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Summer Ski Suggestions

I’ve got some business travel set up for Northern Colorado and Utah in late June.  Any suggestions for a resort which may still be running lifts?  Ideally, I’d like to find something open during the week of 20 June.  Arapahoe Basin is open until the 19ththat’s the latest I’ve been able to find.  Also – suggestions on renting gear verses checking or shipping?  Seems that for a two day junket – one is better off just renting from the shop.

Dandelion Time in Duluth

I’ve finally started noticing dandelions blooming over the past week (perhaps it’s been longer – I’m slow).  I want to try my hand at making some dandelion wine this year, but I don’t have my own yard to pick them in.  I was wondering if anyone knew a good place (or several good places) to find dandelions to pick?  I need places that absolutely have not been sprayed with any kind of weed killer, and hopefully aren’t frequented by dogs.

Thanks in advance!

The 2nd Annual Sound Unseen In’tl Duluth Film+Music+Art Festival

Sound Unseen International Duluth is proud to announce its second annual International Film, Music and Art Festival, presented by Maurices, from June 8-12 in Duluth. Unlike our festival in the Twin Cities, the Duluth festival allows us to expand our programming beyond “films-on-music” (although still included via our In Competition music films) and brings world-class cinema, art and music to the Twin Ports area.

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Summer Opportunity for Youth in Duluth

Urban Wilderness Camp

Duluth’s Urban Wilderness Camp is open for registration.  We take small groups of kids (10-12 years old) into Duluth’s public forests and explore local treasures. This summer, we have camps at Fairmont Park (by the zoo), Lower Chester Park, and Lester Park. 

Each camp runs Monday through Thursday, 9-3:30.  We do things like swim in local creeks, search for crayfish, find agates, safely eat wild plants and berries, explore forests and creeks, play disc golf and capture the flag, make up games, paddle canoes, fish, cook over fires, tie knots, set up tarps, ride the city bus, hike on the Superior Hiking Trail, bike on the Munger Trail, paddle canoes, work and play as a team, and take care of our local urban wilderness.  Each day, we have healthy snacks provided by Duluth’s Whole Foods Co-op!  For more information or to sign up for this or other Hartley Nature Center summer camps, go to or call 218 724-6735.

Show off your Photography and win $$$

Lone Gondolier at Sunset, Grand Canal, Venice, 2006

The Duluth Photography Institute’s 2011 Photo Contest has five categories, each with a $100 cash top prize: Fine Art, Natural World, Human Influence, Creative Expression, and Student Work. Deadline is July 1. To register and for more information go to

WGW – Pro Wrestling Show at the Duluth Heritage Sports Center on May 21

Wrestling Gone Wild Live Pro Wrestling at the Duluth Heritage Sports Center in the ice arena. May 21 at 6 pm starring Wild Bill Irwin, The Nuclear Native Gary Littlewolf and WGW Champion Cooter. At-Large Duluth City Councilor Jeff Anderson will be the Special Guest Referee for the main event. The proceeds will go to Twin Ports Action Coalition, a group working on ending homelessness and poverty in the Northland.

Fundraiser for the Twin Ports Action Coalition!

W.G.W. Heavyweight Championship
Cooter w/ Duck vs “the Bulldog” Sammy Savard

W.G.W. Women’s Championship
Mystik vs Scarlett Bordeaux

Brand New W.G.W. TV Championship – Fans Choose the Match!
Gary “The Nuclear Native” Littlewolf vs Kaz “tha Hoodfella” Karter

Big six-man main event featuring Wild Bill Irwin with
Special guest referee Duluth City Councilor Jeff Anderson

Also Legends the Blaster, Dynamic Dave and Dirty Ernie

Number-one Contender Tag-Team match!

Also Appearing: Asylum, Patriot III, The Blaster, Josh Price,Tommy 2 Tone, J.R. Backlund, The Bosnian Brawler and more.

Adults $10 in advance and $12 at the door
Children $6 in advance and $8 at the door

Photography Exhibit of the North Shore Photo Club

(Photo by Marvil LaCroix)

Opening reception Saturday, May 14, from 5-8pm at the Duluth Photography Institute, 405 E. Superior St. Free, and refreshments will be served. Come on down and see the wonderful work of this local club, plus the Duluth-Superior Camera Club! Two for the price of none! For more information on these clubs or the DPI go to:

Dennis Anderson: Celebrating a Career

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, in a coma, or frozen from the Duluth winter, chances are you’ve heard that the face of news in the Northland, Dennis Anderson, will be retiring soon.  In fact, his last newscast will be Wednesday, May 25, so you only have a few more chances to him before Darren Danielson takes over the anchor desk.

WDIO has taken the opportunity to look back at his career on its website.  There was a news reunion of sorts, gathering some of the familiar faces of WDIO past to honor Denny.  Also included is some archive footage from memorable events in the past four decades, such as the benzene spill and fireworks explosion.  They seem to be adding new clips every day or two, so be sure to check back from time to time.

Dennis Anderson: Celebrating a Career

Spring Beauties (warning: food porn)

I went for a walk today in Bagley Nature Area with Nathan and Essa Bessa Dog. We picked fiddlehead ferns and leeks. (Well the dog didn’t help, she is only good for her looks.) Sauteed quickly in butter, served with baguette, cheese, olives, fruit and wine. Oh HELL yeah.

