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Marathon Nights Afterparty w/Dan Anderson & His Silk Sheiks

By the end of the long day and hectic pace of marathon events (or actual marathon running!) there needs to be a nightcap. A little letting your hair down and unwinding. Well, that will happen if you come down late to the Lake Avenue Cafe for a Marathon Nights afterparty featuring Duluth’s own smooth organ genius Dan Anderson & His Silk Sheiks and the stripped down surfy post-punk heat of Minneapolis band the Bombay Sweets. Before the evening ends these bands promise to deliver the right sounds to loosen you up and wind down the days long events in style.

Saturday, Aug. 13, 11pm, 21+
RSVP at the Facebook Event Page
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Check out Dan Anderson & his Silk Sheiks live here.

” target=”blank”>And a video from the Bombay Sweets by clicking here.

Psychedelic Signatures: Rock & Roll Posters at the Tweed Museum of Art

June 21 – Jan. 15
Opening Reception on Tuesday, July 5, 4-6 p.m.

The Tweed Museum of Art is thrilled to present Psychedelic Signatures, an exhibition of classic rock music posters from the collection of Andrew and Victoria Olson. These amazing images were part of an explosion of creative energy, centered in San Francisco, where new music, light shows, and psychedelic art all came together for a few short years between 1966 and 1972.

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Transplant endangered Duluth plants!

Can anyone help this Eagle Scout? He is attempting to move plants out of a gorgeous old growth forest that is to be bulldozed for a building on the corner of Rice Lake Road and Pecan this Sunday. He writes a good description below.

Hello Everyone,

I am in desperate need of volunteers for my Eagle Scout project this Sunday. My project involves taking native plants and trees out Webb Woods, and moving them to new locations so they will be saved from the bulldozer.

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OMG! Near collision in Duluth Ship Canal

Runners and their families milling about foggy Canal Park almost got a big thrill this afternoon. The BBC Orinoco nearly side-swiped the South Pier Lighthouse.

I had the best angle, and I was sure this boat was going to hit. More photos in my blog.

Grandma’s Finish Line

Grandma’s Marathon will have a live video feed from the finish line this year.
Here is the link

Right now it’s pointed at the beer tents.

Friday at Chester Creek Cafe

Happy Hour
June 17, 6-8 PM


Buskers Wanted for Sidewalk Days

Downtown Duluth’s annual Sidewalk Days Festival will be held July 6-8 on Superior Street between Lake Avenue and Fourth Avenue West.

The Greater Downtown Council is encouraging all buskers to open a case wherever it’s convenient — except, of course, where merchants and vendors have assigned spaces. (The GDC holds the permit for the street closure and with that can invite anyone to busk, so you don’t need a fancy busking permit.)

Contact Darlene if you have any questions — 218-428-2258 or dmarshall @

Half Hearts | People Say Fox | Hot Ashes

R.T. Quinlan’s will be hosting some of Duluth’s up-and-comers on Saturday, July 9, at 9PM.

The Half Hearts
The People Say Fox
Hot Ashes

Things to do in Duluth

I always look at the Transistor for things to do on any given week, but sometimes it can be inconvenient to have to wait for the new issue.  I have family visiting next week, and it would be nice to see what’s going on in town.  Is there anything that is anywhere near as comprehensive and as focused on the arts as the Transistor that covers a longer period of time?

This Is How Dave Found His Voice

I think you might like this documentary for a number of reasons:
1) It’s really good.
2) It’s super pretty.
3) It’s way more interesting to hear a swell guy like Dave tell you his story than it is to learn about teen depression on Wikipedia. (But if you do happen to learn a few things about depression, and you want to do something about that, please visit and donate a couple of bucks to help the Miller-Dwan Foundation build Amberwing, a mental health facility for kids, teens and young adults here in Duluth.)

Homegirl Justy Dodge Makin’ ‘em Smile in the Big Apple

Mrs Goose’ close pal Justy Dodge has the Joke of the Week on Time Out New York. Who knows? Maybe the right person will crack a smile and who knows where that could lead in a city that has launched the careers of ten thousand entertainment icons?

Justy Dodge Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

I remember talking with Justy about leaving a few years back and she had a lot of people telling her to forget it and just stay and sling hash in a diner or something. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I also admire her pursuit of her dream and I thought I’d share this accomplishment however large or small it may be in the grand scheme of things I was glad to hear about it. It gave me a chuckle anyway.

Into the Woods: Grimms Fairytale Musical

Into the Woods (Summer Musical)
July 14-31, 2011
Wednesdays-Saturdays at 7:30 p.m.
Sundays at 2 p.m.

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Duluth’s Providence Building and other Wangenstein & Baillie projects

The Providence Building opened in 1895 on the corner of Superior Street and Fourth Avenue West in Downtown Duluth. Originally it was a more ornate five-story building. A Northern Pacific Railroad office was located on the first floor.

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Low hanging ….

So I have several Qwest, Charter and power lines running through my yard to the rental houses next to us. Over the years, the contractor installers have run new lines and not pulled the old ones. One line is low enough for me to be able to grab it. That one isn’t a power line so don’t get excited. But really, what are the rules governing this? Do I have any recourse to get the cable or telecom to remove the old ones … or dare I say it .. route all their lines elsewhere? Do utility easements extend to non-power companies? Where do I go to find out the utility easement ordinances which apply to my Hillside home?

Looking for a Guitar Setup

I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations about someone who can do guitar setups in the Twin Ports. Thanks!

Someone in Duluth Loves Me…

I’m headed out to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia in a couple weeks to visit some newly formed friends whose daughter attends school here at UMD.   Capers are lovely, hospitable, and will take you in as their very own.  Since they are planning the most authentic, local, Cape Breton experience for me (lobster fishing, sailing, music & pubs) I would like to bring some gifts from Duluth that really reflect the culture here. Something besides a shirt that says, “Someone in Duluth Loves Me” (though I’m not opposed to Ts.)  Keep in mind that things like maple syrup and blueberries are very much a part of their culture given the similar climates.  Wild Rice might be a unique option though.   Thoughts?  What would you bring from Duluth to far away lands?

Stand in Line Tonight; Sale Opens Tomorrow

The DPL Friends sale starts in just 24 hours; stand in line now if you want to be first. Or, maybe, just get their early tomorrow.

Video” /> of 2009 Friends Sale

From the Friends: The 2011 Book Sale will be held June 14-17

The Friends of the Duluth Public Library annual used book sale is held this year in June. The first day of the sale is for Friends members only; anyone may join the Friends on that day by paying the membership dues ($10 annually for an individual) at the table in the Michigan Street Lobby.

Build your own home library and contribute to a good cause at the same time. The 2010 sale raised more than $30,000! These funds are given back to the Library to purchase special materials and to support specific programs.

The Book Sale is the Friends’ major fundraising activity. All proceeds from the sale are returned to the Library and are used to purchase new materials and to support programs and special activities.

The War Continues…

Norton’s going crazy this morning while checking up on my PDD.

Blackhole Toolkit Website 5 is hitting my firewall pretty hard…

Arto Jarvela and Kaivama at Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Music Center
Monday June 13, 2011
7:30 PM
$15 at the door

info at

Come hear Finland’s greatest fiddle player at the beautiful Sacred Heart!

Gyro Saturday Sale!

Gyro Saturday Sale

Twelve Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church is having a Gyro Saturday Sale on Saturday, June 18, 11:30 a.m – 5 p.m.

Address: 632 E. Second St., Duluth MN 55805
Questions: 218-722-5957

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