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This week: winter break, winter sports and a winter dance party


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

For Duluth Public Schools it’s winter break. Looking for stuff to do with the young people in your lives this week? Duluth Parks and Rec is opening Pioneer Hall in the DECC Wednesday and Thursday for Turf Time, where kids can play on indoor turf, and there’s open ice skating at the Heritage Sports Center Monday through Friday.

February’s not a great time to go to the Boundary Waters, but it’s a great time to drink beer and learn about the history of the Boundary Waters. You can do both at Bent Paddle Brewery this Wednesday.

February is a great time for the Birkebeiner, however, and related events for that run Thursday through Sunday.

Next Fall, a play produced by the all new Son of Peter Company, opens at the Teatro Zuccone this Thursday and runs two weekends.

Winter Dance Party is a fundraiser for the Armory at Greysolon Plaza that harkens back to a concert back in 1959 where a young Robert Zimmerman heard Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens. You can get all nostalgic and support the Armory on Friday.

On Saturday you can get all raucous and rowdy with the Dropkick Murphys at Black Bear Casino as part of Twin Ports Brewfest or you can get all mellow and bluesy with Greg Brown at Sacred Heart. Your call.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

For those in a summer mood …

“Duluth Sketches: Park Point After The Flood” video by Shawn Donovan.

In a strange, unfamiliar world …

Footage of the Duluth Festival Center … in Duluth … Georgia.

Duluth Mystery Photo #5: Baby Marge

This photo is for sale on eBay under the heading “Vintage Snapshot Photo Babies Family on Rocks 1920s Duluth Minnesota #250.” The description reads: “Offered is a great vintage picture of a darling baby girl sitting on a pile of rocks with another child and a group of adults. Photo is from the 1920s. I bought these photos from a living estate, and baby’s name is Marge and lives in Duluth Minnesota. This picture was taken down by Lake Superior probably.”

There’s not much to go on here for pinpointing a location, but apparently we do have a baby name. So, who is this Marge?

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Ice Skating Around the Polar Bear Plunge

Skated to the Duluth Polar Bear Plunge. Asked a nice gentleman from the Fire Department if the ice of the outer harbor was safe to skate and he said, “It’s 20 inches thick, that’s strong enough to hold a train. Have fun.”

UMD Bulldogs Hockey 101

The 12th episode of this series about the National Collegiate Hockey Conference profiles the University of Minnesota Duluth and its hockey history, NHL success, the campus and the school itself.

Art, Gender, Duluth

I spent part of the last night at Prøve Collective. It was a packed room, as packed as any opening I have attended in a long time, and the walls were dense with a variety of art from a diversity of artists. The photography exploring Barbie iconography reopens cultural wounds that we still have yet to close. Some of the textile work repositions arts and crafts — in this case, pushing those boundaries a little further by leaving needles and thread available to gallery-goers to create.

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Welcome to a UMD house party

Getting to the Bottom of the Proposed Polymet Mine, Part 1


I’m hoping that this video, featuring Paula Maccabee of Water Legacy, will be the first of several that I will be able to share over the next few weeks.

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Duluth cross-country ski instructor recommendations?

Following up on cork1′s comment regarding taking a couple of lessons on the post about cross-country ski trails for absolute beginners … I just moved here from a flatter, warmer state and I would love to have some ski lessons. I want to learn from someone who will be patient with my ignorance and  help me build my confidence with hills. Where do I find a good teacher?

Is Duluth unfriendly to posters?

I’m old school and used posters to promote an event. I’ve noticed a numerous amount of posters for my upcoming Minerva Zine Party have gone missing or were stolen from sites like Pizza Luce, Carmody, Sir Ben’s. I used multiple tacts and tape to secure them. More Duluth locations require you have the managers approval and are not posted timely. It’s extremely frustrating and expensive for a DIY zine publisher. Any tips, ideas to take out poster thefts, or solutions are appreciated!

Duluth Indoor Climbing: Boulder Problem

I wanted to share a video that I made about a climber, Rob, who faces his fears daily climbing at Vertical Endeavors in Duluth. Check out the video and let me know what you think!

World’s Top Public Intellectual at Zinema

Sarah LaChance Adams, that is, with Noam Chomsky and Michel Gondry doing backup at the Zinema 2.

About 60 people, I would guess, maybe more, attended the Explorer’s Club showing of Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? on Tuesday night.

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Peterson Anderson Flowers “had a little visitor come in with an antherium plant … all the way from Florida. We think it may be a Cuban Tree Frog. Thanks to the wonderful people at Wildwoods Rehab Center for taking on a Floridian!” FYI, an odd Duluth moment with Wildlife.

Trail for Absolute Beginner XC Skiers

I’m wondering what the best (least scary) trails are for newbies to the sport of XC skiing. I’ve been on XC skis once (and downhill skis once). People say Lester is beginner friendly, but I found it a bit frightening. I’d like to learn on a trail with some nice gentle slopes and curves. Suggestions??? Thanks!


Chad Salmela’s Access Gold Medal

We had the clip here from Access Hollywood of Duluth’s Chad Salmela accepting a Gold Medal for his announcing of the 30k Skiathon as a cross-country skiing analyst for NBC. As you can see if you click on it now, NBC has put the copyright kibosh on it. Hopefully that means NBC has the clip available somewhere.

Duluth Photography Classes

I’m what you’d call an amateur photographer (along with everyone else) and I’m looking to improve my skills. Does anyone know of any photography workshops or classes around town that are free/cheap? Or are there any seasoned photography vets out there who wouldn’t mind showing me the ropes? Any help would be appreciated!

There is nothing left in anybody

Known to most of the world as “The Skiathlon Announcer” Duluth’s own Chad Salmela has gained notoriety as one of the stars of the Sochi Olympics. According to the web site Awful Announcing, “Chad Salmela is to the Winter Olympics what Rowdy Gaines is to the Summer Olympics.”

Here’s NBC’s official link.

Orange and white kitty — stray? feral?

A medium-sized orange and white cat has been coming to eat on my deck for the past (at least) two weeks. It runs when it sees me — so no photo (yet). I will try to catch it and see if there is a collar or chip and what shape it’s in. Lakeside — near London Road and 54th Avenue East.