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St. Louis Bay Time Lapse

Video by Alex Kunnari. Although it’s called “Time Lapse Saint Louis Bay,” it appears to have been shot over the Superior Bay or maybe the Duluth Harbor Basin. Close enough. Cool video.

Ojiichaagobiishin: It Reflects in Water

A poetic documentary about the beauty of water, shot in Duluth by David Jensen.

Dirty Knobs Live at Homegrown 2014

In case you didn’t feel like showing up, or you did and you want to re-live the memories over and over like in that one movie, here is the Dirty Knobs set recorded live from the Teatro Zuccone stage on Friday May 2. You can listen and download for free. There’s also an in-studio recording included of the same raw materials taken to a slightly different direction.

Thanks to Starfire, to all of the Homegrown staff and volunteers, to everyone at Teatro Zuccone and to the audience.

List of Duluth-related album releases in 2014

Farley’s Grill in Downtown Duluth

Farley’s Grill opened two weeks ago at the old Mr. Nick’s location — 220 W. Superior St. in Downtown Duluth.

The Duluth News Tribune reports: “A new lease worked out with building owner Nick Patronas — Mr. Nick himself — commits (owners Kelly and Elizabeth Trumpold) to 7½ years.”

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Hiring more minions at Raven & Associates

We are looking for a couple of part-time minions at Raven & Assocates, Inc.

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Sarah Krueger – Homegrown 2014

Sarah Krueger ended her set at the Rex during Homegrown 2014 by inviting her girlfriends on stage for a good ol’ fashioned dance party. Well played Sarah Krueger, well played.

At the Minneapolis Comic Con

Gooseberry Falls State Park Drone Flyover

A little drone flyover at Gooseberry Falls State Park accompanied by Southwire music.

Homegrown 2014 Slideshow Retrospective

The slideshow above displays photos tagged with homegrownmusicfestival2014 on Flickr. So far it’s quite a bit leaner than previous years, perhaps because Flickr use is fading in favor of Facebook use (see Facebook #hgmf14). Or maybe this Flickr slideshow will continue to grow as photographers sober up and find time to upload their gems and tag them.

Share your Homegrown memories through words in the comments, if you’re not completely exhausted by the mere mention of it by now.

If nothing satisfies your hunger for Homegrown, follow these links for galleries of pics from past years:

2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008

It’s I Stand with Kids Day in Duluth

You may have noticed some blue kids hanging out along the Lakewalk if you were brave enough to go outdoors today.

April is Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month and First Witness spends each day engaging the community in efforts to make our community a safe place for children to grow and thrive. This is our third year for individuals and businesses to come together and show that We Stand with Kids. Over 300+ blue kids were sponsored this year. The donations go directly to services to child abuse victims and their families for supportive services after a disclosure has been made.

The blue kids are figurines cut out from wood, the size of a typical lawn sign. The color is blue because blue is the color of Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention month. The display is along the Lake Walk today (May 5) beginning at Leif Erickson from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m..

We hope you will consider stopping by to check it out and show your support. Rumor is Starbucks donated some coffee to help keep you warm!

This week: tequila, pharmaceuticals and tattoos


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Today is Cinco de Mayo and to celebrate Randy Lee and his band are doing a set of Latin American music at Clyde Iron today.

As people take their bikes out of winter hibernation, new bicycle repair stations along bike routes are being unveiled on Tuesday. But fear not, there is still open ice skating at the Duluth Heritage Sports Center on Wednesday.

Renegade opens their new comedy, Rx, about pharmaceuticals and love on Thursday at the Teatro Zuccone and it runs three weekends. Or if you prefer your comedy a bit more kinky, Venus in Fur opens on Thursday at The Underground and runs two weekends.

Jokes, Pokes & Chokes is a tattoo and piercing convention at Black Bear Casino this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The annual YWCA Mother’s Day Walk/Run is this Saturday and the deadline for registration is today.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Who won Homegrown 2014?

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Who won Homegrown 2014?

