A music geek’s wet dream?

The British Arts Council is going to be making John Peel’s entire music collection available on the interwebs in May on a website called The Space.

To anyone who went through the trouble of seeking out his Sessions albums (I had a few…Echo and the Bunnymen, Siouxie, the Cure, and Einstuerzende Neubauten to name a few), Peel was a legend and his passing in 2004 was a big blow to music lovers…

I might just have to buy a bigger hard drive.

Meet Rick Nolan


Rick Nolan is running against Chip Cravaack in the 8th Congressional District.

Free Local Music

My 5 songs in 5 days project is complete.

Enjoy (or perhaps tolerate) as you would like.

A Nerd Nite Boss’ Guide to Duluth

Beloved Duluth nerd Crystal Pelkey has an article in the debut issue of Nerd Nite magazine profiling the nerdiness of Duluth. The nationwide magazine is published out of Brooklyn, NY. As of last night, there was a stack of complimentary copies outside the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe.

R.I.P. Richard David Wozniak

Former owner of Young At Heart records

DNT story | Previously on PDD

Happy First Birthday, Pineapple Arts

My wife and I love your demos, your helpful staff, and the fun vibe you bring to First Street.


It was a duel for the ages, but eventually, my light sabre sliced off Steve Farnham’s metaphorical hand in the Spelling Bee at Nerd Nite Duluth, at the Zuccone.

The view down at the lake a couple days ago.

Lot of hoo-haw fer nuthin

No change in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, except that it now includes more of Betrami County.

Twin Ports Illuminated Signs

I’m sad to see that the Big L sign has gone dark. It’s definitely my favorite illuminated sign in the area. Here’s a gallery of a few more of my favorites. I’m sure there are others that I’ve missed, so if you have some photos you’d like to share, please do so in the comments.

Duluth needs a monster of its own

Earlier today I was reading about the Red Dwarf of Detroit, a harbinger of doom that’s been haunting the Detroit area for hundreds of years. It’s described as “a small child-like creature with red or black fur boots” that has “blazing red eyes and rotten teeth.”

Other communities have monsters that are unique to their location. Point Pleasant, WV has the Mothman. Southern New Jersey has the Jersey Devil. Botetourt County, VA and Mattoon, IL have the Mad Gasser, who was more of a serial killer really but I’m still including it here.

Mayor Ness wants to get the population back up to 90,000. Maybe some good old-fashioned mass hysteria is what we need to put this town back on the map.

If Duluth had a monster of its own, what would it be like? When would would it appear? Where would it appear? What would it be called?

Giant Panda reopens downtown

Want a filling meal on your lunch break, but don’t want to break the bank? This lady will serve you right up. Her and her husband moved out of their West Duluth space, and re-opened downtown just one week ago in the old Saigon Cafe location. They own and operate this restaurant, which almost has a fast-food feel. The food was served quickly, relatively cheap, and surprisingly good.

Now open Monday through Saturday until 9 p.m. at 114 W. First St., Duluth.

Lights out at the ‘Big L’

I just noticed the Spirit Bottle Shoppe at 5801 Grand Ave. in West Duluth is closed and the building is for sale. I will miss the big red light and friendly service.

(Tiny photo at left circa 2004, by Barrett Chase.)

Congdon Park Elementary Rinks

I’m a journalism student at UMD and I am writing about the history of the Congdon Park Elementary rinks. Today I talked to Bob Mars about the rinks and he mentioned a man that helped a lot there when he was a kid in the 1930s. He said the man’s name was Mr. Swan, but unfortunately could not remember his first name! Does anyone know anything about him? And, hopefully, do you know his first name? Furthermore, does anyone have any old pictures of the rinks with the old warming house?

Fresh Filmmakers + Script-to-Screen Combo Grant

IFP Minnesota has teamed up with MCTC and the Screenwriters’ Workshop to offer an updated Fresh Filmmakers Production Grant.