Antique Motorcycle Welding Help

I’m looking for preferably an English/antique motorcycle enthusiast who might be able to help me weld a couple of small front engine mounts as I transfer a small engine into another frame. I can’t afford too much, prefer barter, like some home brew or something for the effort. Thanks.

Second chance to enter Grandma’s

To raise money to help complete the Joe Gomer statue at the new Duluth International Airport, Security Jewelers is auctioning an entry to the Garry Bjorklund/Grandma’s Half Marathon. This is a totally sold out event and 100 percent of proceeds will go to help honor this true American hero who was a member of the Tuskegee Air force. Please forward this message on to make all who missed out on an entry aware.

Duluth Landscaper Recommendations

I know we all tend to be DIYers when it comes to the yard, but I am in need of some vision and major revision. Tile, dirt, no-grass front lawn, shoring up the fence. Any suggestions on a good all-around scaper in the area? Thanks.

Lost Dog in Lakeside

Found a little lost dog in Lakeside near 52nd Avenue East and Dodge Street this morning. It has a purple collar but no tags. It has an injured right, rear leg and seems like it was out for a while (very hungry and matted, but just had chicken and water!). I will bring her to the Duluth Animal Shelter.

Indian Country Today: Girls and Women in Duluth Sexually Exploited for Generations

Earlier this month Indian Country Today, a national daily newspaper, featured an historical analysis of the sexual exploitation of Native American girls and women. The story, and the pattern, is chilling enough as it is, but the story is framed in and around Duluth, making it all the more compelling. This is an excellent piece of advocacy journalism by Mary Annette Pember.

Here’s an excerpt that puts a very human face on the problem.

Mary, Ojibwe, is a grandmotherly figure wearing a shapeless, colorful flowered dress. She meets me at the door of her little house and escorts me into her sun-drenched living room. Pleasantly cluttered with photographs, the room is not unlike those of many of my relatives. We sit down to chat, and I make a mental note that she seems an unlikely figure to tell such a powerful story of going from boat whore to survivor to activist. I feel at home here in her cozy house that overlooks the bright, clear waters of Gichigami (Lake Superior) and find it vaguely disturbing that she seems so familiar. I see that, like me, she is a sister, an Anishinaabe-ikwe and a survivor.

Mary, now 51, tells me that like her mother, she worked the boats and was trafficked into prostitution. Mary says she and her 21 siblings were all conceived through her mother’s liaisons with seamen, but her entry into “the life” was an accident. At the age of 15, she was broke and homeless, standing on the street with a girlfriend in Duluth when a Pakistani man approached them. “He was nice to us, telling us about his country. He invited us on board his boat and hailed a taxi. That was the first time I had ever ridden in a taxi,” she recalls.

Thus began her life on the boats

Sure this is difficult to read, and it’s heartbreaking, but I’m hoping that if we talk enough about the problem, admit that it is real and engage the many possible solutions that wise people are putting forward, then something will eventually change. We need to stop ignoring that this happens, blaming the victims, and/or insisting that the sex trade is a “victimless” crime.

Travel Time to the Twin Cities – first hand accounts?

I have an early appointment in the Big Cities on Friday. Have any of you made a run to St. Paul within the past week? If so — how much more time should I budget in with construction being what it is? I’m sure the drive back up late Friday afternoon will be lovely. Serenity now!

PDD Outdoor Summer Concert Primer

Well, the snows have receded, so that means road construction and outdoor concerts. Here are a few highlights of the upcoming season.

June 15 | Trampled by Turtles
June 27 | Emmylou Harris
June 30 | Glen Campbell
July 1 | Wilco
July 7 | Twin Ports Bridge Festival (with the Jayhawks)
July 14 | Bayfront Reggae and World Music Festival
July 21 | Steve Earle & the Dukes
July 21 | Respect Your Mother Earth Festival
Aug. 3 | Bradfest
Aug. 5 | Bayfront Jam Music Festival (with Steve Martin)
Aug. 5 | Greg Brown
Aug. 10-12 | Bayfront Blues Festival
Aug. 31 | Cloud Cult with That 1 Guy

What outdoor concerts are on your radar this summer?

