Bound: A Photography Exhibit Campaign

In July of 2011, Justin Sinks put together his first public showing of Bound. Even though it was 15 pieces and only took up half of the gallery, it was, according to Brian Rauvola, owner of the Duluth Photography Institute, “one of the biggest events the DPI had that year.”

His project experienced a set back due to flood damage at Lizzard’s Art Gallery in Duluth. It’s where he normally gets his photos mounted for shows. They are a wonderful local shop that do great work for a very good price. Due to the flood, their equipment was badly damaged and it doesn’t look like they will be able to repair or replace it any time soon. Now, he’s desperately looking for another place that can help him out without charging an arm and a leg on his original projected Kickstarter budget. There is only two days left to reach his pledge goal to be funded!

Please consider checking out his Kickstarter and donating to his amazing show and/or attending the event on August 3 from 5 to 10 p.m.

Wildwoods at Cruise a Palooza

Wildwoods Rehabilitation was at Cruise A Palooza last Friday just off Central Entrance. The Great Lakes Aquarium (our partners in many projects) joined us with some herpetological critters for kiddies to meet, greet, and pet.

New Nerd Haven: Rogue Robot

Games, comics and action figures are available at Rogue Robot Comics and Games, which celebrated their grand opening last week.

On Slow Motion

The Slow Motion exhibit at Prøve was a puzzler for me, initially. The pieces were, as always, dynamic and transformative.

Tallest Structure in Duluth

Here’s a question to contemplate: What is the tallest standing structure within Duluth city limits?

Here’s what I was thinking for determining this: The tallest height should be relative to the starting point of the structure in the ground. So a structure that begins on a higher elevation does not have advantage. Also, “ground” can be defined as the Lake bottom, so a structure could begin on the Lake bottom, but the footings (or anything underneath the ground [or Lake bottom]) wouldn’t be part of the equation.

The Duluth Arial Lift Bridge is pretty high (177 feet), but other higher buildings and structures are clearly in view.

Beware: Duluth Attacking Otters

Please beware of attacking otters in the Duluth area. There is at least one attacking otter on the loose at Island Lake and where there is one there has got to be more.

Anoka triathlete suffers 25 bites in otter attack in Island Lake near Duluth

You can run but you can’t hide hate

I stopped at the Lakeside Super One for groceries and saw that the Christian youth ministry “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide” had a table set up outside and was collecting money to “prevent teen suicide.” I didn’t immediately recognize the name of the group, but once I thought about it I realized it was this bunch.

Really? This group was labeled an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Law Poverty Center. I wonder if Super One realizes what this group represents. I will be calling and asking them that question. YCRBYCH representatives are very dishonest about themselves when they ask to speak at schools, and I would bet they don’t reveal their true agenda when asking to solicit.


In the interest of fairness to Super One Foods, PDD’s moderators are inserting Super One’s response here with the submitted post rather than burying it in the comments. (It should be clarified that the early comments to this post occurred before this information was presented.)

According to Boyd Hanson, director of human resources at Miner’s Inc., which owns the Super One Foods chain, there was never proper approval for the You Can Run But Cannot Hide group to solicit in front of the Lakeside Super One … or any other Super One for that matter.

Hanson says the group presented itself to a Lakeside Super One employee as a Christian ministry with a mission to stop teen suicide. The employee said that would be fine, but when the store manager, John Radcliff, arrived he asked the group to leave because Super One has a no-solicitation policy.

“We allow the Salvation Army to ring the bell in our entrances … some of those kind of things,” Hanson said. “But generally speaking anything that would have any kind of a political or religious-type view we don’t allow to do that. … Why this group came to our store we don’t even know. … We just don’t get involved in those kind of things.”

Looking to buy a starter motorcycle

My wife will be completing the motorcycle safety class and is in need of a used bike. She would prefer something modern, under 500CCs and not of the “cruiser” style. If you have such an item hanging around now would be a great time to trade it to me for cash. I have searched Craigslist daily and cannot find more than one or two suitable choices so I figured I would shake the PDD tree to see if anything falls out. Reply to this post or e-mail me at junkmailcrapbox @ gmail (dot) com with pics, details and contact info. Thanks.

PDD Poll: Making friends

How hard is it to make friends in Duluth?

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This is another perennial topic on PDD, previously discussed in the post, Fierce loyalty, initial aloofness, among others.

Vikings vs. Steelers — Nov. 26, 1972

Complete with commercials, in case you have two-and-a-half hours to kill.

First Half:


Second Half:


Post-flood camping options?

I’ll be up in the area via Minneapolis at the end of the month to play a show at Thirsty Pagan Brewing. I was hoping to camp near Duluth and get some hiking in. Since I haven’t ventured up since before the floods, does any one have suggestions toward what’s still tent-campable? I’m only asking because my first option (Jay Cooke) is obviously out of the picture.

Anything you got will help. Thanks!

Upcoming book publication for local poet

Hello, Kyle Elden here. A book of my poetry is going to be published and released this October. I am collaborating with local painter Kate Whittaker to create a coffee-table-style book with my poems and her paintings throughout.

UMD Ticketing

I’m newish to town and still trying to figure out regulations. Can I get some advice here?

I live on Grandview Ave, down by Eighth Street. You don’t need a college permit to park there. I forgot to switch sides yesterday. My fault. I screwed up. Normally I remember. I saw the ticket on my car and was prepared to pay my fine to the city of Duluth.

Instead, it said UMD Parking Services. I called UMD Police to say that I am not in a “Permit” zone, so why were their police ticketing me. She stated that “sometimes the UMD Police do go to streets nearby to look for infractions.” Nothing against her, she was very nice on the phone and this isn’t about her, she was just doing her job.

Shouldn’t there be a clearly marked zone for where UMD can ticket, like the permit areas? Can UMD ticket anywhere they feel is close enough. Is Fourth street close enough? What’s the line?

Again, I messed up and forgot. Had the ticket said city of Duluth, I would be mailing the check today.

What are your thoughts on this one? It kind of irks me that they can ticket what they deem is close enough.

This week: beer, music and geekery


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Charles Ross brings his one man presentation of the Star Wars trilogy (you know, the original one… the good one… the only one that matters) to the Teatro Zuccone this week starting on Tuesday. The $20 ticket price also lets you into entire week’s activities celebrating all things nerdy, including an 8-bit Nintendo Tournament, a special Star-Wars-related Nerd Nite, Dink Tank at the Movies and geek-themed improv from Renegade. Call it “Geek Week.”

Lyle Lovett plays the DECC on Friday.

Moondance Jam runs this coming Friday through Sunday in Walker, Minnesota with performances by Kid Rock, John Fogerty, Heart, Grand Funk Railroad and many others.

There’s a celebration of beer and local brewers on Saturday at the Bayfront at the All Points North Summer Brew Fest with performances by the Black-eyed Snakes, the Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank and others.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!`

(PS – This calendar editor is out of contact for the next week, so if you submit an event now, be patient.)

Craigslist … is it stupider here?

Craigslist is probably a bad place to gauge the local intelligence of any given place, but after about two minutes of Duluth CL, the profound examples of improper grammar and spelling become overwhelming, like a Shitnami blowing out the manhole covers, so I wondered if Craigslist is any indicator of local smarts, or is just stupid, plain everywhere? Indeed, good grammar is only one form of intelligence, and may not even save you in a knife fight. Certainly the best example was not “looking for painter’s,” but this 1987 Harley was fun. Is there already a thread for creative Craigslist ads? And if not, why not?