Homegrown 2012 Slideshow Retrospective

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Homegrown Origin Mythology (part 1 of 3)

Our story begins in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and ninety eight, A.D. in a city built upon a hill, overlooking the greatest of the Great Lakes, the Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas – Duluth!

For those too young to recall, these were dark days in our fair city.  The musical landscape was largely barren – a virtual wasteland of yellow beer and cover bands.  A dark cloud hung perpetually heavy upon the arts community.  A fog of pessimism and oppression obscured the vision of what this city could offer and whispered a sinister, “move to Minneapolis.”

In this darkest hour, a small group of rebels were desperately fighting to establish a foothold for original live music and authentic culture.  One dark and dreary night they gathered at Enger Tower.  Among the rag-tag group of rebels – Bacigalupo, Monroe, Lindquist, Brewhouse Boys, The SparHawk, and Rick Boo.

New outdoors website launches in Duluth

The goal of Duluth Outdoors is to be an online network for the outdoors community in the Arrowhead region of Lake Superior. Our indexed information is meant to provide visitors with recreational opportunities. Duluth is known for its outdoor recreation and now visitors and local outdoor enthusiasts can access those opportunities through one inclusive site.

Cheap/Free place to keep a sailboat

I am currently looking for a reasonably priced, or even better yet free, place to keep a sailboat this summer.  The boat is a Phil Bolger designed Long Micro, coming in at just under 20 feet long.  It draws only about 16 inches and would be easily tied to a small dock or the like.  If I was able to find a party that would be interested in helping me out, I would gladly let them use the boat in trade for access.  I am looking to be up the river somewhat if possible, just for protection and I am currently living on that side of town.  If you or anyone you know has access to a unused dock and wouldn’t mind a beautiful boat lashed to it, please let me know!  Thanks! Included are some photos of a Long Micro, very similar to the boat in question.

Haavik @ Chester Creek

I listened to Emily Haavik from a window on the parking lot at the Chester Creek Cafe / Sara’s Table / Whatever They Call It. It was standing room only, all the way out the back of the wine bar, so Paul Lundgren and I went outside, where the windows were popped open, creating a straight line of sight, a warm breeze from the inside, and an opportunity to hear someone whose voice was really just a shortcut to her heart.

Retribution Gospel Choir — “Maharisha”


New Retribution Gospel Choir video by Dan Dresser.

Handy person needed for rental home

I own the non-typical rental home. I am the non-typical landlord. I have a gorgeous 100-year-old craftsman in the east end. It’s my dream home. I’m supposed to be, currently, raising my precious kids there. Unfortunately, there was no job to be had by my husband in the region when we lived there. In an effort to come back someday, we have kept it and are trying to strategically place tenants in there who care for it.

Anyway, I digress … I need to find a reliable, available (on-call for random and unusual “emergencies”), honest, quality and affordable handy person. I want to support a local person. (Read: not a big property management company. Been down that road, got burned hard. Now keepin’ my money local!)

Homegrown at Clyde Iron Works Log

11:15 a.m. – Contrary to rumors, there is no sign of campers at Clyde. (Via: Christa Lawler @DNTAnE)

2 p.m. – Trampled by Turtles plays Live in Studio A on KUMD 103.3 FM with Christine Dean. The band plays “Midnight on the Interstate” live in the studio, interrupted by a test of the emergency alert tone. Second song — “Alone.” Third song — “The Calm and the Crying Wind.”

2:28 p.m. – About 30 people in line at Clyde.

2:50 p.m. – The line starts getting long.

3:30 p.m. Over 400 wristbands distributed. About 600 left. No more line to wait in. Easy process.

4:44 p.m. About 200 wristbands are left. (via J.J. Lee @CarefullyWorded)

5 p.m. Bill Flannagan, the Moon is Down, Batteries and Lookdown Moon live on a two-hour episode of The Local on KUMD.

6:30 p.m. Doors open at Clyde.

7 p.m. About 100 wristbands still available at showtime. Equal Xchange plays an impressive set, but most people aren’t paying attention.

8 p.m. Father Hennepin is in top form. By the way, Starfire hasn’t worn that coat since 1999.

9:15ish Trampled by Turtles start. Things get fuzzy.

Concrete work in Superior

I’m looking to have an old sidewalk pulled out, and a nice new one poured early this spring/summer if at all possible. I’m also considering adding a textured/colored concrete patio to my back yard. Can anyone recommend a good contractor in the area that I could call for a bid?

Bill Meier — “Katelyn”

Video by Tomas Soderberg, with Erin McConnell, Max Moen, Talia and Morgan Martens and Doug Odlevak.

Homegrown Music Fest Twitter Feed #hgmf12

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Butt Litter @ Homegrown

So, at Sacred Heart for Homegrown, and outside the doors, right next the a cigarette disposable receptacle, this guy (with a large beard) clearly flicks his still burning cigarette out on the ground, at the church no less.  Now, I’m a smoker too, but is it really that hard to not litter the place with cigarette butts? Gosh, I guess I thought at least people going to Homegrown could care just a ‘wee’ bit better than this … end of rant.

The Little Black Books — “Kozy”

Director and editor: Joshua Carlon
Director of photography: Chris Hadland

Sarah Krueger download special

Homegrown Week Special: Download my latest full-length album for $4.99 this week, because I love you. Get it, share it, get out and support local music this week, and all year, and forever and ever amen. Pass it on!


The People Say Fox — “The Whaler’s Line”


Homegrown Music Video Festival entry by Emily Norton.