House for sale by owner

Two-bedroom, two-bath bungalow on dead-end street in upper Woodland with one-car garage and nice shed. 1,170 square-foot home on 50×152 lot with a nice sized deck and fenced yard. Lower level family room, custom kitchen cabinets, refinished hardwood floors, new furnace, water heater, and electrical. Newer roof, vinyl siding, walk up attic, plenty of closet space, and other storage. Many pictures available. Contact me ASAP if interested because I will be signing with a realtor soon if I cannot sell on my own.

Ami (218) 731-1485
amilee.s @ gmail.com

Dragon Port Co-operative Gaming Society

The name isn’t set in stone. It’s my vision for saving the game space currently occupied by Dragon Port Games & Comics.

Homegrown banners on PDD

I’m a little late this year, but here is the annual call. We’re looking for your Homegrown photos! The guidelines are the same as always. We’ll rotate Homegrown images in that extremely horizontal and hard-to-fit-a-photo-into space at the top of the page during next week’s festivities.

This week: nerd-in-chief rambles, women are people, country music, networked computers and an inconceivable movie

Here’s a smattering of things listed on the Perfect Duluth Day Calendar this week.

If you didn’t catch our mayor, Don Ness, at the Harbor City Roller Dames bout on Saturday you can hear him talk about “The Walking Subcaucus” at Nerd Nite 16 on Wednesday or have lunch with him at Tycoons on Thursday as he chats with the Chamber of Commerce about his “90 by 20″ initiative.

Take Back the Night March is on Thursday because, apparently, this country requires a remedial lesson on women’s rights.

The Teatro Zuccone is being transformed into the Grand Ole Teatro on Thursday featuring some great local musicians playing originals and country covers. Yee to the haw!

If you are in the mood to virtually blow up things there’s a free LAN party at Lake Superior College starting Friday afternoon.

The Princess Bride is at the Zinema 2 Saturday morning so please put your favorite quote from the movie in the comments below.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

“Art for our Wild Woods”

Kate and I attended the benefit for Wildwoods Rehabilitation: “Art for our Wild Woods,” organized by Caroline Sneve Routley, April 22, 2012. Kate volunteers for Wildwoods, and I get suckered in once and a while.

Local Snowboarding Company Jambox

A teaser for Jambox shred gears snowboard team.


Roller Dames First Loss of the Season

Last night, the Harber City Roller Dames earned their first loss of the season against Fargo.


What do the Cult, Bruce Springsteen, Garbage, Katy Perry, Coldplay and Run DMC have in common?

They were all available in special, limited edition releases for Record Store Day at Vinyl Cave.

World Book Night is coming up

World Book Night USA will be celebrated on Monday, April 23, which is also William Shakespeare’s birthday. On World Book Night, thousands of people all across the USA will give away free copies of one of 30 titles. That’s right, free books. It’s all part of an international effort to promote print books and literacy and reading.

Last year’s first World Book Night, held in the UK, was by all reports, fabulous. So, if someone like Ann Klefstad or hbh1 or myself walks up to you Monday evening and hands you a book, you know why. I’ll be giving away free copies of A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick in both Supetown and in Duluth, as it is set in northern Wisconsin and the place itself is so much a part of the plot. Here’s an article former Duluthian Laurie Hertzel wrote about World Book Night USA.

I’d like to point out that Carl Lennertz, the big cheese at World Book Night headquarters in NYC, told Hertzel that one of his “top five favorite applications” to be a World Book Night giver was from a Duluth, Minn. cabbie! Ramos, was it you?

Lake Avenue Café named “Best Restaurant Worth the Drive” by City Pages

City Pages‘ “Best of the Twin Cities” issue came out on Wednesday. Lake Avenue Café in Duluth took honors for “Best Restaurant Worth the Drive.”

Brushing, Spring-time cleaning of medium yard, four hours

Looking for help with some weed whacking, machete, brush cleaning and disposal. One time only for four hours of medium/light brushing, disposal or bagging. Have gallery-quality ceramics to trade, or cash.

Duluthish internet meme on the loose: “If Planet of the Apes Were Made in MN”

*Note: I couldn’t find the designer or provenance with any certainty. Here are the candidates. Please share if you know where to find and credit the designer and heck, maybe buy him a root beer!

Looking for a Yarn Bomber

We have a project and are in need of a Yarn Bomber. Please email jill @ lolldesigns.com if you are up for the challenge.

‘Where is Duluth?’

I stumbled upon an interesting Duluth factoid, courtesy of the Futility Closet:

In 1871 the House of Representatives was considering subsidizing railroads to serve the Midwest, including tiny Duluth, Minn. Kentucky representative J. Proctor Knott rose, produced a bucket of sarcasm…

Yet, sir, had it not been for this map, kindly furnished me by the Legislature of Minnesota, I might have gone down to my obscure and humble grave in an agony of despair, because I could nowhere find Duluth. Had such been my melancholy fate, I have no doubt that with the last feeble pulsation of my breaking heart, with the last faint exhalation of my fleeting breath I should have whispered, ‘Where is Duluth?’

Little did he know that Duluth was destined for greatness thanks in part to its railroad. Full speech here (along with annotated laugh track): The Kentucky Anthology

Gallery Progressive

I only got to four sites in the Gallery Progressive, because I stopped to listen to the pickup group of musicians at Carmody on Thursday. Only recently did I learn that they now serve Real Food, including sliders and hot dogs of five varieties, which solves an age old problem. We can sit, enjoy the tunes, and relax.

Among the sites I visited, Friends of Industry was the site where art was most alive — art was being created as we speak.

Friends of Industry