Northland’s NewsCenter and Charter Communications reach carriage deal

The Northland’s NewsCenter has announced that the Northland’s CW 2 (KDLH DT 3.2) and My 9 (KBJR DT 6.2) will be returning to the Charter cable lineup after being absent since early March.

“Today is a great day for fans of CW 2, My 9 and most of all, the community,” said David Jensch, vice-president and station manager. “Whether you watch UMD hockey or America’s Next Top Model, fans of the great programming on these stations can now enjoy their shows without interruption.”

My 9 and the CW 2 have been off the Charter system since March 12. Charter Communications has noted it will return the signals as soon as possible.

Minnesota Flood 2012: Is that the best name we’ve come up with for it?

It seems to me the best local storm names tend to be tied to a holiday or otherwise significant date:

Leap Day Snowmageddon 2012
The Geek Prom Blizzard of 2008
The Halloween Megastorm of 1991

The Great Thanksgiving Blizzard of 1983

Following that tradition, our recent flood would be the Summer Solstice Flood of 2012. But I haven’t heard anyone call it that, and it’s been over a month.

What are you calling it? Any good ideas? Maybe if we come up with a good one there will be more federal relief money sent our way, so perhaps we should work the word “disaster” in.

Google Fiber up for registration in Kansas

I think Duluth needs to start a pre-registration campaign to show Google we are serious and want to be next to get Google Fiber. Pre-register here.

Filling a pool

We just bought a backyard inflatable swimming pool. My husband insists there’s a better way to fill it with 1000 gallons of water than the garden hose.

From what I can calculate, it’d cost us about $100 to fill it that way. Can anyone weigh in? Any better ideas?

No FEMA aid for individuals

What do you think about that?

FEMA rejects individual flood aid in Northland; state will appeal decision

Sustainable Agriculture

I’m moving to Duluth at the end of this school year (about 10 months) and I am trying to make a plan for some gardening I intend to do. My personal garden will likely be north of Duluth, in the Island Lake area. I know that the soil there isn’t great and that I will be required to haul in some of my own. I also know that Duluth would be in USDA hardiness Zone 3, so that obviously dictates what I will be able to grow.

My question is: what crops have you had success growing in the Duluth area? Any tips or tricks that might help? I’m passionate about returning to localized food production, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Monitoring Lake Superior

Interested in conditions on and in Lake Superior? UMD operates two buoys in the far western arm of Lake Superior about 15 miles outside Duluth, one near the McQuade safe harbor and one offshore of that location. You can see the data in real time by following this link.

Duluth’s Best Guitar Slingers

The Chaperone Records post (congrats on that – great to see here) reminded me of a conversation at Bayfront regarding the area’s best guitarists.

IMHO, the Twin Ports Bridge Festival featured three of the area’s top ten, maybe even five. Charlie Parr, who seems to have become a master of his genre. Jimi Cooper of the Fractals, who I have seen do many styles effortlessly. Barry Pirkola, also of the Fractals, who exhibits a similar smoothness to Jimi and works the steel as well.

We’re lucky to have so many great artists right here in our community (Twin Ports area – I titled w/Duluth because this is PDD). I’m curious and would enjoy hearing who others think are the area’s top five or ten if you feel like going deeper.

Chaperone Records … unveiled!

Chaperone Records is Duluth’s newest, true-bluest, local-centric record label!

Founded in May of 2012, Chaperone Records is devoted to the promotion and enfranchisement of northern Minnesota’s musically progressive community. In a world of cheap, plastic gadgetry, a product’s finest aesthetic can only be achieved through passion, insight and an honest commitment to quality. This is the foundation of Chaperone Records’ philosophy and the impetus behind its inception.


The Flame Nightclub, Duluth version

The new Flame Nightclub at 26 N. First Ave. W. in Downtown Duluth opens on July 29.

I can hear the grass growing …

My faithful electric lawn mower of 14 years has died and they don’t make a replacement battery anymore. I am seeking a push mower that will last at least a couple more years for $75 or under.  Does anyone have a mower to sell?

Photo Archive

I’m looking for a simple solution to “cloud type” photo storage.  Currently we attempt to consolidate all our photos on one computer via thumb drive and other work arounds.  My wife and I each have a smart phone, we have multiple digital cameras, and multiple computers to which photo’s end up being downloaded – so it gets to be a mess when we “organize” pictures.

It seems that it would make more sense for me to directly upload pictures to a remote site we all could access for viewing.  Editing would be constrained to one computer.  A nice option would be to have some sort of “syncing” tool similar to the iTunes and Google Drive solution suggested here by my earlier post.

My wife likes to edit photos and put together photo books while we are driving and therefore needs to be able to access the photos offline. So ideally, as photos were edited – these would also be reflected online post sync. There would not be a need to keep all photos locally – just the ones of interest. The syncing would only need to be with one computer; but uploads would be from various sources.

Experimental Cinema

Lawrence Bernabo previewed my documentary Wild Bill’s Run on KUMD. Meanwhile, I had a bunch of mesmerizing raw footage left over from editing the film. I thought it might be a good idea to throw these two things together, sorta randomly, without thinking about it too much.

Seeking Commerical Kitchen to Rent

We’re looking for a commercial kitchen available to rent ASAP. Ideally, it would not be a shared space, but we’re open to all suggestions. Thanks, PDD community, we could really use your help on this.

Trampled by Hippies

Bruce Woodman had the fanciest shirt in West Duluth this morning.