Post-flood swimming?

Like a lot of you, I’ve got the day off. The weather over the past few days has put swimming back on my to-do list, and I’m itching to toss the kids into the car and get into the water. Has anyone heard from those in the know whether area streams or lakes are safe for swimming? Our go-to spots are Amity Creek, Island Lake, Twin Ponds and Park Point, but we’re always looking to add new spots to that list.

Calling All Traphagen Nerds!

ZCA_Bio_TraphagenO_001_DPL.jpgSince I am moderately obsessed with local history, I decided start up a project on Duluth architect Oliver Traphagen. While the Internet is great, I am looking for more perspectives on the man as well as some information on his personal life and ideals. If you want to share your knowledge then please contact me: romen021 @ d.umn.edu.

Strawberry vendors in Duluth?

Has anyone seen any roadside strawberry vendors in Duluth in the last day or two? Finke’s down in Mahtowa is having a really rough season and we need our berries bad enough to buy them from the back of a truck.

So long, Laura MacArthur Elementary


Demolition has begun on the old Laura MacArthur Elementary School (aka MacArthur/West Elementary). The new school, which was built last summer, is visible in the background of the photo below.


Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream on Lake Superior

Who can’t use ice cream during these hot days of summer! There’s a new ice cream shop at 1631 London Road (where Dairy Queen used to be). My husband and I were there on Saturday for their ‘soft’ opening and the ice cream was wonderful. They have soft-serve and traditional hard-serve ice cream. Take a detour off the Lakewalk and check it out!

Graffiti in Duluth

I’m currently working on a small photography project, and was looking for tips on where to find spots with graffiti in Duluth, especially West Duluth.

That storm cloud blew in as straight as possible, wouldn’t you say?

Chain restaurants are fun: Leeann Chin and other Duluth restaurant gossip

So, Leeann Chin is recruiting for employees in Duluth on Craigslist. Where’s that going to go?

And whatever happened to Noodles & Co. coming to the mall?

Lost Dog: Otis – Bassett Hound Mix

The dog of some out-of-town guests ran away from our yard last evening. 19th Ave E and 5th St. area. Otis is a Bassett mix. Very friendly. If you see him, please call the number on the poster, instead of the one on his tags.  Thanks. Otis-Lost2

This week: fireworks and outdoor concerts


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

If you are still glowing from the Wilco concert you could practically live at the Bayfront Stage this week with the Hairball concert on Tuesday, the Fourth Fest on Wednesday, and Bridge Fest on Saturday with a special extra day of Bridge Fest featuring Trampled by Turtles on Sunday to raise money for flood relief.

If you are looking for an alternative to Bayfront this Fourth of July you could head up the shore to Two Harbors where the Two Harbors City Band has its traditional July Fourth concert as well as performing Thursdays during the summer.

This is also the closing weekend for Superior Story, a locally written and produced comedy playing at the Play Ground.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!`

And, by the way, this calendar editor is going to be in infrequent contact with the internet for a few weeks, so if you have events you want to publicize for July I kindly suggest you submit them now.

Exploring Lake Superior by Submarine

Jim and Allen Richardson of Gonzo Science explore Lake Superior in a two-man sub.

Duluth Button Collection

If you have a button to add, upload it to the comments. It’s one of the nice things about the Internet — we can all have a button collection without having to have a button collection.

Win Community Action Duluth a new van

Vote for Community Action Duluth in 100 Cars for Good

With a Facebook account and five minutes of your time, you could win Community Action Duluth a new minivan. We’re up against four out-of-state nonprofits in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Contest.

Voting is open till 11 p.m. July 1.

If you vote, stop by our Facebook page and let us know how we’re doing (current standings are only displayed immediately after voting): facebook.com/CommunityActionDuluth

Obsidian from Duluth>

Found After the Flood

Aaand, just so I don’t seem like a total leech on the eyeballs of PDD: here’s a picture of some obsidian (?) that our Seeds of Success Urban Farming crew found post flood. Sorry for the poor photo, but anyone know if this is what it really is? Most pieces look glassy green on one surface and large-pored volcanic on the other.


Michael Latsch

When life gives you lemons …

Sexhawk gives you lemonade. And a stirring anthem about last week’s flood: “Duluth is Still Afloat (In Our Hearts)”

Campaign for two Rivulets videos

Video director Adam Barnick is running a crowd-funding campaign to produce two Rivulets videos.

Rivulets is the musical outlet of part-time Duluthian Nathan Amundson. (He still rents a place in Duluth, plays the Homegrown Music Festival every other year or so, and considers the Zenith City to be his “spiritual home.” Three Rivulets albums were recorded in Duluth, mostly at Sacred Heart Music Center).