Any tips on choosing a Duluth lawyer?

We are having a rough time with Minnesota Care, and we need to appeal a decision they’ve made. It’s a big decision — a decision that has set a pretty bad precedent concerning Minnesota Care and PCIP — and we’d feel better making our argument with a lawyer on our side. Long story short, does anyone know a good lawyer who might have some experience dealing with medical insurance?

This ought to be the death of them

Duluth band Low is playing a concert in front of the caretaker’s cottage at the Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery on June 9.

View of Rice’s Point, 1962

The above shot of Rice’s Point is from the Cliff’s Barber Shop Collection. It is from early 1962, as near as I can figure, making it 50 years old. The new Blatnik Bridge (at right) appears to be not quite completed in the photo, and the old swing-span Interstate Bridge seems to still be in use.

This modern-day shot is from April of 2011. I didn’t shoot it intending to get a comparable shot to the one above. It’s an interesting coincidence. A few hours after I acquired Cliff Johnson’s slides, but before I looked at any of them, I went for a hike on Goat Hill and shot this photo. Later in the day I borrowed my parent’s slide projector and saw Cliff took a very similar shot back in the day. Weird.

Related links on PDD:
Proctor’s Yellowstone #225 circa 1963
Fishing on the Knife River, Spring 1962
Blatnik Bridge Under Construction

Big Water Bike Journal (Day 12-20)

On May 1, Zach Chase and Kris McNeal set off on their bicycles to circle the Great Lakes. It’s a trip that will take 90 days and span close to 6,000 miles. They are filming along the way and will produce a feature length documentary about the communities surrounding the Great Lakes and the importance of the natural beauty in our backyard. Check out the journal they have been keeping along the way.

It’s not prognostication if you are not a lummox

“Duluth was trying to develop another economy with technology, like hundreds of others tried,” Link said. “It failed everywhere, not just Duluth.” – J.R. “Rob” Link DNT

It did not fail everywhere. Stupid failed.

We don’t get to be the Galactic Seaport Gateway Harbor to the internets anymore just because we paid some Swedish shysters moneys??  Opportunistic bandwagoneers. What makes this so frustrating is 11 years ago, the same sorts of people (the Dotys, the developers, the councilpersons, the Soft Center representatives [PDF]) were cheerleading and saying exactly the opposite. And it was as obviously /Facepalm then as it appears today.

Summer camps for area kids into technology

With the Duluth East Daredevils robotics team again going to nationals this year and high school robotics teams now also at Denfeld and Marshall, how can kids get started in robotics before high school?

There are some summer camps for kids that focus on technology:

Marshall School Train Your Brain Camps

  • App Design Camp
  • Build Your Own Computer Camp
  • Engineering Camp
  • Girl Technology Camp
  • Lego Robotics Camp

St. Scholastica’s Technology Camps

  • Game Design Camp
  • Girls Technology Camp
  • Graphic Design Camp
  • Robotics Camp

WITC College for Kids Summer Camps

  • Geek Week
  • Lego Robotics Camp

This week: Dylan, health care comedy, networking and storytelling


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Duluth Dylan Fest dominates the calendar this week with many events in several venues, including a film fest, a panel discussion about Dylan’s legacy, and a concert on a train.

Tuesday you can laugh till it hurts at Laughing to Keep from Crying, sketch comedy inspired by our health care system at the Play Ground.

On Wednesday you can network about networking at the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference downtown at the Holiday Inn.

It’s sort of like the Swiss Family Robinson in reverse. A family with two small girls live aboard their sailboat in the Great Lakes and Atlantic for a year. The book release of “Big Waves, Small Boat, Two Kids” by area writer Katya Gordon is this Thursday at the Fitger’s Bookstore.

Area writers and performers converge on the Teatro on Friday for another edition of Zenith City Tales with the story telling theme being about education this time around.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

Proctor native Scott Jurek featured on Yahoo sports

Diet Tips From Scott Jurek, Ultrarunner And Vegan