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The Half Hearts release sophomore album Tuesday at the Electric Fetus

Duluth indie group the Half Hearts will release their sophomore album, Uptown Sound, on Tuesday at the Electric Fetus.

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Tall Ships Return to Duluth

DNT: Three tall ships to visit Duluth for festival this summer, July 15-18

Duluth is an amazing place to be in the summer.

For last year’s events, see PDD here and here.

Tall Ships
Image by Northern Images Photography – Dennis O’Hara

Homegrown 2011 Slideshow Retrospective

Here’s the 2011 Homegrown Music Festival Flickr photo pool:

And here’s a link to the videos from the 2011 Homegrown Music Video Festival.

Tarryl Clark Moving to Duluth to Take on Cravaack

I had been wanting to see if we could have a somewhat level-headed informed and nuanced discussion on the challenger pool for Chip Cravaack in MN 8th Congressional District. I figured I’d wait until after the homegrown fog burned off to post anything, but this morning the Duluth News Tribune has a bombshell from John Lundy saying Tarryl Clark is running for the seat. Was that a bombshell for anyone else besides me?

Before I knew about Clark’s bid, I wanted to talk about other un-announced candidates. In addition to Daniel Fanning and Jeff Anderson who appear to be in Pawlenty mode, that is, campaigning-but-not-campaigning not officially in other words. Here are the people who are not campaigning but that I think might make the race interesting: Tom Rukavina, Tom Bakk and Don Ness (Donny says he doesn’t want the job and that is fine with me, I’d like to keep him as mayor for a term or 3 more). The DNT identifies a few other candidates in the article that I did not know were considering a run, including Yvonne Prettner Solon, but most of them I don’t know so I can’t comment (but you can).

So we’ve already got a half dozen “local” candidates mulling a run and then Clark rolls in from St. Cloud and changes the entire chemistry of the race. Or does she? Banter away PDDers but please save the frothy mouthed passion for the Troll Zone thread. I’m looking for thoughts and analysis here, not bile. Thanks.

Update: I discovered that MN Brown Iron Range writer/college instructor Aaron Brown, already wrote about this a couple of months ago, including the possible Clark bid.

Also, I forgot to add Karen Diver, Chairwoman and CEO of the Fond du Lac Band to my potential candidates list. She has a great deal to recommend herself for the position and to me, she’s actually the most interesting potential candidate, although I have no idea if she or anyone else besides Tarryl Clark is actually gonna run.

Update 6/14/11

“I filed today my paperwork to seek the office of the presidency of the United States today and I very soon will be making my formal announcement.”

Michele Bachmann last night on CNN one of her classic headline stealing moves that has to have Tim Pawlenty’s stomach all tied up in knots today. But this means that Bachmann can not run for her 6th District seat and president at the same time.

So Today MinnPost is asking the same thing I want to know: Does this mean Tarryl Clark will give up her bid for the 8th District so she can run for an open seat in the 6th? She recieved 38% of the vote there vs. Bachmann’s 52% in 2010 according to those geniuses at wikipedia

Wright Around Ya Leads Harbor City Rollerdames to Victory!

Harbor City Rollerdames

“Wright Around Ya,” the always smiling Jammer for the Harbor City Rollerdames,, led the team to a big victory tonight over Fargo. Part ballerina, part .44 caliber bullet as she rockets around the track in Pioneer Hall, “Wright Around Ya” worked her way through the crowds to score — a lot, as did Killer Cleta and Gypsy. All the team deserves a nod, but I’d love to see “Wright Around Ya” featured in an article in the DNT or on Fox 21.

I have a question, though. The games seemed a much slower pace tonight — I realized that the pack was circling the track a lot slower, sometimes almost stopped. What is up with that kind of play? I’d love to hear from an expert. And I’d love an actual score — I forgot to write it down.

Friday wins.

See the winning moment.

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w/ special guests Fema Camp Counselors!

Puddle Wonderful

(Lousy photo, but it’s the only one I have — Puddle Wonderful at Norm’s Beer & Brats, 1996.)

A few random facts about the band:

* The name Puddle Wonderful comes from an E. E. Cummings poem describing springtime as “mudlucious” and “puddle wonderful.”

