PDD Poll: Liquor on Sunday

Let’s see how and if the PDD community’s opinion varies from the more general opinion of Minnesotans discussed in this post from last week.

Do you support or oppose allowing Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota?

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“Eat and Run” by Scott Jurek

I just bought and read Proctor native Scott Jurek’s new book “Eat and Run” and really enjoyed it. As you may know Scott is a dominant athlete in the weird world of ultramarathons and has won many major 50, 100, 135 and 150 mile foot races world wide. He also changed from a backwoods meat-and-potato childhood diet to become a vegan and world-class athlete. His story is an amazing journey of a person who really applies himself and finds the will to complete and win distances most of us cannot imagine running. The book is not an ego trip, preachy, nor attacks omnivores, but rather relates his story and personal thoughts about training, running and racing and the positive effects of a plant-based diet. He includes simple vegan recipes in each chapter.

I met Scott years ago but do not know him, but central to the book is Dusty Olson, who inspired, taught and trained Scott to race and who also paced him in the last 50 miles of many of his major wins. Dusty is often misunderstood and underrated by most people in our community. Scott’s words about Dusty, though often hilarious, will shed more insight to Dusty’s overlooked and misunderstood character and his amazing athletic abilities. Doctor Proctor from Positively Third Street bakery and other local characters are also included in his book.

If you are not a runner or vegan, you will still enjoy this book. If you are either, you will enjoy it even more. It is a fun and inspiring autobiography and I recommend reading it.

Eat and Run

Bernie Larsen & Alan Sparhawk — “Bottomless”

How “Bikeable” is Duluth?

…more than you might expect, according to the folks who stopped by our bike station at Lake and Superior on Bike to Work Day a couple of weeks ago.


Hat Making for Everybody

Hey there lords and ladies of the craft! There’s a new series of hat workshops about to blossom. I’ll be starting a second series of beginning hat classes on Tuesday, June 19, from 6-7:30. There will be 6 weeks to the course.

Grand Cliffs Salon

The “Grand Cliffs Salon” lettering was hung last night. I didn’t have time to stop and ask questions, but apparently the Clifford Johnson legacy will continue in some form.

Duluth vs. Superior

On almost every point, Superior suffers by comparison. Duluth has 90,000 inhabitants; Superior has 30,000. Duluth has some of the most impressive nineteenth-century architecture in the Midwest; Superior is famous for asphalt shingles and insulbrick. Duluth is known for first-rate medical facilities; Superior has an oil refinery. Duluth has Spirit Mountain and a ski jump; Superior is flat as a turkey platter. Superior is clearly inferior to Duluth, but if you like an underdog, you have to love that town across the harbor. I sure do.

–Barton Sutter, from “Sister City,” an essay in his book Cold Comfort: Life at the Top of the Map

Watch out for trail-head thieves

I noticed a lot of broken glass last summer at trail-head parking lots, and last Friday I arrived at the parking lot at 123rd Ave. W. (Ely’s Peak, Munger Trail, Superior Hiking Trail) to meet a few folks who just had their car robbed.

So here’s your reminder to hide your valuables before leaving your vehicle and hitting the trails, unless you’re on a stakeout and plan to finally nab this punk (or these punks) in the act.

Lost Fedora in the Garden of the Plaza

Below is the text from an interesting Craiglist ad posted today.

You left me… – w4m (Downtown Duluth)
Date: 2012-06-05, 2:49PM

Me: Fedora laying in the garden of the Plaza on the corner of 5th Avenue West and Superior Street.

You: Wandering around with an outfit that is probably a mess without me. YOU HEARD ME. You’re a MESS without me.

Blue Laws are Stupid, post #6

According to the latest poll by Public Policy Polling, Minnesotans continue to be in strong support of allowing liquor stores to open on Sundays.

Do you support or oppose allowing Sunday liquor sales?
Support …… 59%
Oppose ……. 27%
Not sure ….. 14%

There’s a bipartisan consensus on the issue with Democrats supporting it 61/22, Republicans 46/38, and independents 68/23. The only group that doesn’t support it is elected officials.

Lost: Black cat with blue scar in right eye

I think my sweet cat Patrick accidentally got out last night at 9:30 p.m. I haven’t seen him since. If you see him around 17th Avenue East and Jefferson Street, within a mile radius, please let me know! He has a blue collar (or had when he got out), is declawed, and has a blue scar in the lower part of his right eye. Please call 218-590-1136 or email heidibagley @ yahoo.com with any information, thanks!

Duluth’s Mayor Ness: Cooler by the lake

“Duluth’s youthful chief executive is bringing fresh energy and, yes, a sense of hipness to the port city.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Duluth’s Mayor Ness: Cooler by the lake

Jambox – Tune it in

My 14-year old told me about this this weekend as we were walking the dog around the neighborhood. “There’s a video of a guy snowboarding off this wall, then down into the creek and into that tunnel.” We got an e-mail at PDD headquarters this morning with this link, sure enough, the last shot is just as my kid described. Produced by local clothing company Jambox and filmed at familiar sites all over Duluth.

This week: southern drawls, kilts and gyros


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Tuesday the 30th season of Chester Creek Concerts kicks off with McKinnis’ Kitchen.

Two plays by Tennessee Williams, Summer and Smoke and The Eccentricities of a Nightingale, open this week at the Teatro Zuccone. Williams wrote Summer and Smoke first, but wasn’t satisfied with it, so rewrote the same basic story in Nightingale. The Renegade Theater Company is presenting both in repertory fashion and lets you decide.

Goodbye, Blue Skies, an exhibit of work by Emma Rustan, opens at the Washington Gallery on Friday.

On Saturday you can Walk for Animals with Animal Allies down at Bayfront and you can get your gyro fix at Twelve Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church’s annual fundraiser.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

Dogs looking for homes

My photo partner and I are filming a documentary on animal cruelty in Alabama. We have two weeks of filming left before we head back to Duluth, at which point we hope to bring dogs and puppies back with us to be adopted in the Northland. If you are looking to adopt, please let us know. There are countless animals looking for good homes. We will be documenting their journey from Alabama to Duluth to represent a happy ending to their less fortunate life in the south.

Contact David Cowardin at 218.290.7209.

More about the documentary here.