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Stand in Line Tonight; Sale Opens Tomorrow

The DPL Friends sale starts in just 24 hours; stand in line now if you want to be first. Or, maybe, just get their early tomorrow.

Video” /> of 2009 Friends Sale

From the Friends: The 2011 Book Sale will be held June 14-17

The Friends of the Duluth Public Library annual used book sale is held this year in June. The first day of the sale is for Friends members only; anyone may join the Friends on that day by paying the membership dues ($10 annually for an individual) at the table in the Michigan Street Lobby.

Build your own home library and contribute to a good cause at the same time. The 2010 sale raised more than $30,000! These funds are given back to the Library to purchase special materials and to support specific programs.

The Book Sale is the Friends’ major fundraising activity. All proceeds from the sale are returned to the Library and are used to purchase new materials and to support programs and special activities.

The War Continues…

Norton’s going crazy this morning while checking up on my PDD.

Blackhole Toolkit Website 5 is hitting my firewall pretty hard…

Arto Jarvela and Kaivama at Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Music Center
Monday June 13, 2011
7:30 PM
$15 at the door

info at

Come hear Finland’s greatest fiddle player at the beautiful Sacred Heart!

Gyro Saturday Sale!

Gyro Saturday Sale

Twelve Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church is having a Gyro Saturday Sale on Saturday, June 18, 11:30 a.m – 5 p.m.

Address: 632 E. Second St., Duluth MN 55805
Questions: 218-722-5957

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Make Way for Ducklings: from Vintage Duluth to Forest Hill Cemetery

Yesterday, Wildwoods volunteer Kate VTB was shopping with Clare and Katherine at Vintage Duluth downtown.


The owner was stroking her shoulder oddly. It seems a duckling had wandered in, found nothing in its size, and had lost track of its mom.

Kate leapt into action, calling the licensed rehabber for advice. She needs to be released into a pond, Kate was told. A hat-box was prepared with holes for air, tender goodbyes made, and we were off.

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Ashland Advice

I’m looking to spend a weekend in Ashland. This is what I know to do so far:

1. Stare at the beautiful bay.

Ashland Bay

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The Chronicle Premiere

Image from: Pioneer Productions

I was at the same opening that Ennyman (from whose blog I took these images last night) attended, for Chronicle, a multi-media show based on a comic book being produced by Eric Horn, Ben Fisher-Merritt and others.

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Challenge: Gary/New Duluth vs. East Hillside/Chester Park

The challenge is to list the Pros and Cons of living in either location. GO TEAM GO!

Summer Specials at the Teatro Zuccone

There’s only 5 performances left of Renegade Theater Company’s production of REASONS TO BE PRETTY. The show has been dubbed “A high-impact drama with a superb cast” by the Duluth News Tribune, “A must-see performance” by Oeuvre Magazine and “Better than a kick in the junk” by Jody Kujawa. That’s some serious high-praise, guys.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? That’s not rhetorical. Seriously, what are you waiting for? There’s only five shows left! Well, how about if we give you one more reason to see it?

When you either call the box office (218-336-1414) or show up to purchase tickets, use the codeword and get your tickets for ONLY $5!   Yeah, you heard us right. This offer is good for ANY of the remaining performances. It doesn’t matter if there are 2 people in your party or 20, the tickets are $5 EACH. But only if you use the codeword.

What is the codeword? It’s the url of THIS WEBSITE.

And from now until June 18th at the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe you can get a “Pretty Cosmo” for only $5 and receive 10% off your food bill if you show them your program from the production.

Hope to see you there!

Rummage Sale Fund Raiser!

I’m helping out with a with a little rummage sale this weekend and all of the profits are being donated to the CHUM Emergency Shelter.  The big sale takes place June 10 & 11 from 9am-4pm at 2306 Apple Ridge Dr. off of Arrowhead Rd.  There is something for everyone: t, clothes, furniture, etc.  We will also be selling hotdogs and bottled water, & KQDS will be there too tomorrow for a bit!

“Street Talkin’”opens at Washington Gallery on Friday, June 10

Artist Jacob Rosandich is exhibiting new artwork in Street Talkin’, opening at Washington Gallery on Friday, June 10, from 6-9pm. Colorful and bold, his paintings could be called genre pieces with a concentration on line and color.

