Darin Bergsven – Out of Nowhere

A video shot while Darin Bergsven was recording his CD at Sacred Heart this spring. The CD will be available at shows, and he’s playing tomorrow morning, June 3, 10:30 am at Luce.


I moved to Duluth from St. Paul in 1999. My work allows me to travel all over the world. I’ve been to 31 States in the U.S. and 40 countries around the world. Duluth, I’ve noticed, has an almost unique trait that I can’t seem to figure out. The only other place I’ve seen this is Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I wanted to add a picture but didn’t want to impose on someone’s privacy. The unique trait is the many people that wear pajama bottoms as pants in public. What is with that? I actually find it endearing. Perhaps a sign of lack of vanity, or a sign of self confidence. Perhaps a dash of poverty and lack of pretension? I’m not sure. Can anyone explain the pajama bottoms as public apparel in Duluth thing?

So what happens…

… with the deceased couches and broken tables that have been left behind?

This is a serious question not an editorial comment. I’ve never been through this period in this town and I’d like to know what happens next.

Looking for people who want to be in a music video!

We have a professional videographer shooting a HD quality music video for the comedy rap song “Hey Big Girl” featuring local artist Good Knight. We are looking for actors, actresses, models, dancers and anybody that wants to be a part of being in the music video, especially plus-sized models. This is going to be a fun, yet professional experience with potential for a lot of exposure.

This will be shot on location at Grandma’s Sports Garden on Friday, June 22nd.  If you are interested please email NorthernExposureMGMT @ gmail.com for further details.  Thank you!

DuSu Film Festival is a stellar event

I don’t think I can put enough likes on the page to do it justice. Just a note to check out some of the films that Richard Hansen and the Duluth Superior Film Festival folks have brought to us this year. Very much in line with our North Country interests and at reasonable price for all access passes — $20. Great films, great music, great art and good times. A longer version of my opinion here.

Stationary Kayaking on Chester Creek

The first four seconds of this video is the gonzo adventure part, but the next three minutes and 26 seconds of trying to get out of the water is pretty good comedy.

Day of Caring still open for volunteers

United Way of Greater Duluth’s 17th annual Day of Caring is June 21. Hundreds of community-minded Duluthians will get outside and paint fences, landscape, lay bricks, clean warehouses and more at 31 local nonprofits. Every year the volunteer teams enjoy giving back and the nonprofits really appreciate the help.

If you’re looking to participate this year, there are projects still available. You can visit volunteerduluth.org and click on the Day of Caring logo to see what needs to be done and adopt a project. You can volunteer individually or with your friends, family, coworkers or classmates. Every volunteer will receive a free Day of Caring t-shirt.

Call George at the United Way of Greater Duluth Volunteer Center with any questions at 218.726.4780.

Truck crashing into Gordie’s Place

Gordie’s Place is in Little Canada, a suburb of the Twin Cities. This happened last night; the driver wasn’t drunk, but apparently had a “diabetic reaction” and lost control of his truck. Two patrons were injured.

Which trails are usable right now?

Can anyone give me some tips on which trails are usable after our recent monsoons?  I tried to run in Bagley Nature Area early last week and even after one day of heavy rain it was pretty soaked. I’m looking for somewhere on the east side of the city to take a run tonight.  Hawk Ridge is my favorite, but I’m guessing it will be a complete mud pit for a while.

Cello needs friends!

I recently got custody of a cello. And happily, I’m not nearly as rusty as I thought I’d be. Seventeen years of piano teaching has helped quite a lot!

Now I want to find other people to play with! I’m at about an intermediate level. Would love to put together a quartet, but if anyone knew of some sort of orchestral option, that would thrill me beyond belief. But quartet I think could happen. Or trio. Violas are always sort of hard to find.

Which reminds me. I am also looking for a violist to play Rebecca Clarke’s viola sonata with me on the piano. It’s been something I’ve wanted to play for years but have never started because finding a violist isn’t exactly easy!

Any ideas? Anyone want to come over and play?

Park Point among USA Today’s “51 great American beaches”

USA Today took recommendations from “local experts” across the country to select one great beach in each state and the District of Columbia. Greg Breining, author of Paddle North: Canoeing the Boundary Waters-Quetico Wilderness, was Minnesota’s expert. He recommended Park Point.

Minnesota’s best beach lies on 6-mile-long Park Point, which shields Duluth’s harbor from the furious storms of Lake Superior. Though the water is rarely warm enough for swimming without a wetsuit, the beach is a great spot to watch incoming waves, giant saltwater freighters and Great Lakes ore carriers passing under Duluth’s signature Aerial Lift Bridge, and to spot birds that rest on the point during spring and fall migrations. The Park Point Nature Trail follows the beach and occasionally passes old-growth pine and tamarack.

Just for summer: 51 great American beaches

Car Camping

We’ve been pretty avid car campers the past few years with our daughter. We’ve always used camping pads under our bags. Last year I essentially inherited my dad’s air mattress (insta-bed) because he never used it. It worked well as an on-the-carpet spare bed. Recently, I’ve repaired a couple holes, but this new one’s a bit too big to patch. Time for a new mattress. I really like that this one had a built-in battery-powered inflation system, but I’m really looking for something that’s heavy duty and will hold up to camping trips. I’m looking to hear from avid car campers that use an air mattress. Sooner the better, too, we’ve got a trip this weekend!

Music marketing rep needed in Duluth

Olympia Media Group is hiring three promotional representatives in the Duluth area to promote the nationwide Battle of the Bands contest.

Brainerd on Film


May I please direct your attention to two quite excellent films playing this weekend at the  Duluth-Superior Film Festival (previously known as Sound Unseen International Duluth) — Marvin Seth Stanley and The Hole Story. Both were filmed in the Brainerd area and both are quite funny. You’d be hard pressed to find a better regional double feature.

Parks and Rec flag football registration

Flag football is one of the fastest growing sports throughout the country and this season will mark the 11th year of Duluth’s league. Flag football is a non-contact sport, which teaches both boys and girls in grades 2 through 5 the fundamentals of football. But more importantly, it teaches kids sportsmanship and how to participate in sports while still having fun. Games will be played mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The cost is $60 per player which includes a team jersey. All games held at the Wheeler Athletic Complex at 35th Ave. W. and Grand Ave. Registration deadline is June 7; games beginning in September. Go to duluthmn.gov/parks for a registration form or for more info: Jeff Anderson 218-730-4302 or jcanderson @ duluthmn.gov.