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Things to Know Before You Move to Duluth

Video of Garrison Keillor in Duluth at the DECC Symphony Hall performing for A Prairie Home Companion.

What’s the matter with Duluth girls?

This clip didn’t make it to my inbox until after Valentine’s Day, but hey, it’s 100 years old anyway, so what’s a few more days? It’s from the Feb. 4, 1912, Duluth news Tribune. A more readable version of the text appears below.

Duluth: Say Ix-nay to the March 3 Rally

I’m reposting here an open letter written to the Duluth community by Joel Kilgour, a local peace activist, and Sara Thomsen, a local musician. Basically, Duluthians are urged to stay away from the March 3 rally planned by a white supremacist group right here in the Zenith City.

Duluth’s Old Street Signs

Mundane fact of the day: Before Duluth’s street signs were white on green they were black on white. For a while after the switch the old signs were piled up at the spot where Upper and Lower Michigan Street meet. I spent a few minutes browsing them on Jan. 30, 1999, but didn’t take any home as a souvenir.

Culture Zoo: Emerging Artists Exhibit Opens Tonight in Superior

With so many other things happening again this weekend, I thought it would be worthwhile highlighting what is sure to be an interesting exhibit titled, “Culture Zoo: Looking In and Out of Our Cage.”

The focus of this exhibition is to showcase emerging artists, reflect culture, and display art’s ability to quote the past, comment on the present, and look to the future. Artists include Vince Cody – Sculpture/Painting, Chelsea Morgan of Magic Box Photography – Photography, Christopher Selleck – Photography, Adam McCauley – Painter, Michael Smith – Painter, Jeredt Runions – Painter. Colin Wiita – Mixed Media.

Native American sculpture and painting, portrait and urban landscape photography, abstract paintings and mixed medium on canvas. Their work will fill the North End Arts Gallery at 1323 Broadway Street from tonight through April 21 which coincides with the Art for Earth Day Gallery Hop.

More information and a brief interview with Jeredt Runions here.

Duluth Rock Facts

I’ve been living here for a little over a year now and beyond the obvious musical history (Dylan roots, Low and other indie bands, Duluth Armory, etc.) I was wondering if there has been other substantial or fun trivia with musical acts in the Twin Ports. I know that Quiet Riot had its first tour start here, and that Crash Test Dummies played in the Sacred Heart, stuff like that.

A music geek’s wet dream?

The British Arts Council is going to be making John Peel’s entire music collection available on the interwebs in May on a website called The Space.

To anyone who went through the trouble of seeking out his Sessions albums (I had a few…Echo and the Bunnymen, Siouxie, the Cure, and Einstuerzende Neubauten to name a few), Peel was a legend and his passing in 2004 was a big blow to music lovers…

I might just have to buy a bigger hard drive.

Meet Rick Nolan

Rick Nolan is running against Chip Cravaack in the 8th Congressional District.

Free Local Music

My 5 songs in 5 days project is complete.

Enjoy (or perhaps tolerate) as you would like.

A Nerd Nite Boss’ Guide to Duluth

Beloved Duluth nerd Crystal Pelkey has an article in the debut issue of Nerd Nite magazine profiling the nerdiness of Duluth. The nationwide magazine is published out of Brooklyn, NY. As of last night, there was a stack of complimentary copies outside the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe.

R.I.P. Richard David Wozniak

Former owner of Young At Heart records

DNT story | Previously on PDD

Happy First Birthday, Pineapple Arts

My wife and I love your demos, your helpful staff, and the fun vibe you bring to First Street.


It was a duel for the ages, but eventually, my light sabre sliced off Steve Farnham’s metaphorical hand in the Spelling Bee at Nerd Nite Duluth, at the Zuccone.

The view down at the lake a couple days ago.

Lot of hoo-haw fer nuthin

No change in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, except that it now includes more of Betrami County.