Chester Bowl Snowboarding

LakeVoiceNews: Local Themed Publication

What makes Duluth unique? What makes it special? We tried to answer this question through our stories. LakeVoice’s publication this week is about everything local. Here’s what we’ve been working on this week:

  • Celiac is an autoimmune disorder believed to affect up to 1% of the US population. Sadly, there is no cure. The only known effective treatment is a gluten-free diet. Alicia Lebens put together a collection of gluten-free options for Duluthians on Pinterest.
  • 2104 E. Superior St. has become the coolest house to see local musicians and artists. Recently, they’ve hosted journalist Adam Carr (creator of January in Duluth), music acts Dirty Horse and Big Wave Dave, and photographer Kip Praslowicz. Rebecca Mortensen interviewed the owners for this week’s LakeCast.

Independent Minnesota 8th Congressional District candidate seeks nomination

I realized back when I was a young man the United States of America was not the pillar of democracy that the propagandists claim it to be. Expressing what I knew as a 19 year old, I could name quite a list of ruthless dictators that clandestine parts of the U.S. government had at least some responsibility of bringing into power if they did not outright install them. They included the Shah of Iran, Baby Doc, Marcos, Batista, Samoza, Suharto and Saddam Hussein to name a few.

This week: Apps and Ales, gardening and car delights, and more

Monday, March 26
Thirsty Pagan hosts its second Appetizers and Ales event with featured beer to complement Wide World of Wings wings.

Thursday, March 29
Enjoy an evening of wine and music at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College’s Taste of the Vineyards. More Fun Than Bowling, put on by a UMD student run theater group, opens at the Teatro and runs through the weekend.

Friday, March 30
The Tisdales release their third album Supercaldera at R.T.’s. Today through Sunday, gearheads and car lovers can get their fill at Motorhead Madness at the DECC.

Saturday, March 31
Featuring 3 DJs from California, the California Love Tour hits Clyde Iron. Kickoff the gardening season at third annual Spring Fling at Peace United Church.

There’s plenty more events where those came from on the PDD Calendar.

Annual First Tick of the Year Post

I haven’t seen any ticks yet, but this popped up on my Facebook wall:

Where in Duluth?

Duluth-Area BBS

Recently, I stumbled on this website, which lists BBS numbers that existed in the 218 area code in the 80s and 90s. The BBS or bulletin board system was a precursor to web forums. People usually used BBSs that were physically in the same area as they were, since their computer would actually have to call the BBS and would incur long-distance charges just like any other landline phone call.

I never used a BBS, but I remember other kids talking about them furtively in my computer programming class in 8th grade. Sadly, my trusty VIC-20 lacked a modem.

Did anyone here use these or other local BBSs, or better yet did anyone actually run one? If so, please nerd out in the comments.

Scarlet Rivera returns to the northland

Scarlet Rivera will be performing at the Weber Music Hall – UMD in May, along with Gene LaFond and the Wild Unknown. Concert presented by Armory Arts and Music Center. Here’s my take on what promises to be an exciting concert.

Political leanings

I don’t recall ever seeing a car covered in bumper stickers that wasn’t expressing a liberal-leaning point of view.

And I don’t recall ever seeing a sheet-of-plywood sign painted in block letters posted outside someone’s home that wasn’t expressing a conservative-leaning point of view.

Feel free to share your own examples and offer theories on why this is or is not true.

Building Your Homegrown Stamina

A couple weeks before actual Homegrown, way down yonder in a town called Winona, there’s a music festival happening called Midwest Music Fest. Charlie Parr, Greg Brown and a slew of others are playing. They appear to be liberally using the term ‘homegrown,’ so maybe the powers that be should consider bartering for their superior web skills, as they have a pretty boss website, though the art could use a little help. The weekend pass is essentially free if you buy the Brown ticket. Solid acts from all over abound. Parr, due to overwhelming popularity last year, is playing multiple sets this year.

Instagram Spotlight on Tim Landis is a Spotlight on the Twin Ports

Not sure why I missed this but my Twitter friend Tim Landis and his amazing instagram pictures were featured a month or so ago on the Huffington Post

Where on the North Shore?


Lake Superior Libraries Symposium announces a call for posters

The Lake Superior Libraries Symposium is announcing a “Call for Posters” as part of its June 1 Conference in Superior. Librarians, educators and organizations from Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are encouraged to submit a poster proposal to promote their programs, resources, and research. To sign up, visit click here.

Carless in Duluth

A short documentary about people living in Duluth without cars, either by choice or by circumstance.

Retribution Gospel Choir on the Current

Songs performed: “Feel it, Superior,” “Maharisha,” “The Stone” and “Take Your Time.”

Retribution Gospel Choir has a new 7-inch EP coming out March 27. The Revolution EP can be downloaded here or the record can be pre-ordered here.