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Funding secured for Wade Stadium, Spirit Mountain and NorShor Theatre

The state bonding bill that passed the Minnesota Senate today includes funding for Wade Stadium and NorShor Theatre renovation, and construction of a water-delivery system for Spirit Mountain.

“Restoring Wade Stadium will ensure the iconic ball field will continue to be enjoyed by players and fans for decades to come,” Duluth Mayor Don Ness said in a news release. “The Spirit Mountain water project will allow the ski hill to get off of the city’s treated water, saving money and opening up other potential development in the western part of town. The NorShor Theatre & Arts Center will serve as a catalyst for new development in old downtown.”

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Tricycle or Shambhala Sun?

Feedback wanted! Which Buddhist-focused magazine would you recommend for the Duluth Public Library: Tricycle or Shambhala Sun? If you’re not familiar with them (but interested in having one available for checking out), visit the sites:

Tricycle | Shambhala Sun

Lester River Kayak Race Video

This video by Higher Base Media was created to show how awesome the 2014 Lester River Race was.

Outside Magazine Best Places to Live poll

Duluth goes head to head with Columbia, MO. in the first round. (And it’s kicking their butts so far.)
You can vote here – no need to sign in or register.

Eighth Annual Bike Swap

Continental Ski & Bike’s eighth annual Bike Swap was held in April. This event is a great way to give back to the community and get a great deal on a bicycle in the process. Here is a little video showing what the event is all about. Video by Higher Base Media.

Mystery Cable?

While stopped at the stoplight at Superior Street and Second Avenue East this morning, I noticed a cable strung diagonally across the intersection. The cable is strung between Old City Hall and the Temple Opera building. It is a plain steel cable, not holding up any sort of utility cable. The cable looks fairly old, based upon the brackets fastened to the buildings. Anyone have any idea as to it’s purpose?  Lightning? Keeping one of the buildings from falling over? Old traffic signals?

Jefferson People’s House

In a world where people, food and information are treated like commodities, a new worker-owned cooperative wants to turn them back into things that build local connections. After many years of people wanting a radical bookstore/café and a progressive community incubator in Duluth, we’ve come together to start the Jefferson People’s House, a democratic worker-owned, collectively managed space.

The motto: Coffee – Books – Social Justice – Toast

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Hear Original Local Music

A buddy of mine in Nashville set this website up to help local music all over: Use it to listen to, search for, buy and sell local music throughout the United States.

“The site helps listeners find and support new music, while providing independent artists a platform to be heard and sell songs — with no contracts, commitments or cuts taken from the sales.”

On Facebook here.

PDD Drone flight over the High Falls on the Pigeon River

Quick video at the High Falls on the Pigeon River last week. This waterfall is the highest in Minnesota at 120 feet. It was a very windy day but my new rotopixel two-axis gimbal performed well to keep the camera pretty steady. You can visit the falls at the Grand Portage State Park just a few blocks from the Canadian border on Highway 61.

Music: “Especially Me” by Low

Ice Chunks Floating By

This week: bikes, warblers and a luncheon


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Just as the return of the robin signals spring, so the departure of free parking in Canal Park signals tourist season. So, that’s happening.

And, on the subject of birds, Jan and Larry Kraemer and the Audubon Society are hosting a series of early morning warbler walks on Park Point on Tuesdays and Thursdays in May.

Nerd Nite is back on Wednesday at the Teatro Zuccone with presentations on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, jumping into Lake Superior every month and time travel in the 1980s.

There is a Bike Rodeo on Thursday at the Myers-Wilkins Elementary School with bike inspections and safety training, just in time for Bike to Work Day on Friday with tune up stations at Minnesota Power Plaza, the Mayor’s Bike Ride starting at City Hall and the Mayor’s Luncheon at Clyde Iron.

By the way, what’s the difference between a “lunch” and a “luncheon?” Is it just a lunch with extra syllables so you’ll pay more?

Bob Dylan gets saluted at Sacred Heart on Saturday as a benefit for the Armory.

Zinema 2 screens Roberto Rosselini’s The Flowers of St. Francis on Sunday with a real live Franciscan friar to do a Q&A afterwards.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Duluth Appreciation Week = cheap to do

Before the summer tourist season officially begins, a number of the Duluth Attractions partner up to create discounts for US — the locals.

Coupon sheet available for download at

Tangled Rebar

Deer in Need; Baby Porcupine Indeed!

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Amity Creek

Video by Alex Kunnari.

Opening for CNA/PCA

The RSI Oregon Creek program serves four male adults ranging in age from 35-75. The diagnoses for clients include, but are not limited to, dementia, schizoaffective disorder, traumatic brain injury, dysphagia, Huntingtons Chorea, other convulsions, diabetes, mood-disorder, aspiration pneumonia and depression.

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Biking in Duluth Near the Airport

I’m trying to figure out a good biking route for commuting from about Lester Park to Cirrus in Hermantown. I have pieces – Glenwood has a nice shoulder, as do Snively and Arrowhead up until Kenwood – but after Kenwood things get a little trickier. Does anyone else do this or parts of it? Any tips?

And if I wanted to talk to people about maybe improving the scene up on the hill for road biking, who would I start with? I’m not looking for anything fancy, but shoulders wider than bike tires would be a real improvement. I’m glad to see the lake front part of town getting bike-love, and obviously campus, but there’s a lot of town not getting covered.

St. Louis Bay Time Lapse

Video by Alex Kunnari. Although it’s called “Time Lapse Saint Louis Bay,” it appears to have been shot over the Superior Bay or maybe the Duluth Harbor Basin. Close enough. Cool video.

Ojiichaagobiishin: It Reflects in Water

A poetic documentary about the beauty of water, shot in Duluth by David Jensen.

Dirty Knobs Live at Homegrown 2014

In case you didn’t feel like showing up, or you did and you want to re-live the memories over and over like in that one movie, here is the Dirty Knobs set recorded live from the Teatro Zuccone stage on Friday May 2. You can listen and download for free. There’s also an in-studio recording included of the same raw materials taken to a slightly different direction.

Thanks to Starfire, to all of the Homegrown staff and volunteers, to everyone at Teatro Zuccone and to the audience.

List of Duluth-related album releases in 2014