Favorite Duluth sinkholes

The sinkhole above, on the Raleigh Street spur to the DWP Trail, is huuuuge. Can anyone beat it? Will we need to get out the tape measures?

I concede, of course, that though it is much larger than the sinkhole Nate Lindstrom posted about in 2010 (shown below), it doesn’t exceed that one in terms of comedy. Maybe I need a model.

Millinery classes begin

I’ll be teaching a beginning millinery class on Mondays, from 6 to 8:30 p.m., May 7 to June 11 (no class on Memorial day).

We’ll begin with the easiest material to work with: millinery-grade felt. This is not the same process as “felting” a hat. Picture the material used to make a fedora. That’s the stuff. You will learn to make a hat from the very beginning: blocking the felt, to the end: lining the hat. In the middle there are a whole bunch of steps that generally involve a needle and thread and some ribbon. Some proficiency with said needle and thread is helpful but not necessary.

Classes will take place at Otlak Felt Studio in the DeWitt-Seitz building and will cost $150 plus $56 in supplies. You can email me at emily @ moesewco.com for questions and to register. Space is limited, so jump right in there.

Kickstarter for Breanne Marie: “Music saved my life, and it’s keeping me alive”

Duluth’s Breanne Marie seems like a very nice lady and I think she makes a nice addition to the local music scene.

Kickstarter is a web service that helps artists and and creatives crowd-source fundraising for projects. If the project achieves its goal within a finite window then Kickstarter cuts them a check, if they don’t realize the goal then no one is out anything. Breanne Marie has almost half of what she needs ($3,200) to record her debut album.

I think on the eve of our great Homegrown Music Festival, and the same day our Trampled by Turtles are appearing on National TV, this would be a great time to send another promising Duluth artist along on her way. The suggested pledge amount is $10, but even if you don’t pledge anything, take a few minutes and listen to her very compelling, bittersweet story of how “music saved my life.” And help spread the word, too, if she doesn’t raise the donations she needs on Kickstarter in the next two weeks she goes back to zero, which means she’ll have to resort to bake sales to gather the cash, she says.

Duluth Superior Film Festival seeking short film submissions

The Duluth Superior Film Festival is seeking submissions from local filmmakers and artists working in video or digital media. The festival is a local celebration of regional and independent film, as well as local music and arts.

Please send inquiries to Jacob Swanson at jswans85 @ gmail.com. Receiving submissions in Quicktime format would be preferred, but DVDs would also be acceptable.  Feel free to send links to YouTube or Vimeo of work. Join us on Facebook.

Recycling Computers and Other Electronics

I am curious if anyone has ideas and/or suggestions for getting rid of old techno-dinosaurs. I am spring cleaning and simply want to make sure I get rid of things in an eco-friendly and rather cost-effective way (like free or darn close). I’ll be getting rid of a central processing unit, printer, cables and whatever else surfaces.

If I recall correctly there is an annual drive in Duluth, but I can’t figure out the particulars, hosted by someone with interest in the same things. Ideas, fellow PDDers? And thank you in advance.

Bill Morgan Exhibit at Zeitgeist

This is a first rate exhibit that you shouldn’t miss if you follow the local arts scene. UWS professor Bill Morgan has influenced many art students and broadened their experience. There’s plenty to see.

Where in Duluth to engagement-ring shop?

I’m new(er) to the area and beginning my search for an engagement ring.  Any suggestions for where to start in Duluth?  I can Google all of the jewelers in the area, but does anyone have a particularly good experience or an opinion on the best place to start?

Allen R. Defends Gonzo Science HQ

More brother-on-brother nerf violence as Allen defends against attack inside Gonzo Science headquarters. Both men use a full-auto Stampede ECS. In addition Jim deploys an impenetrable “Captain America” shield.

Duluth band Trampled by Turtles on Late Show with David Letterman

Tuesday, April 24, 10:35 p.m., KDLH-TV 3.1
Late Show with David Letterman guests:
Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)
Wendy Williams (The Wendy Williams Show)
Trampled by Turtles (CD, Stars and Satellites)

Photo from the “Run, Smelt, Run!” Parade


Three Song Sunday releasing CD May 1

Three years in the making, the long awaited album by Duluth band Three Song Sunday is finally coming out during Homegrown week on May 1.

Bars Near UMD and CSS Campuses

Is there a city ordinance that prohibits businesses in the neighborhood around the University of Minnesota Duluth and the College of St. Scholastica from having full liquor licenses? Why is it that the nearest bar to campus is Burrito Union and not something around Woodland or by V.I.P. Pizza? Anyone have any ideas on that?

House for sale by owner

Two-bedroom, two-bath bungalow on dead-end street in upper Woodland with one-car garage and nice shed. 1,170 square-foot home on 50×152 lot with a nice sized deck and fenced yard. Lower level family room, custom kitchen cabinets, refinished hardwood floors, new furnace, water heater, and electrical. Newer roof, vinyl siding, walk up attic, plenty of closet space, and other storage. Many pictures available. Contact me ASAP if interested because I will be signing with a realtor soon if I cannot sell on my own.

Ami (218) 731-1485
amilee.s @ gmail.com

Dragon Port Co-operative Gaming Society

The name isn’t set in stone. It’s my vision for saving the game space currently occupied by Dragon Port Games & Comics.

Homegrown banners on PDD

I’m a little late this year, but here is the annual call. We’re looking for your Homegrown photos! The guidelines are the same as always. We’ll rotate Homegrown images in that extremely horizontal and hard-to-fit-a-photo-into space at the top of the page during next week’s festivities.