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Congdon Park Elementary Rinks

I’m a journalism student at UMD and I am writing about the history of the Congdon Park Elementary rinks. Today I talked to Bob Mars about the rinks and he mentioned a man that helped a lot there when he was a kid in the 1930s. He said the man’s name was Mr. Swan, but unfortunately could not remember his first name! Does anyone know anything about him? And, hopefully, do you know his first name? Furthermore, does anyone have any old pictures of the rinks with the old warming house?

Fresh Filmmakers + Script-to-Screen Combo Grant

IFP Minnesota has teamed up with MCTC and the Screenwriters’ Workshop to offer an updated Fresh Filmmakers Production Grant.

Marooned in Pack Ice Off Deception Island

Loll Designs is hiring

Loll Designs is hiring for a full-time customer service/administrative assistant position. Please visit for more info. All resumes should be e-mailed to sales @ by Friday, Feb. 24. Please do not stop in or call.

Raven & Associates, Inc. looking for another warm body

Here we go again, all you PDD people! Raven & Associates, Inc., a promotional products company right here in Duluth, is looking for another talented, skilled, and charming individual to act as a office assistant to our customer service team. We are a growing company, a great place to work, and very odd.

Here’s the basic info on the job: Full-time office assistant job.  Hourly wage beginning at +$10 per hour, flexible scheduling, retirement benefits and partial health insurance. Previous experience working in an office environment (you know, with computers), background in art, and interest in outdoors preferred.

For more info, call Dave at 740-2769 or drop me an email at raven @

This week: Atmosphere, A Prairie Home Companion, Nerdigras, and more

Tuesday, Feb. 21
Celebrate Fat Tuesday with fellow nerds at Nerdigras.

Thursday, Feb. 23
Atmosphere returns to Duluth for his second annual Welcome to Minnesota Tour.

Friday, Feb. 24
North End Arts Gallery presents an exhibition of work by emerging artists called Culture ZooCommunist Daughter plays Luce with The Keep Aways.

Saturday, Feb. 25
Trampled by Turtles and the Grand Rapids High School Jazz Ensemble join Garrison Keillor in a live broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion. Wear your best ’80s ski apparel for Spirit Mountain’s Bad Fashion Ski Party 5: Ultimate ’80s Flashback.

As always, keep checking the PDD Calendar for all your night out needs.

Target / Market Pantry Milk

My 1-year-old son has thrown up three times in his life (not spit up, but completely emptying the contents of his stomach).  I am wondering if it is related to market pantry milk.  We normally buy Kemps or Arrowhead from Super One, but this week my wife bought it from Target because she was already there.

I read some things on Google related to “Market Pantry Taste” and may just be paranoid, so I figured I would ask. Does anyone else think the market pantry brand of milk has an abnormal aftertaste?

Looking for a good HVAC contractor

Bonus time is almost here and this new Duluth resident would like to add air conditioning to the upper floor of the house I bought last August. (With our current weather, it seems like summer is just around the corner.) Home uses hot water to heat, so no ducts! Can anyone recommend someone?

State of the School Speech at Harbor City International School

Given by John Haire, Ph.D. on Feb. 14, 2012

Harbor City International School is 10 years old, young enough to enjoy the wonderment of imagination, and old enough to develop true measures of independence. Our clarity of purpose, our labors toward effectiveness, and our willingness to reflect on our methods give us our identity. As with all great journeys, we have faced, and continue to face, many challenges. Yet, our confidence that we are a valuable resource to the families of Duluth remains undaunted.

Solo Yak Trax Seeking Same

Size small Yak Trax seeks similar for companionship. Likes long, icy walks in the woods. Opened minded about outings with trax of various colors. Kindly respond below, all inquires answered.

The Owls Club of Duluth, Minn.

Video from Adam Carr’s “January in Duluth” blog.

Help take a bite out of downtown crime

Duluth News Tribune: “Police hope for downtown Citizen Patrol

Let’s take back Downtown Duluth together! Tuesday, Feb. 21, 10 a.m. at the Greysolon Plaza Fireside Room.

Images from Diorama-rama 5

Well, somebody had to.

Where in Duluth?

McNair Event at St. Scholastica

There’s been a lot of heat on PDD, on the DNT, and apparently, even on NPR, about the “Unfair” campaign to raise consciousness about the existence of structures that result in white privilege. As a result, questions of race and class and gender are flaring to the foreground.

Just for a brief counterpoint, I want today to take a look at a program that “does it right” — that recognizes that race is one variable, an important one, but only one in a matrix of privilege and works to destabilize that matrix.