Munger Trail field report

For 25 years, one of the best bike rides in Duluth for those who like level, flat trails is the Munger Trail. But before you head out for a great ride up the old railroad track bed through the hills of far west Duluth, you might want to read my blog update about trail closures and delays this summer. There’s a total trail closure for bridge construction in the Riverside area until June 1 and major re-paving in the works for this summer.

The trillium and violets are blooming like crazy along the trail, though your best bet is to head for the parking lot off Becks Road for now.

Zenith City Online is … online !

I just wanted to drop those PDDers with a taste for local history a reminder that Zenith City Online is up and running at I’m hoping you stop by Zenith City after your morning check of PDD for your daily dose of Duluth history with “This Day in Duluth.” This month’s issue also features …

PDD Shift: Mark Bartel, Frost River

This semester, UMD journalism student Jamie Merideth has been working at Perfect Duluth Day on a series of interviews with people at work. Monday through Thursday of this week, we’ll present four videos that profile five people and their jobs.

You’ll be seeing more of Jamie’s work around town, she’s employed at WDIO-TV now and will be managing editor of the UMD Statesman in the fall.

This first video is with Mark Bartel of Frost River. Filmed at Frost River’s store and manufacturing facility at 1910 West Superior Street, Duluth.

Music: 1922 Blues by Charlie Parr.

Thanks to all the people who took time to talk with us, and to the local musicians who gave permission to use their songs in these videos.

Also in the Series:
Rick Allen and Janelle Miller, Kenspeckle Letterpress

Tara Lieberg / Great Lakes Aquarium

Dan Neff / Näf Glass

This week: steampunk, a cult TV classic, ale and sailboats

Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Today kicks off the free Monday showings of The Prisoner at the Zinema 2. It also kicks off Mondays with the Mayor. Coincidence? I think not. March into the mayor’s office and tell Don, “I am not a number!” I dare ya.

Speaking of numbers, ever wonder what that Donald and Daisy Duck salt and pepper set that’s been gathering dust in the back of your liquor cabinet was worth? Find out on Wednesday at the Antique Appraisal at the Depot. Also on that day the Wednesday Sailboat Races return to a great lake very near you!

On Thursday you can grab the Brewpub Bus and go to Tycoons, Thirsty Pagan and Carmody and taste three takes on the same ale recipe. And if you happen to see some people decked out in Victorian neofuturist garb, it’s not that you drank too much, it’s the Steampunk Expo at the Duluth Art Institute with the afterparty at the Rathskeller.

Saturday you can help clean up the St. Louis River and then watch our Roller Dames clean up in their match against the Bemidji Babe City Rollers. See what I did there?

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

“Bernie the bobcat” released

Bernie the Bobcat was released today.

The Next New Thing

Am I the only one who has this feeling that Duluth might be the next new thing?

First we have Trampled on Letterman, and then on CNN. Now Tycoons is making the NYT’s restaurant section. We’re slowly getting bigger and better quirky acts to Bayfront (oh, Steve Martin, how I love thee). And I feel like I’m missing some other stuff.

Are we really on the road to becoming TwinPortlandia?

Art the eye can touch at Prøve Collective

The Materialistic Intentions show at Prøve Collective opened tonight. Prøve is at a critical juncture.

Work Where You Blow Your Paycheck

Global Village is accepting casual resumes (list work experience and references) for summer help. Must be: 18+, proficient in basic math, motivated to be useful in exchange for money. Fellas will be considered, but given the volume of women’s clothing we sell through the summer, ladies may be better suited for the position. This is a very sweet summer job, but it is no rainbow gathering. This little, gypsy enterprise requires just as much work as any other business. Resumes delivered between 11-5 on weekdays, and mentioning PDD will have an edge on the rest.

Homegrown Origin Myth (2 of 3)

(When we last saw our heroes…)

Suddenly, the light was upon them!  Surrounded by flames 20 feet high!  The rebels cowered in fear and shielded their eyes.  A thundering voice boomed, “I AM STARFIRE!!!”

Then the light dimmed.  When they dared to look up, they expected to see a God-like creature.  But such a creature was not to be found.

Instead, there stood a pleasant looking young man in a flannel shirt.

Duluth Skateboarding – Spring 2012

This is how we spent our time in the beautiful Spring weather of 2012.

Upset Duluth, May 2012 Edition

May I humbly nominate this photo of Ms. Sramek, featured in today’s DNT.

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Lake Superior Rock Study

The north face of Richardson Island through winter and back again.

Lake Recreation

Training Day

This will be so great to see gone

Long-neglected house to be razed as Duluth ramps up fight on blight

I saw the above headline on the DNT website and thought, “I hope it’s that house on Mesaba.” Turns out, it is the house I was thinking of. Glory be!







Thanks to Mayor Ness and anyone else involved in getting this property cleaned up. If Duluth were some kind of Sims game, I’d say my happiness rating goes down just a little every time I drive by this house.