Repurposed Duluth Day: North Shore Architectural Antiques

[This five-part series profiles local dealers of used goods, in all their rich variety. Others in the series: Sellers Auction, Retro Antiques, Central Sales and Art in the Alley.]

In a drafty old 1930s movie theater, environmental consultant John McCarthy sells antique building elements on his days off.

McCarthy, a geologist, opened North Shore Architectural Antiques in Two Harbors nearly 10 years ago. His inventory includes windows, doors, light fixtures, tiles, ceiling tins and other items.

John McCarthy
John McCarthy opens North Shore Architectural Antiques every Saturday.

This week: theater, art openings, severe weather and a second line parade

Here’s a sampling of a few things listed on the Perfect Duluth Day Calendar this week.

Apparently this is the week to open a play. Here’s the skinny:

Yup, lots of theater going on.

Our resident artist here on PDD, Brian Barber, has an exhibition opening at the Duluth Art Institute at the Depot.

Add to that a whole bunch of Earth Day related events going on around the city, including the Gallery Progressive art hop, the “Run, Smelt, Run!” Second Line Parade,  and the Echoes of Peace 10th Anniversary Concert at Sacred Heart.

But wait, that’s not all. It’s also Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week. Are you aware? Become aware. That is all.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

The Assassination of Allen R.

Brother on brother nerf violence as Jim attempts to assassinate Allen inside Gonzo Science headquarters. Both men use a full-auto Stampede ECS. In addition Jim deploys an impenetrable “Captain America” shield.

Arrowhead Regional Arts Council Grants

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council approved on March 15, 2012, grant applications totaling $87,925 to be awarded in Art Project Grants. The funding for these grants is made available by the Minnesota State Legislature and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008 and an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature.

Traphagen & Fitzpatrick: One sweet résumé

April 14: Another Perfect Duluth Day

Seems like a couple times a year we get one of these, but rarely in April.

I played some sidewalk tic-tac-toe, cleaned up the garden from last year, painted a couple chairs, and took a walk on the beach. I wore flip-flops and sunglasses and took deep breaths of the south wind.

What did you do on this edition of the Perfect Duluth Day?

Duluth indoor plant shopping

Spring is here and I feel like surrounding myself with plants.  Unfortunately, I have no garden space, so I am looking for indoor plants.  Nothing fancy, just your basics: spider plants, maybe a palm tree … so long as they are green, living, and will thrive indoors — I’m game.

Where in the Duluth area would I buy these plants?

Looking online I see plenty of nurseries and garden centers, but I’m not looking for landscaping or outdoor plants.  Some of the nurseries are even still closed for the winter.

There are “flower stores” where I would buy a horribly overpriced bouquet, and I could probably find a green plant in there (but I don’t want to pay for the twee little basket and precious little card that comes with it).

I could probably find a plant or two in a Big Box Store, but I’d really rather avoid something like that.  Local and family owned is awesome.

If I still lived in the Cities I’d go to Bachman’s. If I still lived in St. Cloud I’d go to Woods.  Where do I go in Duluth?

Old Duluth Homes

My name is Kaitlin. I am a journalism student at UMD and am currently writing a story about old Duluth homes. I am in search of people who own or know someone who owns an older home in the Congdon area or anywhere in Duluth. I am interested in talking with residents about the problems they’ve had in renovating or just general issues they’ve noticed in their older homes.

If you or someone you know have had any sort of issue or is willing to talk about their old home, I’d love to talk!

Thanks so much!

Where in Duluth?

This is probably a very easy one, but I just noticed this for the first time today. Anyone know how long this has been here?

Geek Prom ’02: A lil’ documentary

The next Geek Prom will be one year from today — April 13, 2013.

The first Geek Prom was 10 years ago yesterday — April 12, 2002. Enjoy the video memories, my fellow nerdwads.

More on Smelt

Smelting season is here once again. I am writing a piece on this tradition for UMD’s Lake Voice and am wondering if anyone has photos of themselves smelting they would like to submit for use in my story. Thanks!

The Smelt shall rise again!

For anyone who has ever seen (or heard of) the May Day Parade in Minneapolis and wondered why we don’t have anything of the sort in Duluth, do we have some news for you!

The Magic Smelt Puppet Troupe formed in 2011. At the nucleus are newish Duluthian Jim Ouray, bringing 30 years of experience with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater (Minneapolis) and local musician and visual artist Anton Jimenez-Kloeckl. They’ve offered free stilt-walking and mask-making classes and are presently holding costume and puppet production workshops which will culminate in the Run, Smelt, Run! Parade and Party on April 22.

Unwelcome in Duluth (part II)

After following the interesting post “Unwelcome in Duluth” and reading a few of the articles mentioned in the numerous posts, I have come to the conclusion that people want different things from this city. Thus, I would like you to ask a few questions to yourself, the people of Duluth to see what kind of consensus can be achieved.

1: What do you want out of a Duluth life?

2: Are you getting it?

3: If not, can this be achievable in Duluth (right now, not in ten years from now or 100 years ago)?

4: What are you willing to sacrifice to get it?

10-Year Anniversary: Dukes of Hubbard Live at Schooners

You’d never know what would happen next at a Dukes of Hubbard show (circa early 2000s). On stage, they would mix Phish with Kenny Loggins, then beatbox. Or play Ween followed by a Beatles medley and other antics. Or Jane’s Addiction followed by Herbie Hancock, while trading instruments and doing shots. And with Trudy (good dog, may she rest in peace) lounging off to the side. Some nights were more of a variety show than a usual set of music.

Stage Diving Mayors

I forgot to mark my calendar, but yesterday was Trampled by Turtles Day in both Duluth and Minneapolis. Here’s Don and RT Rybak crowd surfing at First Ave last night after making the proclamation.