New Duluth Film Meetup Group

I’m a filmmaker new to Duluth. I started a new Meetup so I could wrangle all the film enthusiasts in the area into one location. The group covers people interested in making films and those who just enjoy watching them. Only a day old and already growing, with our first meeting coming up Sept. 4. Hope to see you there!

Corkscrew Dive

Corkscrewed down 20 feet underwater to do a barrel roll over a field of boulders I like to explore, then spiraled back topside. Not a long dive (around 30 secs at normal speed), just a fun one with a glimpse of one of Lake Superior’s Atlantean grottos. Pretty sure the bubble that pops out @ 43 secs came out of my right ear as I pinched my nose and equalized the pressure in my skull. Water clarity perfect on this Sunday morning dive in MY church.

Outside Magazine “Best Outdoor City” segment on MSNBC

“…but it’s cold! How on earth did Duluth become the #1 city?”

Downtown Duluth meter hours

OK, did I miss a memo or something? When the hell did the downtown meter enforcement time get extended to 9 o’clock? And who thought that was a good idea when we’re trying to get people downtown to frequent shops and restaurants?

2014 Duluth General Election Primer

There are less than three months to study up; the General Election will be held on Nov. 4. Below are the races that will appear on ballots in Duluth, with links to the websites of candidates who have them.

United States Senator
Steve Carlson (Independence)
Mike McFadden (Republican)
Al Franken (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)
Heather Johnson (Libertarian)

United States Representative, Minnesota District 8
Ray “Skip” Sandman (Green)
Stewart Mills (Republican)
Rick Nolan (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)

Google Goes to Twin Ports – The Movie

I’m interested in hearing comments about this video shot in Duluth. Do you think it portrays our city fairly? Does it make you want to visit Duluth? What do you think?

Doctor Who Fundraising

Doctor Who, which is $2,800 for Series 7, may be still coming to Duluth TV, but your involvement is needed! I would like to form a group of volunteers who are willing to work to make this happen! This group would likely meet every other week.

Duluth 2014 Primary Election Results

With 87 of 87 precincts reporting statewide, the full results are in. Listed are the races relevant to Duluth.

Ghosts of the French River, pts. 2 and 3

Starring Erin Renee. Camera: Jim Richardson.

Part one here.

Photo album here.

Shore-fishing suggestions around Duluth

I got great feedback on my barber inquiry, so now on to my next priority. I love to fish with my family, but don’t have a boat at this time. We will be purchasing one in the future. In the interim, can anyone suggest good shore, dam or pier fishing in the area? I have fished the Two Harbors Breakwall, as well as McQuade in the past, with hit and miss results.

I fish all species, so that is not a big concern. I do like to eat some of what I catch, so water with minimal consumption issues is preferred, but I will catch-and-release fish, too.

I don’t want anyone’s secret spot, just some general ideas and locations. If anyone does want to share more detail, I would be happy to provide an e-mail so you don’t have to post it on a forum. Thanks!

Trap God featuring Lil Mikee – “Dumpin Back”

I’m interested in hearing comments about this music video shot in Duluth. Do you think it portrays our city fairly? Does it make you want to visit Duluth? What do you think?

Ghosts of the French River (pt.1)

Starring Erin Renee. Camera: Jim Richardson.

Photo album here.

This week: a rock cabaret, a pop opera and derby-o-rama


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

The Found Footage Film Festival is at Zinema 2 tonight, featuring VHS finds from rummage sales and thrift stores.

On Tuesday George Sherman (president of Sherman Associates) and Christine Seitz (director of the Duluth Playhouse) talk about Restoring the NorShor Theater at the Kitchi Gammi Club.

Renegade presents Things to Ruin, a rock cabaret, at the Teatro Zuccone starting Thursday and running three weekends. Also opening on Thursday at The Underground is Bare: A Pop Opera, running two weekends.

Head down to the DECC this weekend to see some world class roller derby as teams from all over the U.S. (and beyond) compete in the WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs hosted by our own Harbor City Roller Dames. Competition starts on Friday and runs through Sunday.

For the festival lovers out there, this weekend is the Bike Duluth Festival and the Hoghead Festival in Proctor.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Monty Python and Curls of Locks

The last two days have been fun.

Duluth Mystery Photo #18: BlueBird Landing on Lake Superior’s North Shore

This photo from the mid-1940s raises a few questions, and the Internet provides fast answers to many of them.