Secret Forest Playschool outdoor program

Secret Forest Playschool is a new outdoor-based learning program for children who are completely potty trained through age 5. It is located off of Arrowhead Road in the Eastridge Community Church. The Secret Forest Playschool has 30 acres of wooded trails and a very clean and modern classroom for children to explore, experience and grow.

The program starts in September, offering a small-group environment, never to exceed more than six children. Tuition is $25/day for mornings only (pick-up before noon) or $35/day full-day.

Don’t you want locally laid?

Do you like eggs? I do too. I eat a soft-boiled egg every day, and I buy them from the Whole Foods Co-op because I don’t know what shit they put into mass produced eggs and I want organic food in my body. But I hear pasture-raised eggs are even better than organic! Less fat, healthier, etc. So … two friends of mine have launched an egg production farm, called Locally Laid Eggs, where they are tending hens that are laying eggs! And they are selling those eggs! Yum.

Looking for Wool Scraps From Your Unfinished Craft Projects

Have a bag of scraps from your old wool sweater crafting projects? Or a bunch of old wool sweaters from the project you never got to?

The wool sweater scrap mice are reproducing exponentially these days.

We can negotiate a price if you have what I can use.

Any spider experts out there?

I was hiking Tischer Creek when I ran into a spider web and found this guy crawling around. Does anyone know what kind of spider it is?

More pictures and the story from my hike.

Duluth 2012 Primary Election Results

Here’s the statewide numbers for races relevant to Duluth.

United States Senator, Independence Party
Stephen Williams — 3,068 | 60%
Glen R. Anderson Menze — 2,074 | 40%

United States Senator, Republican Party
Kurt Bills — 63,380 | 51%
David Carlson — 43,850 | 35%
Bob Carney Jr. — 16,755 | 14%

United States Senator, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Amy Klobuchar — 183,702 | 91%
“Dick” Franson — 6,831 | 3%
Jack Edward Shepard — 6,638 | 3%
Darryl Stanton — 5,161 | 3%

United States Representative for Minnesota District 8, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Richard Nolan — 20,839 | 38%
Tarryl L. Clark — 17,540 | 32%
Jeff Anderson — 15,978 | 29%

Minnesota House District 7A, DFL Party
Thomas Huntley — 3,337 | 82%
Brandon Clokey — 756 | 18%

St. Louis County Commissioner, District 3
Chris Dahlberg — 1,658 | 55%
Debbie Isabell-Nelson — 1,188 | 40%
Dennis Szymialis — 160 | 5%

Minnestoa Supreme Court Chief Justice:
Lorie Skjerven Gildea — 145,004 | 50%
Dan Griffith — 85,828 | 29%
Jill Clark — 61,242 | 21%

Minnesota Supreme Court Associate Justice 4:
David R. Stras — 139,197 | 49%
Tim Tingelstad — 83,942 | 29%
Alan Nelson — 61,908 | 22%

Sanitary Sewer Easement

Has anyone had experience granting an easement across their property for sewer installation? I may be forced to (in a situation where several close neighbors are being asked to decide whose properties the easement should go on) and am wondering if there are negative repercussions as far as property value, etc. I have read some things online about this issue, and am interested in personal experiences.

Dog sitter needed

I am in need of a little help. I need someone to come to my home and let my golden retriever Ivan out on the days my roommate works. It wouldn’t be every day as my roommate works three days a week and I work a 21-days-on and 21-days-off schedule. Will figure out the money. Ivan is a big part of my daughter’s and my life so any dog haters or someone who doesn’t give a shit need not apply. Cheers all.

Duluth artist invades Great Plains

Congratulations, Catherine Meier, on “Open Richness,” August 3 – September 23, 2012

Operating levy for Duluth schools in November? Well, actually no.

Superintendent Bill Gronseth’s remarks at the August 13 School Board Business Committee meeting:

As you know, I’ve served as Superintendent for about six months. In that time, I have spoken with many groups, organizations, families and citizens.

Recently, I had the opportunity to have a cup of coffee with one of our alums. He told me that he has been a long-time supporter of the schools, but during last year’s operating levy he didn’t feel he could vote “yes.” I asked him why. He explained that it was a loss of trust – he didn’t really understand what the money was for and was confused about the facilities plan and how that might be tied to money for programs.

I made real explosives for the Ninja web series we are shooting in Duluth!


I could live in my Saturn or …

… I could find a cool place to live!

I’m new to Duluth (or will be in the next two weeks), from Winona, and am looking for a place to live. Does anyone know of a good renter, roommate, sweet couple that has a spare room to lease to this young, tuba-playing choir teacher? My first teacher day is August 27, and I’m hoping that I won’t be spending it camping in the station wagon!

I’m in my late 20s, quiet, responsible and respectful, not a partier, love good music, good beer, and creating art!

If you know anyone who is looking for a young professional to rent to, please let me know.

This week: ballots, opera and Sondheim


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

The Primary Election is Tuesday. Find your polling place here.

Patty Duke and Richard Thomas star in “You’ll Like My Mother,” shot back in the ’70s on location at Glensheen Mansion. You can see the movie there on the site it was filmed on Wednesday and attendees can get a special film related tour of the mansion.

Renegade Theater Company opens the musical “Company” this Thursday at the Teatro Zuccone.

Opera is everywhere this week during OperaFest including A Night at the Opera on Thursday at Marshall High School, an Opera FilmFest at Zinema 2 on Saturday and Sunday, Opera’s Greatest Hits on Saturday at Bayfront,

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!`

Adding insult to injury.

Maybe you don’t live in Lakeside and missed this on Saturday.  Well:  there it is.

Definition of a perfect Duluth wedding day!


Jenna and Michael Barrett got married in early June on a simply beautiful day! I couldn’t wait to share this video with you all, so as soon as the couple had seen and approved it, I headed over here to show you! Enjoy!

Downtown restaurant gem: Oriental House

At 319 W. First St. is an 8-month-old Asian restaurant specializing in Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine called Oriental House. My spouse and I stopped by this evening to try it out. With the recent PDD post on Pak’s, I figured the power of social media would get the word out on this little gem of a restaurant since I don’t think many folks know about it.