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Homegrown Rummage Sale

A number of folks expressed interest in buying our snazzy Homegrown tees this year, which were only available to volunteers and musicians. Well, we’ve got a few leftover so Rummage Sale time it is. If you’re headed to the Park Point sales tomorrow, June 10, stop by and visit us on Minnesota Ave between 18th and 19th, on the Lake side.

We’ll also have CDs, including the new Mayor’s Mix, Homegrown coozies, and tees screenprinted with the logo above.

MDA planning gypsy moth treatment

Some residents of Duluth will be seeing a plane fly over their homes Sunday morning. But it’s nothing to be alarmed about. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is using the plane to try and stop the spread of gypsy moths. The MDA is planning to treat about 342 acres in Duluth’s Central Hillside, in an area approximately from North Sixth Avenue East to North 17th Avenue East and Skyline Drive to East Fourth Street.

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Cheap date for North Shore hikers, agoraphiles

For the price of a few gallons of gas, you can have a full, free day at Split Rock Lighthouse. It’s the annual open house for Minnesota State Parks, so park admission is free. So is admission to the Minnesota Historical Society Split Rock Lighthouse site.

Did I make up word, “agoraphile”? It’s the opposite of an agoraphobe (someone afraid of crowds). The park and especially the Lighthouse will be crowded!


By the way, gas is often 3-4 cents cheaper per gallon in Two Harbors. Something about Hugo Chavez…

Bill Flannagan Rockin’ Honky Tonkin’ Blues

I will be playing at Sir Benedicts Tavern on Friday June 10th at 9PM. Come and enjoy a great selections of songs and beers. Music is free the beers cost.

Yeehaw and Yahoo!

Yahoo thinks we’re pretty.

“Stop: Duluth’s four-mile lakeside sports path shows off the city highlights: a rose garden, pre-Prohibition brewery, an aerial bridge, and the largest grain elevators in the world.”

A Final Trip Through Duluth’s Original Laura MacArthur Elementary School

With all the attention the local press has given to the closing of Central High School (and rightly so) there has been little mention of the closing of the original Laura MacArthur Elementary School. (A new MacArthur is being built across the street from the original.)

An open house was held at MacArthur yesterday as the last day of classes was wrapping up, so I brought my camera on a final tour before the place is demolished and turned into a soccer field.

I attended MacArthur from the fall of 1978 to the spring of 1985, so that’s the frame of reference for nostalgic comments connected to any of the photos.

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Drink up

100 years ago, from the front page of the Duluth News Tribune, June 10, 1911.

Squirrel begins life of hard labor … via Wildwoods Rehab


This is Delilah, our developmentally delayed grey squirrel. We normally don’t pet the animals in our care; we need to keep them as wild as possible. Delilah is a bit “special,” so we love her up.

We just got word that she has been accepted as an education animal at the Audubon Center of the Northwoods in Sandstone; Yay! We will be donating the materials for her display and Wildwoods staff and volunteers will be building this when it is time to move her. Dr. Jeanetta will be training the Audubon Center staff on how to trim down her mal-occluded incisors. We are so happy that our sweet girl has a permanent home!

From Wildwoods!
Promoting the well-being of wildlife through compassion, care, and community involvement.

“Animals are not just in the backdrop of our own story, but at the center of the whole drama, and how we treat them is one of the great themes of the human story.” Wayne Pacelle, HSUS

“Many people think that conservation is just saving fluffy animals – what they don’t realize is that conservation is a war to prevent the human race from committing suicide.” Gerald Durrell (1925-1995)

Neighborhood Housing Services of Duluth Golf Fundraiser

NHS Duluth serves all of Duluth’s core neighborhoods in home improvement, homeownership, and revitalization efforts.  It is a 401(c)3 non-profit organization, making any donations tax deductible.

We are holding our first annual golf fundraising outing on Friday, June 17, and are looking for any players or sponsors who may be interested.  To sign up click here.  Cash Prizes!  Golf Prizes!  A Friday on the golf course!

For more information, contact Dan at (218)727-8604 x. 207 or at dollhoff @