Upset Duluth, May 2012 Edition

May I humbly nominate this photo of Ms. Sramek, featured in today’s DNT.

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Lake Superior Rock Study

The north face of Richardson Island through winter and back again.

Lake Recreation

Training Day

This will be so great to see gone

Long-neglected house to be razed as Duluth ramps up fight on blight

I saw the above headline on the DNT website and thought, “I hope it’s that house on Mesaba.” Turns out, it is the house I was thinking of. Glory be!







Thanks to Mayor Ness and anyone else involved in getting this property cleaned up. If Duluth were some kind of Sims game, I’d say my happiness rating goes down just a little every time I drive by this house.

Arrowhead Auto Body or ABRA Auto Body?

After a car accident, I need to get the car repaired. My insurance has a “Circle of Providers” that it prefers (although I can go to anyone I choose and they will still pay) but using the “Circle of Provider” guarantees the work for the life of the car by the insurance company.

It’s mainly cosmetic damage. I am not out any money for this accident (not my fault) so cost isn’t a concern for me. The two providers they have in this area are Arrowhead Auto Body (home of the catchy jingle!) and ABRA Auto Body.

Any thoughts? Recommendations? Don’t go theres?

Nerds make turn to charity

Adam Brisk, Crystal Pelkey, and Jeremy Nilson are among the engines that make Duluth a more interesting place. As founders of Duluth Nerd Nite, they serve up entertainment on a regular basis that also helps sustain one of our most important resources, the Teatro Zuccone. And they have been invited to consult in Minneapolis, a town that has yet to experience awesomeness that is Nerd Nite.

At the next event, Saturday at 7:30, they are bringing a new dimension to Nerd Nite:

Even trippier than Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Trematoda” wins Animal Diversity Idol

A couple of UMD Students won Animal Diversity Idol with this video. OK, it turns out that Animal Diversity Idol is not a “real” contest, although when I got started down this rabbit hole I thought maybe it was. It is something that a professor at UMD dreamed up to get students more interested in a variety of weird life forms. I this case the creatures are liver flukes. The video is one-part homage to Pink Floyd and two-parts CDC style public service announcement. Here’s the video:

Comfortably Trematoda by Locksteer

Miller Creek Estuary Cages

Good day! I took the high bridge over to Superior the other day and noticed a pair of cages placed in the creek estuary (or estuary-like spot with the water so low). Does anyone have any idea what they are?

See “more” on PDD Calendar

When you are scrolling down the Perfect Duluth Day Calendar and you see the “more” prompt there can often be a lot more to see. We’ve started adding videos to a lot of events, especially for bands and movies, to give you a better idea of what it’s about. Here are a few things that are coming up in the next week…

Brutal Beauty screening at Clyde Iron tonight

Kickstart Mary Bue’s Art

I’m in the middle of recording my 4.5th record “Apple in the Ocean” at Sacred Heart Music Center. Moving back to Duluth from Seattle, this was one of my goals of returning to town — to record in that stunning cathedral and work with my talented musician/sound engineer friends and play that gorgeous grand piano. I’m proposing to you to help support my project — and I’m over halfway there! You can pre-order the record and get some other goodies too at my Kickstarter page.

Thank you so much for your support and it has been pretty awesome to be back here and reconnect with so many of you. Wonderful musical, artistic and community things are happening, just as I remember it!

Missing Person: Andrew Wagner

Andrew Wagner, age 47, has been missing from Cherry, Minn. since Thursday at approximately 8 a.m. He is believed to be at risk of self harm.

Wagner is Caucasian, approximately 6-ft. tall and 220 lbs., and has short salt-and-pepper hair and dark-rimmed glasses.

He is driving a distinctive red 1964 Volvo 122s, Minnesota license plate NX110, and was last seen at the Greenwood Cemetery in Virginia at 2:00 on the day he went missing. Anyone with information is asked to contact the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office at 218-479-6010.

Reflecting on Coolio in Duluth

Ten days before Homegrown, Coolio came to Duluth. There was only a passing mention of it on PDD. Maybe that’s the way it should be. Still, I find myself looking back and wondering how the hell I ended up at that show, standing in the back next to Jellybean Johnson, listening to a mid-1990s rap star talk about eating sushi at Black Water and how “Duluth bitches are all dimes.”

Trampled by Turtles @ Big Top not sold out

FYI — the Trampled by Turtles show at Big Top Chautauqua on June 15 is not sold out. I’ve heard a number of rumors that there are no more tickets left, but grounds passes — ‘rain or shine’ — are still available.

Vast, mysterious, and oddly impenetrable

From the Current / Minnesota Public Radio:

Duluth Homegrown 2012: Highlights from the 14th annual Twin Ports festival

Happy Homegrown! Duluth’s annual music festival showcases a talented, tight-knit community