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Duluth Wedding Officiants?

Nikki and I are finally shaking off the procrastination and getting down to planning our wedding (late)  and looking for an officiant!  If anyone knows, or has any recommendations for an officiant, we’d love to hear them!  The ceremony is being held in Leif Erikson Park this September and we’re looking for someone who’s either non-denominational or generally open-minded Christian.  We’ve emailed a few people from the various directory websites but would be much more comfortable with first-hand experience or recommendations.

Fighting for us

News Release
Cravaack introduces bill to eliminate federal sign brightness mandate

(Washington, DC) – Today, U.S. Congressman Chip Cravaack (MN-8) introduced H.R. 2442, the Rural County Mandate Relief Act. The bill would eliminate the federal mandate that states and local municipalities must keep their road and street signs bright enough to meet federal government brightness standards, allowing them to decide when signs are replaced.

“State and local governments are still struggling under the weight of lower revenues brought on by the recent recession,” said Cravaack. “Any mandate from Washington forcing municipalities to unnecessarily replace perfectly adequate street signs hurts their ability to affectively spend scarce taxpayer dollars elsewhere. State and local governments are perfectly capable of deciding when their signs need to be replaced and how best to pay for any new signs.”

The bill has the support of numerous mayors and council members across the 8th District. One such legislator, Steve Biondich, an Aurora City Councilman said H.R. 2442 “is exactly what we need … getting rid of silly unfunded mandates.” Based on a conservative estimate, state and local municipalities will be forced to spend at least $37.5 million over the next ten years to meet the current federal mandate on sign brightness.

Congressman Cravaack serves on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee – where he is vice chair of the Aviation Subcommittee – the Homeland Security Committee, and the Science, Space and Technology Committee. The 8th Congressional District covers 18 counties in Northeast Minnesota.

West Duluth Graffiti Art

Two Harbors this weekend: Toss some lutefisk with Miss North Shore

While the Duluth media are all abuzz about the Bridge Festival and the return of Dances on the Lakewalk, the most authentic local culture this weekend is up in Two Harbors, at Heritage Days. Toss some lutefisk, ice-scream-socialize at the bandshell with the community band, and follow the machinations of the Miss North Shore contest. More information and links are on my blog.

Abandonment Issues

My wife and I bought our first house almost 2 years ago in the Chester Park area of town. It’s an extremely small lot, neighboring houses are no less than 10 feet from ours on both the south and west sides. I love our house, it’s pretty much awesome. The neighbors, or lack thereof, however…..

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Bill Flannagan Collector of Great American Tunes

Bill will be playing at Sir Benedicts Tavern on Fri July 8th at 9PM. Come and enjoy a great collection of rockin’ honky tonkin’ blues tunes (with a few originals thrown in here and there). Also enjoy a great collection of beers. The music is free the beer costs.

The Swarm

I am thoroughly enjoying the throng of dragonflies that have appeared over the last week or so (tho seems to be waning) but also cringing as I drive through swarms of them on the road. Delighted because I am under the impression that they are voracious bug eaters and don’t bother people too much. If anyone has special insight on the life of dragonflies in the area, I’m all ears and wings.

Le Cirque Rouge Cabaret & Burlesque Show Tickets and/or Contest Thingy!

Were you planning on going to Friday night’s Le Cirque Rouge show but don’t have your tickets yet? You’re in luck! I’m a dumbass and accidently bought 4 tickets when I meant to buy 2! Take advantage of my error in resubmitting browser form data by winning or buying 2 tickets to Friday night’s show!

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FREE AC! (and a free talk on Jewish Immigration history in the twin ports)

TODAY – Thursday – 12 noon
Duluth Art Institute, Depot Building

The Duluth Art Institute welcomes Dr Robert Goldish as he explores some highlights from Jewish immigration history in the twin ports. Learn about some of our community’s founders and leaders and their personal stories and lives.
The event and accompanying air conditioning is free, guests are welcome to bring their own lunch.

Thanks Mom: Baby brown thrasher tries to swallow foot-long garter snake

Video by Sparky Stensaas.

R.I.P. Lester Park Elementary

A few snapshots from today’s demolition. I’m not sure how far they got, I could only stay about 15 minutes.

The new building is apparently more or less done. It is right next to the old building in a space where there used to be a skating rink and a fairly decent (but quick) sled run.