Bratwurst — 9 percent
The Blasphemists — 7.5 percent
Red Mountain — 6 percent
The Black-eyed Snakes with Charlie Parr — 4.5 percent
Wino, WI — 4.5 percent
Various other bands — 68.5 percent

Bratwurst wins Homegrown for the second time in three years! (Photo by Derek Montgomery for MPR)

Homegrown 2014 – Biochemical Characters

The Biochemical Characters lit up Amazing Grace with their blazing set of Boreal Spirituals Friday night. I believe.

Homegrown Kickball Classic 2014

As the wind blew heavy gusts across Observation field, team Friday blew its game-long lead, losing the 2014 Homegrown Kickball Classic in extra innings. In the end, Saturday beat Friday 6 to 4. That’s one version of the story at least. No one actually knows what truly happened out there. At press time, this is the official outcome.

For the second year in a row, cruel and unusual weather conditions forced the kickball game from its usual location at Chester Bowl, to the baseball field on Observation Hill. The new location had its own fair share of environmental hazards, including a 20-foot-wide, ankle-deep mud puddle in between third base and home. If anyone was going to score, they were going to have to pay the price.

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Fred Tyson Sex Workshop

Fred Tyson Sex Workshop

Duluth’s own father of sex, Fred Tyson, presented his Sex Workshop Friday night during Homegrown at the Rex Bar. His fast footwork, velvety voice and magical smile brought concert goers on a sexual journey not soon to be forgotten.

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The Polar Bear Challenge

A few days ago, I arrived home to find my 17-year-old son in a swimsuit waiting for two friends to arrive. One was coming to film, the other was coming to join my son in a dunk in the water.

Not just dumb teenage behavior! The two had been “challenged” by other friends to do this, and those friends had already done the dunk. My son got to pick his own two people to challenge, and so it goes.

Since then, I’ve seen at least four pairs of swimsuit-clad young people desperately searching for open water. Generally there’s another person with a video camera, because as you know, if it isn’t filmed and posted on social media, well it didn’t really happen. I’ve seen them on Park Point near the S-Curve, and just today at the Cribs off the Lakewalk.

If everyone who does this challenges two more people to do it, well watch out because the challenge is coming to you.

Anyone else seen or experienced this?

Smokehaus on Wheels

Beginning May 5, Northern Waters Smokehaus sandwiches will be available by bike. We began developing this fantasy years ago, spurred by intense store congestion and the problematic nature of (car) delivery from dead center in Canal Park, where not much speed is possible during the summer months because of the bridge and the gawkers.

Reactions to this plan have ranged from a scale of “awesome” to “that’s hilarious.” While most people seem to really dig the green aspects of ped-powered delivery, many feel that biking in Duluth (in general) is risky. Sometimes it seems that, perhaps due to the lack of bike lanes/awareness, the mere sight of a biker in the traffic lane pisses drivers off. Our bikers are very experienced and bike in Duluth nearly year-round. They know the rules, the dangers, and the potential for road-rage. But this kind of delivery is still an experiment here. As is our policy at the Smokehaus, we hope we mostly delight the public.

What do you think, PDDers? Is rapid-fire bike delivery a viable venture in our frosty little luge track? And speaking of frosty, how insane would it be to offer it year-round?

Beautiful day in Duluth for a swim?

Homegrown Music Video Fest 2014

Year #6: Back in February, participants picked a band/song out of Walt Dizzo’s bucket, and 13 people followed through by delivering videos before April 21. Here’s a page with all the video links that were sent to PDD, in the order that they played Monday and Tuesday nights. If any of the participants have others posted to YouTube or Vimeo and want to send us the link, we’ll add them to the list.

There will be one more screening Sunday, May 4, 2 pm at Chester Creek Cafe.

2013 Videos
2012 Videos
2011 Videos
2010 Videos
2009 Videos

Happy 60th anniversary, Sammy’s Pizza

It all began 60 years ago. Sam and Louise Perrella moved their small cafe from Keewatin to Hibbing. And with that move, expanded the menu with pizza. Sam had learned about the Italian item from the men who worked in the mines.