Nerds make turn to charity

Adam Brisk, Crystal Pelkey, and Jeremy Nilson are among the engines that make Duluth a more interesting place. As founders of Duluth Nerd Nite, they serve up entertainment on a regular basis that also helps sustain one of our most important resources, the Teatro Zuccone. And they have been invited to consult in Minneapolis, a town that has yet to experience awesomeness that is Nerd Nite.

At the next event, Saturday at 7:30, they are bringing a new dimension to Nerd Nite:

Even trippier than Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Trematoda” wins Animal Diversity Idol

A couple of UMD Students won Animal Diversity Idol with this video. OK, it turns out that Animal Diversity Idol is not a “real” contest, although when I got started down this rabbit hole I thought maybe it was. It is something that a professor at UMD dreamed up to get students more interested in a variety of weird life forms. I this case the creatures are liver flukes. The video is one-part homage to Pink Floyd and two-parts CDC style public service announcement. Here’s the video:

Comfortably Trematoda by Locksteer

Miller Creek Estuary Cages

Good day! I took the high bridge over to Superior the other day and noticed a pair of cages placed in the creek estuary (or estuary-like spot with the water so low). Does anyone have any idea what they are?

See “more” on PDD Calendar

When you are scrolling down the Perfect Duluth Day Calendar and you see the “more” prompt there can often be a lot more to see. We’ve started adding videos to a lot of events, especially for bands and movies, to give you a better idea of what it’s about. Here are a few things that are coming up in the next week…

Brutal Beauty screening at Clyde Iron tonight

Kickstart Mary Bue’s Art

I’m in the middle of recording my 4.5th record “Apple in the Ocean” at Sacred Heart Music Center. Moving back to Duluth from Seattle, this was one of my goals of returning to town — to record in that stunning cathedral and work with my talented musician/sound engineer friends and play that gorgeous grand piano. I’m proposing to you to help support my project — and I’m over halfway there! You can pre-order the record and get some other goodies too at my Kickstarter page.

Thank you so much for your support and it has been pretty awesome to be back here and reconnect with so many of you. Wonderful musical, artistic and community things are happening, just as I remember it!

Missing Person: Andrew Wagner

Andrew Wagner, age 47, has been missing from Cherry, Minn. since Thursday at approximately 8 a.m. He is believed to be at risk of self harm.

Wagner is Caucasian, approximately 6-ft. tall and 220 lbs., and has short salt-and-pepper hair and dark-rimmed glasses.

He is driving a distinctive red 1964 Volvo 122s, Minnesota license plate NX110, and was last seen at the Greenwood Cemetery in Virginia at 2:00 on the day he went missing. Anyone with information is asked to contact the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office at 218-479-6010.

Reflecting on Coolio in Duluth

Ten days before Homegrown, Coolio came to Duluth. There was only a passing mention of it on PDD. Maybe that’s the way it should be. Still, I find myself looking back and wondering how the hell I ended up at that show, standing in the back next to Jellybean Johnson, listening to a mid-1990s rap star talk about eating sushi at Black Water and how “Duluth bitches are all dimes.”

Trampled by Turtles @ Big Top not sold out

FYI — the Trampled by Turtles show at Big Top Chautauqua on June 15 is not sold out. I’ve heard a number of rumors that there are no more tickets left, but grounds passes — ‘rain or shine’ — are still available.

Vast, mysterious, and oddly impenetrable

From the Current / Minnesota Public Radio:

Duluth Homegrown 2012: Highlights from the 14th annual Twin Ports festival

Happy Homegrown! Duluth’s annual music festival showcases a talented, tight-knit community

DNR: Full-on forest tent caterpillar invasion won’t be happening this summer

The icky army worms are coming … but won’t be in full force this year.

Traveling nature camps in Duluth/Superior

Here’s a chance to get 10-13 year olds out of the house this summer.  Send them to Urban Wilderness Camp to explore the public forests and creeks of Duluth and Superior. Sign up for the location closest to you for drop off and pick up. This year, camps will be at Lester Park, Lower Chester Park, Fairmont Park and Billings Park.  Find more information and register at, or call 218-365-6537. Warning: kids may come home wet and dirty.

Urban Wilderness Camp 2012 poster

Women Musicians in Homegrown

Did anyone notice the low number of female performers at the Homegrown Music Festival this year? I did. There seemed to be about eight male performers for every one female. If you don’t want to count just look at the steering committee, it’s pretty representative of the entire festival. There are a few  wonderful women and a bunch of men.   

The ladies are around performing with a variety of styles unique to themselves and Homegrown!  They may be harder to find in that giant Homegrown Field Guide, but if you looked closely you’d find some on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, not peak days.  Often these women have to be underground, persistent or be extra bad ass, which they are, to get noticed. They often try harder and get less recognition. 

I don’t want to start a fight, maybe just a good discussion, I’m just saying we noticed.

Duluth-area Wedding Dress Tailor

I have a friend who lives out of town but is getting married in the area. She mentioned needing to get her dress tailored before the ceremony. I’m looking for someone who is reliable, fast turn around and decent rates. Any recommendations?

This week: duct tape, pagans and roller derby on celluloid

Hey there, homegrowners. You recovering?

Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week post-Homegrown on the PDD Calendar.

Tonight all you thirsty pagans can mark the sixth anniversary of a spot that has become an institution here in the Twin Ports in that short time. The Thirsty Pagan is celebrating with music, beer, and specials.

On Tuesday Red Green is bringing his north woodsy DIY humor to Mitchell Auditorium with his “Wit & Wisdom” tour.

On Wednesday you can head to Clyde Iron Works and take in a screening of Brutal Beauty, a documentary about the resurgent women’s roller derby phenomenon. Our own Harbor City Roller Dames are hosting. You can see a preview of the movie here.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

Parking Lots and Trees

This article sums up something that’s been needling me about downtown Duluth. All of the parking lots the hospitals seem to think they need could be greatly improved with a smattering of trees.

MinnPost: “Needed to fix parking blight: Lots of trees