Mumford and Sons, Roy Orbison, and many many others will be available (mostly on vinyl).

The Electric Fetus will host the all day event here in Duluth, and will have refreshments from Pizza Luce as well as other beverages and snacks while supplies last. A live music set from Dirty Horse will begin around 1 p.m. See you at the record store!

Resume Critique at WorkForce Center

On Tuesday, April 19, from 1:30-3 there will be a workshop featuring three local Human Resources professionals in addition to WorkForce Center staff available to critique resumes for job seekers and to answer questions about interviewing. The class is free and open to anyone interested in attending. The WorkForce Center is located on the second floor of the Government Services Building, 320 W. Second St., Duluth. The class will be held in room 208 and you can sign up by calling the front desk at 218-723-4730.

Submit your NCAA Championship Photos!

We know where the UMD Mens Hockey team was when they won the NCAA Championship title but where were you? Submit your photos and stories to to be published tomorrow Thursday, April 13 on

LakeVoice News is a weekly online publication produced by UMD journalism students. The stories are reported on and written by students, but the content is for the community. If you have a story idea or would like to submit photos you can email us at

Twin Ports Take Back the Night 2011

Join us April 21 at the Washington Center (310 N. First Ave. W.) in Duluth for a rally and march in support of ending violence against women!

Pre-march rally begins at 5pm. Enjoy food, entertainment and get information and resources!

March begins at 7pm … Speak out for survivors to follow.

Dropping Today!

Homegrown Field Guides drop today. If you’re interested in helping distribute, contact Kyle at: volunteer [dot] homegrown [at] gmail [dot] com.

Breakfast in Duluth: Comparing the diners

There are many great places to have breakfast in Duluth, but only a handful fall into the true breakfast diner category. Barrett Chase and Paul Lundgren set out to compare them all and report their findings on Perfect Duluth Day, so readers can admire their astute observations and compliment them publicly, without the briefest passing thought of contradicting any of the information presented.

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Low’s “Try to Sleep” Video, feat. John Stamos

“>Low – Try to Sleep (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.

[Previously on PDD: Low and Uncle Jesse?]

J. S. Bach’s St. John Passion

Friday, April 29 @ 7:30 pm
Sunday, May 1 @ 3:00 pm
First Lutheran Church (1100 E. Superior St., Duluth)

Experience the wonder and elegance of Bach’s St. John Passion sung in German with supertitles provided.  Featured will be guest Evangelist/Timothy Stalter, Arrowhead Chorale, guest soloists and UMD’s University Singers, Concert Chorale and Symphony Orchestra.

University Singers • Stanley R. Wold, director
Concert Chorale • Tina Thielen- Gaffey, director
Adult/Senior $16 and Children $6

Become a Citizen Scientist!

Celebrate Earth Week by helping community organizations collect information about our world. Join St. Louis River Alliance Director Julene Boe to see what it’s like to get your hands wet and help out.

Great Lakes Aquarium will host a community class called “Becoming a Citizen Scientist.” At the class, St. Louis River Alliance will share its work and show you ways to get involved in citizen science!

Tuesday, April 19, 4:30-5:30 pm
Cost: Free; donations accepted.
All proceeds go toward stewardship efforts on the St. Louis River.

Contact Sarah Erickson at serickson @ or 218-740-2007.

For more information, check out Community Education spring classes at Great Lakes Aquarium.

Impressed with Lake Ave Café

In light of the awesome weather we had last night my better half and I decided to go for an evening bike ride.  We ended up down on that first beach on Park Point and sat there for awhile.  When it got pretty dark we headed back and decided to stop at Lake Ave Café.  

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