Perfect Duluth Night

Soak it in, people.

UMD Removes Equal Opportunity Director Position Without Explanation

Deborah S Petersen-Perlman PhD, had been UMD’s Director of the
Office of Equal Opportunity
, since 1996.

What message does this send about how seriously the University of Minnesota Duluth takes reports of harassment and discrimination?

With complaints being redirected to the main U of M campus, how much longer do you think investigations will take moving forward?

How many students, staff, and faculty will feel even more intimidated when considering lodging an official complaint which will automatically go to the statewide office?

Yoga Tent at Bridge Fest this weekend

I am confident that you already have your ticket for this weekend’s outdoor music festival — Twin Ports Bridge Festival — but wanted y’all to know that there will be yoga happening most of the day (offered by Yoga North and Deep Peace Wellness) — included in the cost of the ticket.

Below is the yoga schedule for the day:

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Questions about Eagle Hill Development

I recently moved out of a property that was managed by Eagle Hill Development. After I moved, I received an invoice that listed what was going to be deducted from my security deposit. However, many of the deductions were for ambiguous things such as “repairs” without any explanation of what the repairs were.

They provided a number that we could call if we had any questions. Unfortunately, after three voicemail messages and six calls over the span of three weeks, I have received no response of any kind whatsoever.

This behavior is very characteristic of what I experienced when I was renting from them. If we had an issue/question of any kind, it took them days and sometimes weeks to respond. My question is: Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with this company?

My patience is wearing very thin at this point and I just want the money they owe me which, as of now, has still not been sent to me (over a month after I moved out). Please help. I am tired of being taken advantage of by these people.

Recollections – Paintings by Emma Rustan

Recollections – New artwork by Emma Rustan
Art Reception Friday, July 8, from 6pm – 9pm
Washington Studios Artist Cooperative, 315 N. Lake Ave.
Live music with violinist Wendy Dane

Duluth 2011 Election Candidate Filings

Duluth citizens desiring to be a candidate for elected office must file before July 19. Candidates for city offices file with the city clerk; candidates for school board file at Historic Old Central High School in room 215.

(The list below is a final list of who filed. Updates were made to this post as filing was happening, so some comments to this post predate the completion of the list.)

Mayor of Duluth
Don Ness (incumbent)

First District Duluth City Councilor
Todd Fedora (incumbent)
Jennifer Julsrud

Third District Duluth City Councilor
Sharla Gardner (incumbent)

Fourth District Duluth City Councilor
Jacqueline Halberg (incumbent)
Garry Krause
Ryan Miles
Wallace Newquist
Travis Silvers

Fifth District Duluth City Councilor
Jay Fosle (incumbent)

At-large Duluth City Councilors (two positions)
Gareth W. Bates
Eric Edwardson
Linda Krug
Emily Larson
Tim Riley
Chad Smith

At-large Duluth School Board Member
Doug Frisk
Michael Miernicki
Ryan Stauber

Second District Duluth School Board Member
Loren Martell
Judy Seliga Punyko (incumbent)

Third District Duluth School Board Member
Jon Donahue
Bill Westholm

Various Critters

Summer’s long days are the busiest days at Wildwoods. Following on yesterday’s Eagle, here is info on other species passing through:

Mink, or Marten -- I've been told both -- with a spinal injury

Mink, or Marten -- I've been told both -- with a spinal injury

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Bella, Missing Cat from East Hillside

Myself, along with others I know have all had our cats go missing within this past week. Are there others experiencing this horrible phenomena?

I am absolutely bummed about this. Bella has never been away from home for more than a few hours.

She is an orange and white cat, around 8 Ibs. She was last seen June 30, on East Eighth Street between 7th and 8th avenue. She may or may not still be wearing her pink ‘safetycat’ collar with ID.

If you have any information regarding her, or if you even think you may have spotted her, please contact us @: ricer26 @

We miss her so much. She is a beloved member of our family.

Experienced tutor seeking new students

I hope posting this isn’t out of line, but my wife told me it was OK. If I’m breaking any rules, please let me know so that I can blame her.

I am an experienced tutor looking for students in the Duluth / Superior area. I have extensive experience with special needs children, especially those on the autism spectrum, as well as those students who just need a little extra help.

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