* First gig was at the Recyclabell in Duluth in the summer of 1993.

* Last gig was at the North Star Liquor Lounge in Superior in the summer of 1998.

* Reunion show at R.T. Quinlan’s Saloon during the Homegrown Music Festival — May 7, 2011.

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Piece of Elton John Plays Homegrown

Kim Bullard, Elton John’s keyboardist, was at the Brewhouse Thursday night playing with Jessica Myshack. The rumors are true. Who says you have to pay 150 bucks to see Sir Elton (or a piece of his band) play in Duluth?

Free Photography Exhibit of the Duluth-Superior Camera Club

 Joe Kubala photo

Photo by Joe Kubala

Opening reception 5-8pm Saturday at the DPI, 405 E. Superior St. Refreshments and great photography conversation! For more info on the club and the DPI go to:

Duluth Electronic Music

It seems that there has been an increase of DJ’s and electronic music artists in Duluth. I’ve been told that anyone with a laptop can write electronic music. This is true, but usually it’s not very enjoyable to listen to. Either way, I like to mess around with it. I thought I’d just share with the community a hobby I’ve been working on for maybe a year now. Music is as subjective as any art, so it’s cool not to like it. If you have any critiques or comments then let me know! I’d love to hear how much you enjoy or don’t enjoy what I’m doing.

Mr. Ness

Note: My project name has nothing to do with Mayor Ness.

Indian Taco Fundraiser in Duluth

Thursday, May 12, from 10 am until 6pm at the Lincoln Park Skate Shack. Proceeds go to Twin Ports Action Coalition. Indian Tacos are only $5. Delivery available.

Call Scott at 218-260-5390

Twin Ports Action Coalition is a group working on ending Homelessness and Poverty in the Northland.

“Security” @ Clyde Iron

Did anyone have any trouble with the Security team at Clyde Iron Works during the Trampled by Turtles show Wednesday night? I am not referring to the police, rather the goons in the black T-shirts. I saw them being pretty heavy handed on several occasions without much cause. Just curious if anyone else noticed or had a problem. The show itself was a lot of fun.

Spring Adult Opportunities at Hartley Nature Center

Celebrate Spring with some great adult opportunities at Hartley Nature Center: wildlife gardening, wildflower walks, and evenings in the garden. More information at

Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards

May 19–Winners of the 23rd annual Northeastern Minnesota Books Awards (NEMBA) will be announced in an evening celebration on Thursday, May 19, in UMD’s Kirby Ballroom. The free community event will kick off at 5 p.m. with a book fair and dessert reception. Barton Sutter, Duluth’s first poet laureate, will emcee the formal program beginning at 6:30, featuring best-selling children’s author Mary Casanova as guest speaker. Book fair continues until 9 p.m. Free.

More info:

Mary Casanova, a best-selling children's author, will keynote the NEMBA program

Minn. Republican Legislator Rips on Author Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman (l.) w/ M.T. Anderson at Midwest Booksellers Association trade show in 2009

Republicans now targeting a hard-working author for being too successful at what he does.

Review of 13 at the Duluth Playhouse

13 Poster

This review is not targeted at the (justifiably) proud parents of the cast of 13, nor anyone else who has tickets to the show in hand. Rather, this review is targeted at those of you who, like me, peruse the schedule of Duluth’s many arts events and consider a Children’s Theatre productionas something to skip. Which would be a shame, because to miss this show is to miss one of the true delights of this year’s theatre season.

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Jesse Ventura for Chicago-Lake Liquor

A classic from 1984.

Open Drum Circle in Duluth

When: Friday, May 6, 7-9pm.

What: An open drum circle for hand drums and percussion instruments. Un-facilitated free drumming to suit the soul. A brief (2 minute) candle lighting ceremony is held at the beginning of the event.

Where: 835 W. College St. (The Unitarian Universalist Church between UMD and St. Scholastica).

Who: Open to all abilities and intents. Open to all ages (but children should be supervised).

Why: For fun and enjoyment. To feed the spirit. To release the angst. To share and learn.

 Cost: Free.

Free Comic Book Day in Duluth

About Free Comic Book Day:

Free Comic Book Day is a single day when participating comic book specialty shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their shops. Free Comic Book Day is held the first Saturday in May each year.

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