Anyone else eat wild greens? What kinds? How do you cook them? The leeks turned out super sweet and buttery; the fiddleheads were slightly bitter. Perhaps they needed to be cooked a little longer.

Video: Early Days of the West End/Lincoln Park, Duluth, MN

Learn more about the West End/Lincoln Park neighborhood in this 38 minute video.

New Life Lutheran Church offers beginning prayer class in Duluth

Are you easily distracted when you spend time in prayer? Did you know there are many different ways to pray? Is prayer a chore for you, or a welcome respite?

New Life Lutheran Church is offering a beginning prayer class for anyone interested in learning about prayer. Whether you prayer rarely or regularly, this class will help you feel comfortable in expressing your innermost feelings.

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One more free day in Canal Park

Parking meter on Lake Ave. Note the May 15 start date.

If you think that Canal Park belongs to Duluthians and not just to the tourists, you have one more day to freely utilize that right. Emphasis on the free. Paid parking goes in effect this Sunday, at  least at the meters and presumably at the paid lots as well.

Stroll the piers. Gawk at a 1000-footer. Deconstruct the meaning in public art. It’s your birthright, Duluth.

For today, you don’t have to worry about the gatekeepers at the hotel parking lots and their clipboards.

You don’t yet have to worry about the eager tow companies in the private lots, who will boot, tow, or just flop upon every car whose driver heads to Coldstone before hitting Caribou Coffee.

Toss some rocks at the beach at the corner of the lake. Enjoy your city. Without a roll of quarters in your pocket.

Lutsen sucks … water from trout streams

I was disappointed but not surprised to hear that state lawmakers moved one step closer to allowing Lutsen Mountain ski resort to pump more water out of the Poplar River. As John Myers reported in the DNT this week, the concerns about the effects of this on fish populations have many groups concerned.

I am personally planning on telling Lutsen that not only will I not be visiting their resort anytime soon, I’ll also be spreading the word through any channel I can find. I wish there was some way I could suggest that others also send them a note saying you’ll be doing the same.

For example, people could voice their concern on Lutsen’s Facebook by “liking it” and then voicing your displeasure: page.

People could also email Lutsen to let them know you’re going to boycott the resort.

What I can’t find is the direct email address of the resort’s co-owner, Charles Skinner. I wonder where he lives. We could all visit his house and say, “hi.”

Since Boing Boing linked to it…

Colony: The Endangered World of Bees

Slow food event! Thursday, May 19, 7pm, Peace Church, Duluth

The award-winning film Colony: The Endangered World of Bees (free), beekeeping equipment display, honey ice cream cones ($1). Honey bees pollinate one third of our fruits and vegetables. Entire colonies are dying off. This film brings to life the fascinating world of bees — and the possibility of their disappearance. Volunteer to set up room, serve ice cream, clean up. (email = mdragich @, Slow Food Lake Superior). Peace Church is at 1111 N. 11th Ave. East, Duluth.

Colony (movie trailer)

Colony Looks at the Disappearing Honeybee
Colony Film Explores Bees, Beekeeping and CCD

Hippest State in the Union?

Can this be true? Does the 612 really have that much clout? Rochester is pretty quiet and St. Cloud is, well, St Cloud. And we have Willmar, and the ball of twine and Paul Bunyan, and Funkley and Nimrod and two towns called Oslo. So I ask, is Duluth really that “hip” to make up the difference?

13 – Last Weekend

You may have already read the glowing review of this musical, or heard people raving about it in the DNT or on Facebook, but let me add my own two cents.

Don’t go see this show because you want to show your support for aspiring young talent. Don’t go because you think it’s important to support programs like this that enrich our youth and enliven our community. Don’t go out of a sense of duty.

Go because this show kicks ass. Go to be thoroughly entertained. Go to enjoy yourself. I promise you will be humming the songs for at least a week afterwards.

These young performers in our community are not the “up and coming” talent. They’re already there. Take notes.

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South Shore Camping

I did not plan ahead very well for this summer to get my camping reservations established at the 6 month or 1 year window reservations open up. Probably for the best as this encourages some exploration. I’m looking for advice on campgrounds along the south shore of the Lake. I haven’t done much camping in Wisconsin — a few nights on Madeline — that’s it [not including sleeping in the car in Superior]. Anybody willing to share their favorite camping spots in northern Wisconsin? I don’t need hook-ups or showers or KOA amenities. A developed swimming area and beach would be nice, as the kids will be in tow.

What is the current state of literature?

I am asking all opinions on the state of literature today. Does it exist? Is there a difference between Literature and what most people read today (if they do happen to read).

It makes me sad that many men see reading as a “women’s” activity. Don’t we all appreciate a good story? Why is any novel that has an “Oprah” symbol on it now seen as weak fluff that is not suitable for men to read?

I hate buying books that have the movie cover on the book. Most of the time I have never even heard of a really good book until it is set to come out as a movie. Is that the only way books actually sell?

I am not sure if I will ever own an e-reader but I know I will never give up my books.

Old Timey at Thirsty Pagan