Butt Litter @ Homegrown

So, at Sacred Heart for Homegrown, and outside the doors, right next the a cigarette disposable receptacle, this guy (with a large beard) clearly flicks his still burning cigarette out on the ground, at the church no less.  Now, I’m a smoker too, but is it really that hard to not litter the place with cigarette butts? Gosh, I guess I thought at least people going to Homegrown could care just a ‘wee’ bit better than this … end of rant.

The Little Black Books — “Kozy”

Director and editor: Joshua Carlon
Director of photography: Chris Hadland

Sarah Krueger download special

Homegrown Week Special: Download my latest full-length album for $4.99 this week, because I love you. Get it, share it, get out and support local music this week, and all year, and forever and ever amen. Pass it on!


The People Say Fox — “The Whaler’s Line”


Homegrown Music Video Festival entry by Emily Norton.

Bill, where’s your music video?

Bill, where’s your music video?

(Can a PDD “Homegrown” category be added?)

Two new albums from Dirty Knobs

Hello. I released two new albums today. I am so sorry.

You could call them “dark-ambient.” “Electro.” “Drone.” “Doom.” “Soundscape.” “Experimental.” Together they are almost six hours long. Listening to them will probably feel much, much longer. Ug.

You can listen to all of it for free. $1 each to buy them. That’s not very much, but probably enough.

I hope to release four more albums this year. They will not be anything like these. Thank god.

Ghost Geometry
I am Sitting in an Infinite Room

Calling All Community Builders

With a creative answer to the questions below (not actually required), not-for-profit organizations pay nothing to promote themselves and connect with people at this year’s Twin Ports Bridge Festival. And the admission is free for a member of the organization to staff the booth! Since vendors and exhibitors are located in the concert bowl with a view of the main stage, this means a free Jayhawks concert plus a full day of music from other great bands along with community yoga, inspiration and fun for the whole family — all while spreading the good word about the organization.

The Surfactants — “Aussenseiter”


My son and I put this together at the last minute. As a result, it didn’t get shown at Zinema 2 last night during the Homegrown Music Video Festival and it won’t be shown at during the encore tonight … however, you can see it on Sunday at Chester Creek Cafe and you can watch the hell out of it on the web. Thanks to Annie Dugan for organizing another great event!

Aaron Gall and the Likely Story — “White Boy Drunk”

This is Eric Dubnicka and Jessica Hall’s contribution to the Homegrown Music Video Festival. There is an encore presentation of the video festival Tuesday night at Teatro Zuccone and a double encore on Sunday at Chester Creek Cafe. We’ll have a page of all (or most) of the videos on PDD next week.

Volkswagen in Duluth

I am really thrilled that they were able to remodel and re-use the Saturn dealership by the mall as a Volkswagen dealership. According to local news reports, Volkswagen hasn’t had a presence around here for 20 years. Does anyone know who the last dealer in the area was? I’ve heard there was once a place on the hillside that sold Volkswagens. Does anyone recall that?

Advice along the way

We are hedging our bets that fuel will be down to under $3.00 a gallon come July, making a summer vacation affordable. All kidding aside, we are heading to Calgary for the big rodeo. We’ve got 3 weeks for the trip out and back. Could I get some advice from those of you who have been out that way?

(1) Thoughts on the route?
(2) Suggestions for campgrounds?
(3) Significant points of interest?

We’re pulling a tent-camper and do not need hookups. We can get by with primitive camp sites. Along with my wife, our two kids [6 and 8] will be making the trip.

Moving to Duluth – First Impressions

A video by Laura Prosser of UMD in which she interviews people about their first day in Duluth.

Homegrown 2012 on KUMD

It’s a busy Homegrown week on KUMD, 103.3. We’ll have Homegrown bands Live from Studio A every day, a four-band blitz on the Local Wednesday at 5, and a Local Music Download of the Day on our website. Find all the details at kumd.org.

Quizzard. Slizzard. Gizzard.

Recommendations for a new gas hook up?

It’s still a couple weeks before I move back to town (second-time transplant) but I figured here would be a good place to get a recommendation for services.  I’m pretty handy around the house but when it comes to gas lines I’d rather leave it to the professionals.

I need to get a gas hook up for a stove put in (the house is on city gas lines, just doesn’t have a valve run for the stove).  The house currently has a broken electric stove, and if I have to replace it anyway, I’m going gas.  Sure I could look around online and make a list and just start calling for quotes … but I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Thanks in advance, all you helpful Duluthians!