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Intectural Inc. is hiring for a part-time customer service/administrative assistant. Please visit for more info. All resumes should be e-mailed to sales @ by Monday, March 12, 2012. Please do not stop in or call.


Caitlin Robertson — “Like Pure Snow”

New video shot in Duluth.

Signs of Time Project

Amber Ooley, a LakeVoice News editor, started a project about the signs found throughout Duluth. These signs can be anything from a billboard to an illuminated store sign or even a sign that may represent something else.

You can find examples on the LakeVoice News Tumblr page. We have already linked two posts from PDD: Duluth’s Old Street Signs and Illuminated Signs of Duluth.

You can keep this conversation alive by submitting your thoughts, photos, or videos about the signs of Duluth. Directions for submissions are located in the first post at the bottom of the Tumblr page. If you would prefer to share your sign on PDD, we can link your post to our page.

If you have questions or comments, please email: lakevoicenews @

This week: Irish and Scottish music, midweek blues, hockey and charcoal art

Three Duluth-area high-school boys hockey teams are competing in the Minnesota state tournament in St. Paul this week. Hermantown and Marshall have games on Wednesday; East plays on Thursday. But there’s more to this town than hockey, in case you haven’t heard.

Charlie Parr is playing at Tycoons Alehouse with Devil’s Flying Machine twice this month. The first time is this Wednesday, the second is next Wednesday. (This is contrary to earlier reports that Charlie would be playing the Brewhouse on those dates.)

Also on Wednesday, Teatro Zuccone is screening the documentary film Pray the Devil Back to Hell, which documents a peace movement called Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace.

Kelly Thompson opens her solo art exhibition at Washington Gallery on Friday, featuring charcoal drawings and paintings created using a variety of media.

The trio of Ross Sutter, Laura MacKenzie and Danielle Enblom — collectively known as Northern Gael — will perform traditional Irish and Scottish music at the Quaker Meeting House on Saturday.

And that’s just a tiny sampling of the hoopla you can find in the PDD Calendar. Rant and rave about these events and more in the comments. Let us know if we’re missing anything.

Small Engine Repair Recommendation

My snow blower conked out and I need to find somewhere to take it for repair. I remember a thread like this not long ago but can’t find it searching here on PDD or through Google. If anyone can find the link and repost in the comments that would be great. Any other recommendations of places to go or to avoid would be appreciated. Any place that will pick up equipment would be most helpful because I don’t have a truck.

History detectives: Who was Lester?

The photo of the mouth of the Lester River taken in 1896. Photo credit: submitted by Julie Krienke

UMD journalism student Julie Krienke wrote this great article for Maybe it’s just because I live on Leicester, but I think this article and Mark Atkinson’s search are a perfect candidate for the PBS series, The History Detectives. Maybe if everyone tells them we’d like them to join the search? It worked for TBT on Prairie Home Companion.

Julie writes:

As Mark Atkinson leafs through the file of old newspaper clippings about Lakeside at the Duluth Public Library, he pauses when he sees a photo of the Lester River. He sets aside a 1896 photo showing the mouth of the river and sighs.

“I can tell you who every creek and river in Lakeside is named after except that one.”

To read more, visit the article at

Lost Wedding Ring at Piedmont

Should you happen to find a wedding ring on the ski trails at Piedmont … um … that would be mine. It most likely came off at the overlook when I took my gloves off, but I couldn’t find it on my return visit. I suppose it could be anywhere along the trail or parking lot. Please call the PDD headquarters at 624-6087 if you see it.

Super Frozen – Lake Superior Surf Short

Lake Superior surfing video shot on Jan. 13, set to the song “Cry, Cry, Crow” by the Pines.

Who Loves Ya?

Another link to the Savalas commercial.

Name that Goo

After digging out my car yesterday, I saw this yellow stuff that had dripped off of it into the snow. I also saw it in almost every spot in the street after cars drove away. I can’t imagine all the cars on our block are leaking antifreeze, or that tiny dogs snuck under each car to pee.

Anybody else see it or know what it is? Let the conspiracy theories begin.

Boreal Bicycle Works

Last week I was tooling around town on my bicycle when I stumbled upon this business. I have never heard any of my cycling friends mention this shop. It opened in 2001, but when did it close? Heck, it might even still be open. There are some Christmas lights on in the window.

Do people have stories/history about this business?

UMD Outdoor Gear Swap

The UMD Outdoor Educators Club’s 14th annual Outdoor Gear Swap/Fundraiser is coming up on Saturday, March 3. Bring your outdoor gear to sell during the drop off times, and/or come to the sale and take advantage of some great deals! Gear to help people enjoy the outdoors will be sold by students, community members and local businesses. 15% of the sale price is taken to promote outdoor education. It’s like a big garage sale for outdoor gear.

All in the Sports and Health Center.  Link to a map. Park only in legal spots. Look for signs.

Gear drop-off times:
Friday, March 2, 3 to 7 p.m. and Saturday, March 3, 8 to 9 a.m.

Sale (Open to everyone):
Saturday, March 3, 9:30 a.m. to noon
Meet: Sports and Health Center Room 135

Dan Branovan Photography

I’m a local photographer. Take a peak at my page. I’m looking for some work and some critiques.

Duluth cross-country ski trails open

Here’s the much anticipated news release from the city:

Parks and Recreation has announced four of the six cross-country ski trails are groomed and ready for skiing.